Sunday 15 October 2017

Slow Down Sunday

Life gets far too busy at times.  What have you done today to slow down and enjoy life without spending money ?

New peaches growing.


  1. Hi Wendy ,
    Today I have sat and enjoyed a cup of my favourite tea while listening to music.
    I have spent time talking to my budgies pink and Floyd .
    Iam enjoying a quiet day at home and soon I will do some craft . All of this requires no extra spending .
    I hope you have had a lovely weekend.
    Love Barb W.

  2. We had a loooong list of things we were going to do today - instead we took lunch to our old relative's place and had lunch with her and listened to stories of how she lives as a young person in the 1940s. We are back home again now and plan to just read and relax. The list can wait.

  3. Darren and I spent 10 minutes walking around our backyard looking at all the new growth on our fruit trees. We also watched the chickens for 5 minutes munching on the grass we fed them.

  4. I spent the day baking a fruit cake for our upcoming local show. I played a game of scrabble with the kids, and now I am smelling the wonderful aroma of roast chicken, which is our dinner tonight.

  5. Enjoyed the rain. Went to a crop swap in the morning with other gardeners. Then joined the Sunday afternoon in the Garden group over at the community garden, checked out my allotment, harvested a bunch of herbs to add to my tray of roasted veggies. Then draped my wet clothes, from the rain, over a line in the garage. Just good fun, and no cost involved.

  6. We spent time watching our chickens, in fact took morning tea outside, sat in the shade with our dog enjoyed some homemade slice and laughed at the chickens antics as they explored a new to them part of the garden.

  7. Hi Wendy,
    Today I had an ADO from work, I love that extra day at home, over the weekend I just pottered, some gardening, some cooking and some decluttering. I didn’t over do it, just plodded along with some great music to keep me company.

  8. I spent the afternoon doing some art with friends. I drew flowers with watercolor pencils and then blended them with a water brush. I'm no Georgia O'Keefe, but coloring and blending is very relaxing.


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