Monday 12 December 2016

Planning Your Boxing Day Shopping

I'm a planner,  thinker and list writer.  Most of all,  I LOVE to get a bargain. Getting the most out of your budget requires a little forward thinking to get the best deals.

I've been Boxing Day shopping for at least 18 years when Jessica was a toddler in a trolley while I scoured the half empty shelves in department stores on Boxing day.

I'm getting better at grabbing the best deals without mindlessly buying rubbish or going over budget. So before you get ridiculously busy with present wrapping,  parties and food prep for the big day, take a few moments to plan how you'll tackle the Boxing Day sales ( or stay at home ).

Here are a few handy hints I use to get lots of bargains -

*  Write a list of everyone you'd like to give a present to next year ( and further into the future ).  Don't forget to include anniversaries,  Valentine's Day ( if you celebrate ),  Mother's / Father's Day and Easter.

*  Write a $$$ amount beside each name making sure you can afford to buy for all the people on your list.

*  Are there any gifts you can make ?  If so,  do you need supplies to make these gifts.  Make sure you add the supplies to your Boxing Day list.

*  Start looking in the shops now as you do this year's Christmas shopping.  Are there items that you just know won't sell out before Christmas because the stores are over stocked ?  These items will be on sale on Boxing Day so make sure you add them to your shopping list with the store name and original price.

*  Christmas decorations are at rock bottom prices leading up to Christmas and on Boxing Day.  Do you need to replace old decos ?  Are you needing to build up your stocks ?  Are you wanting to try a new color next year ?  If so,  write the color on your list.  I've rarely paid full price for decorations. Most I've made or have been bought on clearance.

*  Serviettes, paper plates,  bon bons,  tea towels and hand towels should be planned for in advance to avoid paying ridiculous prices for something red and green.

*  Christmas material will go on sale with up to 75% off after Christmas.  Do you need new Christmas stockings,  table cloths,  table runners,  aprons,  place mats or bunting ?

*  Perfume will be cheaper after Christmas and the best deals can be found at chemists.  Who needs perfume and aftershave on next year's present list ?  Do you need to buy for general use as well ?

*  The discount,  cheap, $2 shops are great for Christmas craft ribbons,  decos and anything Christmas.  While most people are hunting out bargains in the big department stores,  you could be buying the best bargains ever.  Have a look now at what the cheap shops are stocking.

*  Keep an eye out for Boxing Day trading hours.  This can be a very important piece of information.  Plan which store you'll visit first depending on who is open first.

*  Gift tags,  wrapping paper and Christmas cards should only be bought on Boxing Day and the days after.  Are your stocks getting low ?

*  How many Christmas hams can you fit in your freezer after Christmas ?

As you get closer to Christmas,  your list should be forming quite nicely.  Just remember,  only buy what you can afford and what you can use in a reasonable time.  Don't forget to wear comfy shoes and take a water bottle and something to eat.




  1. Wendy, after reading this post I headed up a page in OneNote with Boxing Day sale shopping, and added a couple of ideas from here. Thank you.

  2. Wendy, LOL ... I thought I was the only one already thinking about those after Christmas sales!!!

  3. I am planning Wendy! For me its not Boxing Day but I try to ge many presents, all my wrapping paper, hams, turkeys and all sorts of things in the sales. Most years I get turkeys but last year no luck. I have found the last two years that turkeys and hams were further reduced after new years day. They hung on to them until then. I got $8 wrapping paper for 50c. I will get some cards too.I have been planning freezer space! I really hope this year I do well and so do you! It can get you ahead so much! xxx

  4. Hi Wendy,

    Love the boxing day sales!!! Usually pickup lots of Christmas bargains but be sure to know your prices.
    Ooh love your Royal Albert! Can i ask what shop this was purchased from?

    Great post,

    1. I bought them in Myer after Christmas. I think it was 40 or 50% off.

  5. Great tips, thanks Wendy.

    I usually buy Christmas cards after Christmas, but will look further to actually see what else is on special after. Some shops will be closed for Boxing day but the day after they should be open (we don't have much choice of stores where we live but they still reduce everything.

    I will start writing a list re gifts for special occasions next year and beyond. I really need to get better organised, Christmas sneaks up on me every year.

    I have picked up a couple of bargains here in Melbourne, and will have more of a chance to look tomorrow afternoon. Otherwise I will finish off back in Adelaide and home. I have a list with me. Things start to get reduced close to Christmas, so this is why I tend to wait (but I like your idea better of waiting until after Christmas). I picked up an easiyo for my eldest daughter for $11 at woollies a couple of weeks ago, it was half price :)

    Love the Royal Albert bargains, you did well!

    Have a great week,


  6. Great tips. I love the little Royal Albert bunny - gorgeous. Lisa


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