Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Grocery Specials Wednesday 23rd December 2015

I just wanted to let you know I won't be posting the grocery specials this week.  I have a big cleaning job on Wednesday and Thursday will be spent getting ready for Christmas celebrations in my home.

There were a couple of specials I wanted to share with you though.  Coles has celery for $1 a bunch.  It is a fantastic price and well worth getting a couple of bunches to chop and freeze for stews and casseroles when the weather cools down.

Coles also has Praise salad dressings for $1.74 and mayonnaise for $1.69.  These are half price sales.

For those who are wanting to start on next year's present shopping,  Chemist Warehouse has a big sale on perfumes and fragrances. I'm not sure how long this sale is on for but it's well worth having a look at.  I was in a store today with Jessica and we picked up very well known brands for under $20.  Here's the link to their catalogue



  1. Oh celery!!! This is great I'm gonna go back to the shop and get some thanks heaps Wendy

  2. Great to know Wendy, thanks.
    Maybe next year we can extend the specials to things like you've suggested with Chemist Warehouse.


  3. Oh I love chemist warehouse! You can always buy perfumes for much cheaper than the big department stores!
    There weren't many specials at coles or woolworths this week that I actually buy anyway, apart from the 2L fountain tomato sauce which is going for half price at $3 at coles.



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