Wednesday 28 March 2018

Menu Plan March / April 2018

I've been asked to share my latest menu plan.  Please keep in mind it's mostly just Darren and I at home but I still cook some meals for four people and freeze the leftovers.  . Our freezers and pantry are well stocked and at times we live off our stockpile.  Our current grocery budget is about $100 per month

Wed 21st March -  Freezer meals.
Thurs 22nd -  Lamb Shanks and mash
Fri 23rd -  Chop suey and rice
Sat 24th -  Meat pie and steamed veg
Sun 25th -  Get\Your Own
Mon 26th -  Honey soy chicken drumsticks, mash and steamed veg
Tues 27th -  Hamburgers and wedges
Wed 28th - Pork chop for Darren,  Chicken drumstick for me with veg
Thurs 29th -  Freezer meals
Fri 30th -  Spag Bol
Sat 31st - BBQ sausages,  rissoles and salad
Sun 1st April -   Chicken and salad
Mon 2nd - Pizza
Tues 3rd -  Tuna casserole and greens
Wed 4th -  Sausages,  mash and steamed veg
Thurs 5th -  Saucy chicken drumsticks, rice and veg
Fri 6th - Beef stew in slow cooker with mash
Sat 7th -  Fish in foil,  rice and zucchini slice
Sun 8th - Get Your Own
Mon 9th - Roast beef,  roast veg and steamed veg
Tues 10th -  Lasagne and steamed veg
Wed 11th -   Krispy Fried Chicken drumsticks, rice and zucchini slice     
Thurs 12th -  Freezer meals
Fri 13th -  Silverside in slow cooker with mash and steamed veg
Sat 14th - Engagement party food
Sun 15th -  Left overs
Mon 16th - Left overs
Tues 17th -  Tuna pasta bake and greens
Wed 18th - Sausage casserole and mash


  1. I think it is so neat that you can do this, I am terrible about sticking to a menu. I do plan ahead but have attendance to mix things up.

    1. The menu is on the fridge but we don't always stick to what is scheduled. I'm the queen of arrows ( changing the food around ).

  2. It looks like you will be eating really well over the next month. I love how you planned on leftovers after the Engagement party.

    1. I know there will be a truckload of food for the party so surely there will be leftovers.

  3. Hi Wendy, i have been following your blog for awhile. Do you want clarify please with your meal plan?

    Is it for 3 meals a day or dinner and lunch only?

    Thanks Lauren in Perth

    1. The $100 a month I spend is for 3 meals a day. The menu plan above is just for the main meals. Darren and I eat toast for breakfast made from the bread I bake. I always have the jam I make on my toast. Darren has tomatoes in Summer and spreads at other times.

      Lunch is veggie soup in Winter, a toasted sandwich, an egg on toast or crumpets. In Summer I eat a salad sandwich, small portions of leftovers or the above.

  4. Hi Wendy. Great list and given me lots of ideas! Just wondering why you are cooking for usually 2 people only now? Do your girls not live at home? Suzie K

    1. Jessica is home about 3 - 4 nights a week. She lives closer to her Uni. Megan does not live here but pops in for a feed every now and then.

  5. Hi Wendy
    I’d love to see a months food shop for you and Darren for $100... would you consider doing a good haul on your Facebook page at all? You could use Facebook live.... I’ve been following you for years and have always hoped you’d be able to get hold of your tv segments so I could re watch these. So sad they’ve gone.
    I love your blog but think you’d do so well vlogging too...
    Happy Easter

    1. Hi Mrs Wilson. I'm very tech challenged so running a blog is a huge deal for me. I'm considering setting up a Youtube channel and posting videos there.

      At the moment we are living off our pantry, fridge and freezer stockpiles and only buy what we run out of. I'll try to share what we buy when I get more time.

  6. Thank you for your reply. I’m trying very hard to reduce our budget and our portion sizes. Only my husband and I at home. We don’t have children. We do have one dog though. Everyone’s portions are being halved soon : ) Great to read what you guys eat for breakfast and lunch thank you.
    Have a great week!


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