Saturday, 29 October 2016

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 29th October 2016

I've been fairly busy this week making lots of angel decorations to sell in my Etsy shop.  I've also done some more Christmas shopping and lots of cleaning.  Here's what else I got up to

*  Refilled all the spray bottles with Miracle Spray. I keep a spray bottle in the ensuite,  kitchen and laundry.

*  Lifted up the last of my retractable Avon eyeliner.  There's about $2 worth of the eyeliner that sits in the holder that you can't use unless you pull it apart and lift it up.

*  Made a quadruple batch of taco seasoning mix.

*  Refilled all my herb and spice jars using bulk packets.

*  Saved the shower warm up water for the washing machine.  We've had lots of rain here so the pot plants are well watered this week.

*  Made a large lasagne that serves twelve.  Eight serves were frozen for future meals.

*  Made yoghurt using a sachet.

*  Made four loaves of wholemeal bread with extra goodness.

* Juiced more lemons and froze the juice.  Picked more lemons off the tree and pruned it.

*  Kept the heater off as much as possible.  When the sun was shining I made sure the curtains were wide open to get the free heat.

*  Fed the chooks some silverbeet.  We have so much growing we can't keep up.  I also fed them lots of snails found in the garden.

*  Received a discount on a blanket from a department store.  It was ever so slightly marked ( all the others were badly stained  )  so I asked if I could buy it cheaper.  It was a $16 blanket and I got it for $11.

*  Picked silverbeet for two meals.

*  Received a discount when my engagement ring needed repairing.  It pays to know people in retail

*  Made some lovely Christmas Angel decorations to sell in my Etsy shop.  I used craft items I already had on hand.

*  Cut off the hanging ribbons from a few items of clothing.  The ribbons will be used to decorate
 cards I'll make.

*  Made a spag bol stretch further by adding pureed cauliflower ( I had in the freezer ) and shredded silverbeet.  I froze the extra single serves to eat later.

* Darren picked a bunch of roses from the bush in the chicken run.

From the garden

Juicing lemons
I'll wait a week before juicing the next lot.

Now selling on Etsy

What frugal tasks did you complete this week ?


  1. HI Wendy. The roses from your garden looks lovely! My frugal list looks like this:

    * menu planned around what was in fridge, freezer, garden this week.
    * checked supermarket specials you list here and saved on little Halloween chocolates (lots of children will be out trick or treating in our neighbourhood).
    * saved 20% on four $30 i-Tunes gift cards for xmas presents.
    * my son chose little gifts for his teachers (World Teachers Day) from my present box. Gift tags from recycled craft book and salvaged ribbons.
    * all meals and lunches made here at home.
    * made chocolate and cranberry biscuits, Anzacs biscuits and banana bread which I sliced up and had as a breakfast option.
    * I had a pair of shoes repaired instead of buying a new pair. They were originally purchased from a podiatrist and so would've cost much more than the $33 I paid for repair to replace them.

    Thanks for listing your weekly specials here. I can often find something there to save on. Meg:)

    1. Meg, have look out for Halloweens chocolates / lollies on clearance after Monday. They might be worth putting away for Christmas stockings or for next year.

  2. Frugal Tasks is my favorite part of your blog, especially when there are lots of responses. I have been frugal all of my life and I still learn something new every week. It’s been a good week for saving money in northern Idaho! In addition to the same old, same old, these were the biggies for the week:
    (1) The big moneysaver of the week was discovering the tires we were replacing had been bought at the same store (by the auto body shop that repaired our van after an accident) and were still on warranty. I called the body shop, they found the original paperwork, and we saved $230! (My husband admitted he would never have thought of this).
    (2) I mend clothing (I’m surprised how many people don’t). This week I was faced with DH’s jeans, with the fabric separating where the back pocket was sewn to the pants. I pulled the rip together with a zigzag stitch, sewed a denim patch to the inside, and went over the tear several times with the zigzagger. To my surprise, the repair is hardly visible. But since I don’t know what caused the tear (it’s not the pocket he uses for his wallet), I don’t know if it will last. Worth a try, though.
    (3) Good meat sales last week and this week! Last week I found beef flank steak in the markdown bin for $4.99 lb. Sliced thin across the grain, a pound goes a long way. I bought all they had and froze it. This week, one of our stores had a “grand re-opening” after a remodel and whole chickens were .49 lb.! Bacon was $1.99.
    (4) I have been using up all of our cleaning supplies. Lots more room in the cupboard. Since we have an 8-month-old puppy who still has “accidents,” not buying more has been a big saving! (I’ve become a Miracle Spray girl, although not on the rug). I soaked a pair of Vise-Grip pliers in white vinegar to remove rust and paint spatters.
    (5) I have been freezing all of my meat by wrapping portions in thin plastic wrap, then placing in a recycled bread bag. I use a straw to suck out the air from the bag, creating something close to a vacuum. I am using bread and produce bags to cover most of the food in the refrigerator. I have always used plastic grocery sacks to line trash baskets. I’m doing better about taking cloth shopping bags to the store, so I’m actually running low on grocery sacks. Never thought I’d be able to say that!

    1. Maxine, that's a wonderful saving on the tyres. I always keep my paper work for car repairs etc just in case I need to return the car for more alterations.

      Most people think mending clothing isn't worth the effort or time. Or maybe they don't know how to. I personally think it saves a fortune for just a couple of minutes of my time. Both my girls have mended their clothing and they are 19 and 16. I think they started doing it a couple of years ago when they didn't want to throw out a favourite item.

  3. Hi again Wendy,
    Forgot about some other frugal tasks.
    * Picked 4 pawpaws from our tree, loads of asparagus, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, nectarines, limes, lemons and zucchini.

    * Baked Cranberry biscuits and pita chips - my husband just vacuums them down.

    Today I'm having a day off for rest. Hope you are feeling better after your illness and having a rest as well.

    1. How exciting to pick all those goodies from your garden. I'm sure it really helps your food budget.

      I'm much better now thankyou. Now it's hay fever season. At least I only get it for about 6 - 8 weeks.

      I'm trying to have a couple of days off too.

  4. Hi Wendy,

    Love your Christmas Angels, they look great.
    This week I unpacked the picnic basket to use up some of the things in there we hadn't used for a long time. I also started using Tea Bags I received for free. When I cooked a chicken , I also used the oven to make a Banana Cake.

    We were given scones and cake this week. DH also bought a Dymo machine home from his work which they didn't want. I meet with a friend of mine who has a friend who does card making. She has been giving classes for 20 years and I just meet her to get some ideas and she was lovely and we made a card together and I learnt lots of technics from her.

    Continued to pick peas from the garden and use the water from the shower on the pot plants.

    Have a great week,

  5. The angels are just lovely! I had a peek at your shop and the cards are
    also lovely. I have not made cards in years but you have encouraged me to give it another go. Do you have a special area that you keep your card making things set up?

    1. Thankyou Patti.

      I don't have a special place for my card making things. We have a small home with four people living here. My craft things are in the linen cupboard, my wardrobe, under the bed and in another cupboard. I'll have to wait until one of our girls gets married and moves out before I get a craft space.


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