Saturday 12 December 2015

This Week's Frugal Tasks 12th December 2015

I'm not sure where my week went.  We were travelling on Sunday then unpacking.  Monday and Tuesday I was at work.  Wednesday I finished the very last of the Christmas shopping.  Thursday I fluffed around the house doing this and that ( baking etc ) and re organising my pantry and Friday I spent the day at Cath's talking.  In between all of that I managed to get most of the housework done and wrap the final Christmas presents.  Phew  !!! Here's what else we got up to -

*  Collected six brown paper bags from the Sovereign Hill shopping trip.  I asked the family to get one each time they shopped.  I'll be recycling them and giving them a makeover

*  Cut up three cereal packets to put between chops and hamburger patties when I freeze them

*  Used a Coles gift card that was given to us to buy our holiday food.

*  We bought as much food and snacks as we could from home to save us money on our holiday to Ballarat.

*  We used holiday spending money to eat out when we were in Ballarat.  Nothing was put on credit.

*  Kept the curtains closed on hot days.

*  Picked a small handful of raspberries and a few strawberries each day.

*  Sold some eggs.

*   Filled up both cars with petrol when it came down to $1.12 per litre then used a discount docket to get another 4 cents a litre off.

*  Cut out lots of images to use in card making and gift wrapping.  These images were freebies from some card making brochures.

*  Made lots of pita chips.

*  Made dried bread crumbs from saved up bread crusts in the freezer

*  Darren and I made some Christmas cards using what i had on hand.  This is our first year of making Christmas cards,  so they are a little basic.  We'll get better as we get more ideas ( and time ).

*  Blessed my friend Cath with a raspberry plant Darren grew from a cutting.  I wrapped it up using saved plastic from store bought flowers.  Cath loved it and can't wait to pick her own raspberries next year.  These plants retail for $15 in Bunnings.  I also gave her a bunch of hydrangeas from our garden ( her fav. flower ).

*  Stocked up on half price grocery specials of batteries.and crumbed fish.

*  Picked silverbeet for one meal.

*  Gratefully received some zucchinis and cranberries from Cath.

*  Found some balls of Bendigo Mill 100% cotton for $3.60 and some netting for knitting padded coat hangers also for $3.60.  I used my discount card to get the price down from $3.99 each.  The netting will be also used to make bows for cards and other craft.

*  Did the usual water saving tasks for the washing machine,  shower and kitchen sink.

Our Christmas cards
Home grown raspberry plant
Our hydrangeas
Gift bags and tissue paper from Sovereign Hill
Cut outs from freebies

Op shop finds

What was on your frugal list for the week ?


  1. I'm glad to hear someone else pads their coat hangers. People in my knit/crochet group make fun of me when they see me crochet around the hangers, but it's a great way to keep blouses from slipping off the hangers.

    Love your blog! I don't comment often, but I read all the time.


    1. Thankyou for commenting Maria. I couldn't live without padded coat hangers. Clothes hang better on them.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    A great week for you. And sounds like you did some lovely, kind things for a friend. I have to say that for me that has become an unexpected and lovely thing about being more frugal - I now look for more ways to provide gifts or thanks to friends and family. Instead of just buying a gift from a shop I now find myself baking biscuits or a meal and thinking about what would really help someone out or brighten their day.

    It was a good week of frugal firsts for me! For the first time I made bread (no knead - it turned out great!), hummus and stock. They all turned out really well and were so quick and easy I feel almost silly that I haven't been doing it all along.

    I also:
    - Bought pita bread for 99c a bag and made pizzas, pita chips for the hummus (and put some in a fattoush salad)
    - Bought children's books, dvds and a puzzle for my daughter from the op shop for Christmas
    - Used the library to borrow books and attend kids' activities
    - Had several no spend days
    - Shopped the Coles specials and made all meals from scratch
    - Made peanut butter biscuits and strawberry banana muffins for snacks.

    Enjoy your weekend, Wendy.


    1. Don't you just love op shops for bargains and beating the budget ?

  3. I have also been making Christmas cards. Due to leaving it too late for the number needed mine were also basic.
    I wrapped some cakes of goats milk soap, using tissue paper, ribbon and bows that I have saved from other things. These are for a few friends.
    I gave another friend some bath products as she is the only one in the village with a bath, these were in a pamper hamper I won for Mother's day. These products were placed in a a gift bag, that came with a gift in it last year, with recycled tissue paper.
    Did a random act of kindness, using one of the goats milk wrapped soap, in a recycled gift bag with recycled tissue paper.
    So far this week I have had 3 meals out, 1 more to go today, then finished. Each time I have chosen a value meal, and then had a light dinner.
    Bought a couple of presents for next year from the op shop.

    1. Meg, you're doing so well with your recycling and budget friendly gifts.

  4. Hi Wendy,

    Had a very big week this week with lots of functions to attend so not the usual list.

    I also saved my 5 gift bags from Sovereign Hill to reuse, cut up school notices to use for scrap paper and i cut up a tissue box (from Aldi's) which had lovely Gerbera's on it for card making and gift tags.

    We attended DS2's presentation night for his mixed Netball and won a prize in the raffle of a JB HI Fi $50.00 gift card and got to take home lots of leftovers which made 3 meals, 1 lunch and salads and vegies, very blessed. We were also given 3 loaves of bread.
    DS1 brought home from camp a 2ltr UHT milk and a tub of butter so i didn't buy milk all week.

    Picked silverbeet and snowpeas for a few meals and saved water again this week.
    Made bickies and all meals from scratch and wholemeal bread.

    I think i've seen that card design somewhere before Wendy, it looks lovely.
    How wonderful getting Darren involved in card making.My goodness, your Hydrangeas are such a gorgeous colour, i bet Cath loved all your beautiful gifts.
    What a find on the balls of cotton. I have some crochet wool if you'd like some?

    Blessings, xxx

    1. I love seeing your list Maureen. You're so productive and good with what you have.

      Darren wanted to give out homemade cards this year so I asked him to help as I've been busy. He loved doing it and now knows how to use the Big Shot for embossing paper.

  5. Wendy, Your cards are beautiful! I had a sinus procedure done this week that has kept me home recovering. Staying home is the easiest way to save money so in that respect the sinus procedure was a good thing!

    1. Patsy, another good reason to have a stockpile. It's not good to shop with sinus problems (from experience ). Hope you are feeling better shortly. xoxo

  6. I'm still smiling at that raspberry plant Wendy :) I really am excited to grow raspberries - my favourite berry - in my own garden. I've put the hydrangeas in our bedroom on the chest of drawers and they're so pretty :)

    Maria I only have padded hangers or skirt/trouser hangers in our wardrobes. I usually use scraps of wool to knit or crochet covers or scraps of fabric to sew them and then either a small amount of wadding or (clean) old pantyhose/stockings to pad them. They make lovely gifts too, in a set with some matching shoulder covers and lingerie bags.

    I'm back to posting normally now so my list will be on the blog tomorrow as usual but it's nothing like Wendy's, Maureen's, Jo's or Meg's - not a whole lot of anything in particular done this week, mostly ordinary day-to-day stuff that we all do.

    Have a nice weekend everyone (I'm loving the cool day today).

    1. Cath, I'm glad you liked the gifts. I hope they give you lots of pleasure xoxo

      I'm off to read your blog.

  7. Dear Wendy, You had a hectic week! I know what you mean about where did the week go.
    I think the raspberry bush is a great present and know Cath would love this!
    All the free cut outs are great and the plain gift bags. Yes we look at these things and see potential!
    I really loved your holiday post. I must have as I have thought about it all ever since! Now in my head I am planning our holiday!
    My week was pretty good, also busy. I had a realization though. Someone was telling me about people going into debt over Christmas and other stressful things. I thought ok well I made almost all my gifts all year, have the food and cooking done, we really enjoy it but we dont extend ourselves financially over it. Really to have such a wonderful holiday, wonderful Christmas without debt is so good and we can start the new year in front and not behind. What a good thing.
    Have a great weekend, with love,

    1. Annabel, I knew you'd like the holiday photos. It's right up your alley.

      We've never gone into debt for Christmas. It seems so silly

  8. The cards are lovely. They will also, very nicely, give the recipient the feeling of a homemade gift, since you put yourself into them.

    1. Thankyou so much Becky. I know when someone gives me a home made card, I love it more than the others and keep it for years.

  9. Love your crafty ideas, Wendy.
    This week we gifted children's teachers and coaches with homemade jams. Cost was negligible, using recycled jars and gift bags.
    Big W had an offer of $10 off when you spend over $10, so I bought an adult colouring book for DD1, for Christmas. Using the rewards card.
    Filled up on the cheap petrol.
    Went to Road to Bethlehem, in Nunawading. Kids met up with teen friends and we did the tour as a big group of parents and kids. Free tickets, donations given to the "tax collectors" as we left. A special tradition.
    We had fun op shopping this week. The family all have "new" outfits, most items just $2 to buy and all look new.
    Found a fabulous u tube link to make some children's aprons from new t towels, of which we were given a pile recently. The souvenir type. They look amazing, very on trend vintage style. I know the recipients' Mother's will love them. That's this week's job.
    Bought the croissants on special for Christmas and froze, thanks for the tip.
    Used homegrown silverbeet in a lasagne, which fed us 2 nights and a stir fry.

  10. Your cards are lovely and I'll admit I am envious of the cute cut-outs you found. And the raspberry plant! How perfect! That is a splendid gift.

    I'm settling into Christmas mode and am intentionally not overscheduling my days. We're eating mostly from the pantry, except for a few Christmas treats I've yet to purchase, and keeping Christmas music playing in the background as we go about our daily tasks and "super-secret" Christmas projects. I'm enjoying these few relatively quiet days before we set off in a flurry of worship services and family gatherings. Staying out of the stores is saving me loads, I'm sure.

    With good wishes all around, Leigh


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