Friday 25 September 2015

My Menu Plan Saturday 19th September - Tuesday 20th October 2015

We've tried really hard to stick to the menu plan lately  but sometimes life gets in the way.  That's ok.  As long as I have a menu plan on the side of the fridge,  I feel in control of our grocery budget and we rarely eat out.  Here is out latest menu plan.   Of course,  it can change depending on what the weather is like or if we've had a hard day.  Rice,  mash and salad will be decided on depending if the weather turns warm.

Sat 19th -   Freezer meals
Sun 20th -  Tacos

Mon 21st -  Nasi Goreng
Tues 22nd -  Melb Show - freezer meals when we came home
Wed 23rd -  Spag bol
Thurs 24th -  Sausage casserole with mash
Fri 25th -   Tuna casserole and greens
Sat 26th -  Chops,  mash and veg
Sun 27th -  Get your own but feed me

Mon 28th -  KFC drumsticks,  mash and veg
Tues 29th -  Pita bread pizzas
Wed 30th - Meat pie and greens
Thurs 1st -  my birthday so I chose roast chicken,  roast veg and greens
Fri 2nd -  Tuna pasta bake and greens
Sat 3rd -  Chunky chicken and veg soup
Sun 4th - Get your own but feed me

Mon 5th -  Honey soy drumsticks with rice and steamed veg
Tues 6th -  Lasagne and steamed veg
Wed 7th -  Freezer meals
Thurs 8th -  Salmon patties,  baked potatoes and salad
Fri 9th -   Sausages and salad
Sat 10th -  Beef stew and mash
Sun 11th -  Get your own but feed me

Mon 12th -  Lemon chicken drumsticks,  mash and veg
Tues 13th -  Roast beef,  roast veg and greens
Wed 14th -  Chops and salad
Thurs 15th -  Fish in foil,  rice and veg
Fri 16th -  Spag bol
Sat 17th - Nasi goreng
Sun 18th - Get your own but feed me

Mon 19th -  KFC drumsticks and salad
Tues 20th -  Hamburgers and wedges

Roast beef
Tuna casserole
Krispy Fried Chicken drumsticks
Spag bol


  1. Thanks Wendy for posting this, I'm just about to do my menu plan and shopping so this helps with ideas,
    Can I ask, what is Nasi Goreng?
    Was the Royal show good value?

    1. Nasi Goreng is something Megan learnt to cook at school. It's like a fried rice with shrimps. We omit the shrimps and add two finely diced chicken fillets, cooked egg and some fish sauce with lots of veg.

      We try to go the the Melb show every few years. We've even been to the Sydney Easter show. I don't think the rides are good value as they cost $8 - $10 maybe even more ( I stopped looking ). I did pick up some cake decorating moulds. I bought two show bags for $10. They were Taste .com and Super Food Ideas.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it's a monthly menu plan.

    2. thank you wendy
      my bad not reading the title properly.

  3. Hi Wendy, Love your menu plan and taken some ideas from it, to change up my menu plan in my home! When you have kfc drumsticks, or honey soy chicken, lemon chicken, sausages etc how many do you allow per person? I have hubby and 3 boys between 14-19 who could easily have 5/6 drumsticks/ sausages per meal. They are growing boys, and my goodness can they eat!! They simply cant have 1 or 2 pieces and load up with veggies or salad because 1 hr later, their in the fridge and pantry looking for more food to eat! Kerryn

    1. There are three of us girls and Darren in my home. Sausages we have 6 per meals for the four of us. Darren gets 2, I have one ( not a big sausage fan ) and the girls get 1 1/2 each.

      Drumsticks - we all get one each unless they are a little small then Darren gets 2.

      Honey mustard chicken I use two fillets cut up finely to stretch further.

      We do have lots of veg on the plate and small amounts of meat as per health guidelines. I know not all families can do this. Are your boys really hungry or are they eating because they are bored ? 5 - 6 drumsticks / sausages sounds like way too much. Could you reduce it slightly, increase the veg intake and offer fruit or homemade popcorn as snacks after tea ? Or even put a plate of buttered bread / toast on the dinner table for them to help themselves.


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