Saturday 21 October 2017

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 21st October 2017

Frugal tasks can save a few cents or big dollars.  All are important in the grand scheme of saving money.  Here's how we saved this week -

*  Saved the shower warm up water to use on our veggie seedlings.

*  Dried all the washing on the line.

*  Continued to stockpile for the Summer months.  I'm only using my usual grocery money and being really wise about what I buy.  I also have the grocery slush fund as a back up.

*  Ate freezer meals ( leftovers ) two nights.

*  Redecorated 10 department store gift bags using card making scraps I had on hand.

*  Dug out a 4 or 5 litre ice cream container to save the water from our drink bottles.  This will be poured on a fruit tree each day.

*   Wrote a menu plan for the next couple of weeks to use up lots of food from the freezer.  By doing this,  I crossed a few items off my grocery list for the month.

*  Took advantage of Priceline's 50% off hair care sale and stocked up on shampoo and conditioner.

*  Turned the heater off at the wall so it doesn't come on automatically in the morning.  We also kept the heater off most of the time during the day and had the curtains open fully to capture the sunlight ( when it wasn't hot ).

*  Hand washed the dinner dishes most nights.

*  Refilled and diluted the dishwashing liquid bottle.  I still have the pump on it which reduces over use.

*  Lined both bathroom bins with lots of bread bags.

*  Megan found four good quality stylish coats at Savers for well under $50.  Jessica found a denim jacket with a fur collar at another Savers for $3.  She can't wait to go back again to see what she finds.

*  Made 10 jars of plum jam and 8 jars of raspberry jam.  All of the fruit and lemon juice used came from the freezer.  The raspberries came from our garden last Summer.  Some of this jam will  be given as presents.             

Homemade plum jam

Re decorated gift bags

Roast lamb dinner

How did you save time,  money and energy this week ?


  1. I think the little things, that save a dollar or two here and there, are really as important as the big things because I find it's the little things I do regularly that all add up. This week:
    * stocked up on some grocery items that I'll take away on holidays with us, bought them on special at supermarket
    * picked lettuce and celery from my garden for salads
    * got two big handfuls of blueberries off our two bushes, froze them.
    * filled up car at cheapest price $1.12 per L. It was $1.27!
    * baked a simple cereal slice with saved crumbs from bottom of weetbix packets
    * cooked our meals, lunches and snacks and made salads here at home.
    * froze some over-ripe bananas for smoothies.
    Your jam looks delicious, Wendy. It will make lovely gifts. Meg:)

  2. Wow great savings. Love the gift bags. I also use last years berries in the freezer for jam. Yum so good.

  3. Another great list Wendy. Your gift bags look lovely. A lot of rain up here this week. Our tank is full. YAY. Managed to get most of the washing dry on the line on one overcast day. Going to do the kids sheets when the sun comes out again.
    Can I ask what items you are stockpiling? I've read on your previous posts that you like to stock pile salad dressings and snack foods for summer entertaining. What else helps? I tend to stockpile toiletries and long life items like cans and peanut butter when on special.
    Have a lovely week. Rachel :)

  4. Hi Again I've had a look at your summer stockpile post. The list of food is there:) thanks. Rachel :)

  5. gift bags look great!
    im going to eat every last package in the freezer before restocking, probably after xmas, still have loads of chicken and 4 legs of lamb
    i was disappointed to find some pantry staples in my stockpile out of date so Ill empty that too and save up for a big new year re-sock!

  6. Ooo, I love the gift bags, they look so professional. Nice work! Your productivity and creativity always inspires me! Love, Teresa


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