Wednesday 2 November 2016

Grocery Specials Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Here are this week's best grocery specials -


*    Mars M&M’s, Maltesers or Pods 140g-180g BETTER THAN 1/2 PRICEWas $4.30, Save $2.30  Now $2.00 each.  Great for filling Christmas stockings

*  Golden Circle Tetra Fruit Drink 1 Litre1/2 PRICE Excludes Pineapple, Tomato & Nectar.Was $2.15, Save $1.08  Now $1.07 each

*  Schweppes Soft Drink, Mineral Water or Mixers 1.25 Litre1/2 PRICE Was $2.20, Save $1.10 Now $1.10 each.  Put a few away for Christmas.

*  Sakata Rice Crackers 90g-100g1/2 PRICE Was $2.40, Save $1.20  Now $1.20 each

*  Harvest 425g1/2 PRICE Was $3.50, Save $1.75  Now $1.75 each.  Great meals for traveling

*  Maharajah’s Choice Basmati Rice 5kg1/2 PRICE Was $17.50, Save $8.75  Now $8.75 each

*  Australia’s Own Organic Almond Long Life Milk 1 Litre1/2 PRICE Was $3.87, Save $1.94  Now $1.93 each

*  Golden Crumpet Rounds 6 Pack1/2 PRICE Was $3.30, Save $1.65  Now $1.65 each

*  1/2 PRICE Oral B Power Brushes & Toothpaste

*  Lynx Bodyspray 96g-100g1/2 PRICE Was $6.00, Save $3.00  Now $3.00 each

*  Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner 350mL-400mL1/2 PRICE Was $12.50, Save $6.26  Now $6.24 each

*  Sunsilk Shampoo or Conditioner 350mL1/2 PRICE Was $5.49, Save $2.75  Now $2.74 each

*  Aerogard Insect Repellent Aerosol 150g1/2 PRICE Was $7.15, Save $3.58  Now $3.57 each.  Buy a couple of cans to avoid paying full price during Summer.

*  Dove Shampoo or Conditioner 300mL-320mL1/2 PRICE Was $6.89, Save $3.45  Now $3.44 each

*  Duck Fresh Discs Toilet Cleaner 36mL1/2 PRICE Was $5.69, Save $2.85  Now $2.84 each.  Stock up as this item only comes down to half price once or twice a year.

*  1/2 PRICE All Décor Match Ups & Microsafe

*  1/2 PRICE Oral B Power Brushes & Toothpaste

*  Arnott’s Tim Tam or Mint Slice Value Pack 330g-337g1/2 PRICE Was $4.50, Save $2.25  Now $2.25 each

*  Lavazza Coffee Beans or Ground 1kg1/2 PRICE Was $29.99, Save $15.00  Now $14.99 each


Cadbury Blocks 180-200g Now $2.50 each 1/2 Price, Save $2.50

*   Old El Paso Mexican Meal Kits 275-370g Now $3.49 each1/2 Price, Save $3.50

*  Cadbury Favourites or Mini Blocks 320g Now $6.00 each1/2 Price, Save $6.00

*  Fantastic Rice Crackers or Delites 100g Now $0.97 each1/2 Price, Save $0.98

*  Golden Circle Juice 2 Litre Now $2.00 each Save $1.59

*   Lavazza Coffee Ground or Beans Qualita 500g Now $9.50 each1/2 Price, Save $9.50

*  Lindt Lindor Gift Box 147-154g May not be available in all stores. While stocks last.
Now $6.25 each1/2 Price, Save $6.25

*  Raffaello Ballotin 230g  May not be available in all stores. While stocks last. Now $7.50 each 1/2 Price, Save $7.50
*  Cadbury Baking Chocolate 200-225g  May not be available in all stores. While stocks last Now $2.50 each Save $1.75 
*  Mission Mini Wraps 384g Pk 8 Now $2.39 each1/2 Price, Save $2.40
*  1/2 Price All* Sistema Klip It.
*  Kleenex Aloe Vera 3 Ply White Facial Tissues Pk 95 Now $1.18 each1/2 Price, Save $1.18.  not the most economical tissue but great for when you have a cold.
*  Rexona Deodorant Varieties 250ml Now $3.49 each1/2 Price, Save $3.50


  1. Thanks Wendy. I have now added a couple of this weeks specials to my shopping list.

  2. Thanks so much for a great blog Wendy!!!

  3. Some Colgate 190gm toothpaste is half price at WW. I think they are about $3.29 each :))

  4. Wendy Woolies also has 36 pack Quilton loo paper for $15. Their chicken breasts, in the deli, are $8/Kg. Frozen berries and mango, 500g, $4. I had to pick up a few bits today and these extras made it into my trolley.

  5. Hi Wendy
    Thanks for your great website/blog. It's great to find another Aussie Christian who is also interested in being a good steward of what God has provided.
    I wanted to tell you I tried your 'Miracle Spray' and found it was great. I agree it certainly does clear the nose and sinuses but I like the smell of eucalyptus so I find it quite refreshing.
    Do you have any tips for fabric softener that works but isn't full of chemicals?
    Thanks again for all your great information and for sharing all that you have found. I will be returning to look for ideas for recipes that spread the budget a bit further.

    Blessings to you


    1. Hi Kerrie and welcome to our community.

      I'm so glad you like the Miracle Spray. I won't use anything else to clean my showers, toilets and kitchen.

      I don't use fabric softener because it's not good for the washing machine. I do use white vinegar in the final rinse and give the towels a good shake before pegging on the line.

    2. Thanks for the welcome Wendy.
      Thanks for the reply about fabric softener. I didn't realize they weren't good for the washing machine. Do you find that using vinegar leaves a vinegary smell on the clothes? My family are a bit fussy about things like that.

    3. Kerrie, fabric softener builds up in the washing machine and becomes sludge in the pipes. It's also not good for microfibre material

      The vinegar smell disappears when the clothes dry.


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