Saturday 18 February 2017

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 18th February 2017

Frugal living doesn't seem frugal at all when I look around my home.  Fresh produce picked from the garden,  newly laid free range eggs , clean clothes,  tasty meals,  delicious baking  and handmade gifts for any occasion..  These are just some of the delights I enjoy each day.

Here are some of the other delights that filled my week -

*  Emptied the little hotel bottles of shampoo,  conditioner and body wash into our own bottles.  I gave them a good shake to combine.

*  Dried the washing on clothes horses and the line.

*  Made a bottle of lavender air freshener.

*  Made another 2 litre bottle of Miracle Spray.  I keep one big bottle in the laundry and another in the kitchen as well as numerous spray bottles around my home.

*  Bought lots of Blue Grenadier fish from Coles.  It was half price at $6.49 kg ( from memory ).

*  Froze four single serves of leftovers.  After loosing the contents of one of my freezers,  it feels good to make a start on my freezer meal stockpile.

*  Refilled two foaming hand wash pumps with diluted shower gel.

*  Picked lots of raspberries and froze them.

*  Bought a Country Road cardigan from Savers op shop for $8.50.  While I was there I donated some household items and received a discount stamp.

*  Made a Valentines Day card for Darren using supplies I had on hand.  We had a lovely dinner at home then went to the movies.  The tickets were bought with a gift card given to us.  Darren got the tickets at a discounted price because we are Telstra  Big Pond customers.  Our movie snacks were chocolates and bottles of water from home.

* Cleaned the exhaust fans in both bathrooms.  I'm trying to to this on a regular basis to keep them running efficiently.

*  Saved the shower and washing machine water as per usual.

*  Megan made a batch of giant choc chip biscuits ( cookies ).

*  Made 14 jars of plum jam.  Some will be given as presents.

*  Defrosted  our 25 year old 120 litre freezer.  I try to do this 2 - 3 times a year to keep it running efficiently

*  Made a batch of pita chips for snacking.

*  Picked our first tomato of the season.  YAY  !!! No more store bought tomatoes for quite a while.

*  Our strawberries are fruiting again.  I picked a good handful in one day.  

Fresh strawberries

Megan's Mexican rice dish with potatoes

Megan's giant choc chip biscuits

Pretty flowers from Jessica

The raspberries continue

A simple handmade Valentine's Day card

Homemade plum jam

From the garden and our first tomato.

  .  What frugal delights filled your week ?


  1. Isn't it great to have a productive garden! Your berries and that one tomato look delicious. We are only getting trickles now from our veg garden due to the impact of heatwaves. I'll be getting it ready for Autumn planting not far away. We achieved a few frugal things this week:
    * a roast dinner and homemade white choc cheesecake for valentines day
    * used loyalty card to buy chicken for roasting :)
    * running dishwasher and wash machine when sun on our solar panels
    * all clothes washed in cold water and line dried in the sun.
    * filled up car at lower petrol price...thankfully, it's come down!
    * started knitting two lovely washcloths for part of a gift for a baby
    shower (I'm using organic cotton from my stash.) My friend is having
    Have lovely weekend, Wendy.

    1. You always have a good list Meg. I'm glad the petrol has come down in price too.

      Thankyou for your kind words about our garden.

  2. Beautiful jam Wendy! And a good week!
    We had some sickness in our family and a kind of difficult week but still we made some savings and I did some cooking which always helps.
    Have a great weekend. with love

  3. Some seem to think that frugal and deprivation go hand in hand. To me frugal is eating good, having everything I really need to lead a full life and being prepared for tomorrow. Those strawberries look so good. I am looking forward to summer and fresh veggies and fruit. We have blueberries---which reminds me- I better get eating on my freezer supply. Have a great weekend.

    1. So very true Delorise. We live the god life don't we ?

      Where do you live if you are looking forward to Summer ? We've had a mild Summer this year in Melbourne. For the last couple of days I've been wearing jeans and a cardi.

  4. Hi Wendy, Those raspberries look delicious! They are so expensive in the shops.
    I have been doing my usual frugal things this week- hanging the washing on the line, making lunches, baking snacks, giving my son a haircut and shopping at my beloved Aldi.
    I think I'm going to get stuck into making some cards tomorrow. Your cards are gorgeous!
    Enjoy the weekend, Regards, Stephanie.

    1. Stephanie, that's the reason why we grow our own raspberries. We also love raspberry jam.

      Haircuts at home can save a small fortune. Well done to you.


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