Monday, 12 September 2016

An Extra 5 Ways To Use Bread Bags

Here are some great ways to recycle bread bags around the home -

*  Use bread bags as extra packing material when sending parcels in the mail.  Just make sure they are clean and reasonably new.

* Bread bags are great for greasing baking tins.  Turn a bag inside out and put your hand in it.  Then dip it into a butter dish or margarine container.  Grease your baking tin then turn the bag back the right way and throw in the bin. No greasy paper and no greasy hands

*  Use a bread bag to crush up biscuits for a recipe.  This keeps the crumbs within the bag.  No mess.

*  Bread bags make great ice packs for injuries.  Make sure you wrap a tea towel around the bag to prevent damaging the skin.

* Keep one on the kitchen bench for collecting food scraps for the compost bin.  Roll the top down a little then collect your scraps.  If you use the bag a few times during the day,  fold it over to prevent smells escaping.



  1. Hi Wendy, another great post as always! Lately, after you got me thinking about bread bags, I have been using them to cover ice cube trays containing home made baby to then place in the freezer. They work really well as I can get two trays in a bag side by side and use it's own clip tp close the bag, frugal!
    Kind regards,

    1. Home made baby food that is!

  2. Hi Wendy!
    These are all great tips! So many good uses for a bread bag. I have one too. When my guys go fishing and need to catch minnows for bait, but don't have a minnow bucket I give them bread bags to use. If I am sewing a lot I tape one to my sewing table and use it as a little trash bag to put all of the pieces of thread and too small fabric scraps in and keep where I'm sewing at a little tidier. Also I am big into recycling so if I have too many I recycle them along with plastic grocery bags and other plastic packaging. Thanks for a great post!

  3. We used to use the plastic bags from greengrocer fruit instead of cling wrap to cover food in the fridge or take lunches in etc but they now use the biodegradable plastic which doesn't last.

    Since I read your first post about bags it made me think about alternatives. Standard bread bags are sometimes too small for the dishes we use but Lebanese bread bags and the occasional bag from bakery rolls are the right size and our supply is now replenished!



  4. Hi Wendy,
    I hope you are feeling a little better. I thought I'd let you know about my first attempt at making a birthday card for my son's 41st birthday. I should have taken a photo of it know that I think about it. He genuinely loved it. He said that it was 'going straight to the pool room' (from the movie The Castle). I was at one stage thinking of giving it all a big miss and buy one down the road, especially when I had to make an envelope as well! He appreciated the time and the thought that I'd put into it. I actually pinched a message from a website that does that sort of thing. I'm hoping that with each new card I make they will get better. Julee.

    1. How exciting Julee. You are on your way to greater things. You should see my first cards. Actually you can. They are in the craft section up the top. I cringe now but we all have to start somewhere. Good on you for sticking with it. Pinterest is a great source of ideas to.

      I'm getting better thankyou.


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