Thursday 23 February 2017

10 Ideas To Save You Money This Week

Are you looking for a bit of extra cash ?  Is your budget feeling a little tight ?  Then try some of these dollar stretching ideas.  Together these ideas could save you a few hundred dollars depending on how you value things.

*  Keep your curtains closed when you turn on the air conditioning.  I know this is common sense but you'd be suprised at the amount of homes I've visited or cleaned over the years with the Sun streaming in on a hot day.

*  Mend an item of clothing. Sew on a missing button,  mend a hole in a pair of socks or even take up a pair of trousers.  All these tasks don't require sewing skills except threading a needle and pushing it in and out of the item.  This task alone could save you $2 on a pair of socks,  $20 for hemming trousers or the $$ amount on the item you would otherwise throw out.

*  Avoid having drinks out with the girls,  coffee out with the mums or beers with the mates.  Drinks can lead to dinner,  coffee can lead to cake or lunch as well and beers can lead to food.  If you enjoy these activities then perhaps invite your friends around and share the cost. 

*  Try buying a generic brand of food for the first time.  You might be suprised how good the quality is.  The price difference will surprise you too.

*  Turn your fridge leftovers into a tasty casserole or pasta bake.    Anything with grated cheese on top is a winner.  This could be the making of a new family favourite.

*  Eat out of the fridge,  freezer and pantry for a week and only buy milk.  I'm sure you've got plenty of food on hand.

*  Turn the lights off and have a candlelit dinner for the whole family.  Dig out all those candles you've been hoarding.  Yes,  the ones your family and friends give you every birthday and Mother's Day.

*  Watch the petrol price cycle and only fill up when it's cheap.

*  Carry a  bottle of water with you when you go out.  Refilling at home costs less than 1 cent.  Buying a bottle costs up to $4.

*  Pick a flower ( or two or three ) from the garden instead of buying them.  You don't have any flowers ?  Then pick some green foliage and place it in a vase.  Wrap a bit of kitchen twine around the vase and you have yourself a boutique looking arrangement.  

Morning tea at home

Flowers in a pasta sauce jar.


  1. Good ideas, many that are common sense but sometimes just need reminding of.

    1. Unfortunately common sense is not always common.

  2. We already subscribe to this and it all adds up to money that stays in the bank for emergencies that happen or to be used for a great planned day out. Lol, I have some pre-loved wrapping paper for your pasta sauce jar if you would like to indulge a different visual aspect as well as the scent aspect. Alternatively I'm sure I could locate a piece of rose print fabric to wrap and tie around it decoratively. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Wendy,

    Just this week I mended a cardigan which had a hole in it and had a friend over for morning tea with homemade goodies.
    Love these ideas of yours, thanks, xxx

  4. I know this comment is late, but....I love the crazy tea set.


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