Thursday 20 April 2017

Ice Cube Trays - Another 5 Ways To Save Money

Do you have ice cube trays sitting in your cupboard unused ?  Then here's another 5 ways to use them and save a little money -

*  Make your own baby food and portion it into the ice cube trays.  This is great for when you are introducing a new food to your baby.

*  Make chocolate covered strawberries without the mess.  Pour melted chocolate into each cube.  Place a strawberry in each cube pushing down slightly.  Refridgerate until the chocolate hardens.

*  Freeze pureed fruit to make your own smoothies.   This is a much cheaper option than the supermarket bought,  prepackaged frozen fruit cubes.

*  Use ice cube trays as snack trays for your children.  This is a wonderful way to portion control and present healthy food.

*  Novelty shaped ice cube trays make wonderful soap moulds.  The soaps are a perfect size for little hands and make great presents..


  1. I should try making ice as a novelty. My trays are always in the cupboard and never in the freezer! :)

  2. I use ice cube trays for tomato paste, lemon and lime juice. Once frozen, I can just take out however many I need. Meg:)

  3. Also to freeze eggs, pesto, herbs in water.


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