Saturday 30 April 2016

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 30th April 2016

I somehow seem to keep myself busy around my home.  I try to find a couple of frugal tasks to do each day that either saves me money or valuable time.  Here's what I got up to this week -

*  Gratefully received a few jars from my friend Bronwyn.  Thankyou so much  xoxo

*  Cooked 80 mini quiches for a catering job.

*  Baked mini muffins for morning tea at church.  The rest were frozen for school lunchboxes.

*  Made pizza scrolls with the leftover pastry from the mini quiches.  I used tomato sauce and bbq sauce mixed together then topped the sauce with mixed herbs and cheese.  Very yummy.  Some have been frozen for lunchboxes.

*  Gratefully received some scented drawer liners at a high tea.  They will be used to decorate birthday cards.

*  Made a double batch of ANZAC biscuit dough.  Some of the dough was made into biscuits and the rest was frozen for future baking.

*  Gratefully received lots of bread bags form a charity bbq.  I have de crumbed them,  dried them and stored them away for use.

*  Sold one dozen eggs.

*  Stocked up on toothpaste at $1.30 a tube and tins of soup for 99 cents a tin. The soup will be used to make chicken curry and tuna casserole.

*  Dried the washing on the line and clothes horses when it rained.

*  Rotated the tins of food in the pantry and restocked from my stockpile.

*  Picked a couple of raspberries here and there and froze them for baking..

*  Made a batch of dried seasoned bread crumbs using bread crusts I'd saved.

*  Darren gave one of our chickens an Epsom salts  bath.  She keeps getting a dirty bottom and this seems to help.

ANZAC biscuits

Some of the 80 mini quiches I made
From the garden
Gracie getting a bath.
Chocolate muffins
Hanging the bread bags out to dry
Pizza scrolls
Grocery special
What did you do this week to save time,  money or energy ?


  1. I hope the bath you guys gave your chicken continues to help her. :)

    I did a blog post today on ways I saved time and money this past week. I am also very grateful for cookie mixes bought on sale and stored in my pantry. I just had to use one to make some peanut butter cookies ASAP and I did them as bar cookies instead of individual drop cookies to save time and energy...both of which I am running very low on at the moment.

    1. Debbie, sometimes you have to go for the quick and easy.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    Your Mini Quiches and Pizza scrolls look amazing. What a great idea to use up leftover pastry.

    This week I Mooed a double batch of brownies, Banana nut loaf ANZAC bickies, double batch of Cannelloni, Zucchini slice, Chicken curry of which I had leftovers for another meal and Bread. Last week , I did a week of meatless meals, or very little meals and the family didn't even notice they were not having meat. Great to stretch the meat budget a little.
    I picked lots of Capsicums, saved the water for the washing machine, Menu planned this week for the next month, did some sewing(mending), refilled the dishwashing liquid bottle, cut my fringe and shopped the specials from my slush fund.

    I wow a raffle at a dinner at my DS1's school this week which was all beauty products in it so I'm keeping most of them for presents. Our solar has stopped working for some reason and whilst it's out of action, I'm very mindful of the electricity use. So this week I only vacuumed once and instead swept the floors more, used torches and candles at night and kept and eye on the usage at the metre each day.

    I started a new bank account and budget for saving for a car for me for when my present car dies. It's 13 years old, but in great condition, as I bought it from new and DH is a car Mechanic so hopefully it will last another 3 years. I changed insurance companies and saved a whopping $150.00 P/a, Yeah!!!

    Have a great week,
    Maureen, xxx

    1. I hope you get the solar panel fixed quickly. I'm sure you'll have fun with your " low power challenge '.

  3. Dear Wendy, That is a pretty busy week and very productive! We had sickness in our house this week which slowed things down. However first I painted my whole front fence myself and I don't know what that saved but a lot! It looks lovely but also the fence will last much longer as some of the wood was exposed and the old paint worn. Now it is like brand new.
    I made a big crockpot of soup using a heap of veggies that needed using plus a few I had frozen rather than waste. It made good hearty soup that I am very glad of. I made three dozen sausage rolls and some have been frozen, others for lunches and one dinner.
    The sun is out today so I will get some washing on the line. We had rain which is wonderful! Have a good weekend! With love,

    1. I hope you are both feeling better soon. Thankfully you had food in the freezer to keep you going.

  4. Hi Wendy, you have had a very busy week. We had our daughter come and spend a few days with us. She was most unwell with a nasty throat infection. I cut up a whole pumpkin from the garden and made this into soup. We have had one meal from this with garlic toast, I had one lunch for work, a container is in the fridge and two containers were frozen. One frozen went home with the daughter. Hubby found chicken breast on sale and bought a few packets. We don't have a big freezer or he would have bought more. An old TShirt nightie of mine was well past its used by date. I made a small stuffed rabbit out of the best part of the nightie and cut the rest up into strips to use as vege ties in the garden.
    We're eating various meals based on what is coming into the house from the garden. I was given some eggs by our neighbour. I picked four small zucchini and the eggs and zucchini became zucchini slice. I've also made some fruit syrups with honey from a friends farm. I've used the Barbados cherries, which are very high in Vitamin C. The syrups can be mixed with cold water or with hot to make a nice tea. I'm also adding lemon balm. I believe these have helped hubby and I with the cold we both have had this past week.
    The washing always goes on the line here. We are blessed with lots of sunshine. Having said that we had some much needed rain over the past two nights. This has meant the days have been quite hot and humid. One day we will have some autumn weather. Until then we continue to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

    1. What a wonderful use of an old nightie Jane. Much better than going into landfill.

      I love hearing about others eating from the garden. Bet it makes you feel good.

  5. Hi Wendy
    I hope Gracie appreciates the love and attention she is getting, she certainly doesn't seem to be minding her bath. My girls are still very skitty.
    Well I have made pita chips and about four litres of pumpkin soup, most gone into the freezer for later on.
    My husbands summer shirts are ironed, repairs done or put into repurposing, ready to be packed away til spring.
    I also stocked up on soup for my layer casserole and salmon casserole with cheese swirls. It's great the way we all have our easy yet nutritious meals using just one perhaps two items from the store cupboard.
    I'm really happy with my pantry building now just need to get the vegie patch doing a bit more, I have a plastic house so should be able to do a bit better than I am at the moment.
    Best wishes, Susan K

    1. Darren makes sure the bath water is warm and the chicken seem to like it ( sort of ).

      Four litres of soup - WOW !!! That will come in handy for the cooler months.

  6. Hi Wendy,i used up last weekends roast lamb and made a few sandwiches for my lunch next week,i also found a breville pie maker i had stored in a box here its fantastic,non stick coating so i made some mini pies, and i large one for dinner tonight using the left over lamb,i also repainted an old desk white in looks brand new,that will be used to do my crafts on :)
    Have a wonderful weekend xo

  7. What a great week Wendy! All that baking looks so delicious! x

  8. I don't have a pie maker but one of those jaffle makers (beville type). I just put pastry on the bottom and then filling and another sheet on top and it makes a sort of pie.

    Not being getting much done this week due to other work commitments but I tried to make all our meals at home even leaving a casserole for the family the one night I was away.
    Next week I hope to get back on track.

  9. Spotlight have the foaming soap dispensers. They state on the label to fill them with one part liquid soap to 8 parts water. I just reuse the original foaming bottle I bought years ago for $2.

  10. Hey Wendy

    What a productive Week
    I love Mini Quiches i use leftover bread pieces for my casing

    We did this week
    Dried lots of Washing on the line did extra loads on the sunny days to keep it moving
    Sold a few things from around the house to make a little extra money and declutter
    Received a kilo of King george Whiting fresh from brother in laws fishing trip which we have froze and enjoy slowly.
    got given some Fresh bakery Bread and Eggs from Family
    Wrapped birthday presents with Homemade Wrapping Paper and had to take a plate to share so used what ingredients i had at home to make mixed veggie muffins huge success and froze the excess :)
    Have a great week - <3 Laine

  11. Love the look of those scrolls and quiche Wendy! I tried to make cinnamon scrolls in week one but it was a massive fail :( they didn't work out at all but on the plus side they tasted yummy!

    Frugal tasks

    Week 1
    Cooked all dinner meals from scratch
    Baked lots of cupcakes and cakes for Elisha's christening and decorated them myself
    Made lots of food for the christening. Sausage rolls cob loaf bruschetta 4 different sorts! And the cupcakes
    Managed to get the hall next door to the church on donation (usually people who hire the hall are charged an hourly rate) though father Wayne has baptised all of my children so we are well known to the church and I was lucky that no one had booked it.
    Made all the bonboniere by myself using the little gift boxes I got from carol at card making thanks carol! and thanks to joy for giving me her ones as well
    Gave father Wayne a hand made thank you card from us

    Week 2
    Went to the beach with dad step mum and the kids on Anzac Day and brought all food and snacks from home
    Made more washing powder
    Baked more cupcakes for miahs friend billies birthday and Stuart Snrs birthday
    Went to another birthday party (my cousins daughter) I gifted all 3 birthdays with presents from the present box and gave all hand made cards. Wow I saved heaps!
    Went to Hindustan and bought heaps of awesome herbs and spices I LOVE THAT PLACE!
    FINALLY got my chickens yay!!!!! They are settling in well
    In the process of making bonboniere for Elisha's birthday party
    Received some bread from mum and step dad gave me some Banule council drink bottles for the kids :D


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