Saturday 24 March 2018

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 24th March 2018

There isn't a lot of frugal savings on my list this week.  I've worked four days,  had a catering order,  gone to a wedding expo,  shopped for a wedding dress ( still shopping ),  gone to a card making day  as well as visiting my parents for my Dad's birthday.

My list is a mixture of household savings,  blessings and bargains..

*  Had a catering order for 100 sausage rolls,  100 mini quiches and two lemon slices.  Jessica was able to help me do the cooking and it became a cooking lesson for her.

*  Sold two dozen eggs.

*  Jessica and I went to a wedding expo on Sunday.  We took some snacks and water with us.  During the day we were given bottles of water,  a suit bag,  whitening toothpaste, a nail file and a pocket square.

*  Op shop finds for this week are - an apron for $1.99 ( for Jessica ),  a baby wrap for $4.99 ( new for a future gift ) and an as new plastic canister / container for $2.99( for Jessica ).  All items then had a 15% off discount.

*  Gratefully received several glass jars.  These will be used for jam making.

*  Gratefully received some veggies and meat from a couple of friends.

*  Gratefully received lots of bread bags.

*  Made egg custard to use up an excess of eggs and milk that was going out of date.

*  Dried the washing on the line.

*  Saved the shower water to pour into the washing machine.  Saved the rinse water from each load and poured it back into the washing machine for the next load.

*  Wrote a menu plan to use up stocks we have in the freezer.

* Topped up my car with petrol at $1.19 per litre.

*  Bought a few meat markdowns in Coles.  I also found a loaf of bread for 37 cents and four large blueberry muffins ( for Darren ) for $1.19 a pack.

*  Bought blank cards in Kmart on clearance for $1 a pack of 10.  The envelope were the same price.  These will be used to make wedding invitations.

*  Found items for the engagement party and wedding in a couple of discount stores.

*  Jessica used the left over pastry from the catering order to make scrolls for Uni snacks.  She made cheese and Vegemite,  cheese,  ham and herbs and cheese ,  ham and tomato sauce.

Mini quiches

Sausage rolls

Jessica's scrolls

Darren gets a treat too

Lamb shanks ready for the oven

What was on your frugal list this week ?


  1. Like you, I worked quite a bit this week. Relief teaching work before the upcoming school holidays. Welcome $. This is my frugal list:
    * filled up at $1.14 (4c discount) before prices skyrocketed to over $1.40
    * made simple, frugal homemade meals after busy work days
    * used art supplies I have here for lessons I offered classes I taught
    * wrapped simple Easter gift furoshiki style in remnant of fabric and made a tag from used card. Posted early to avoid express post charges.
    * washed fabric from stash and planned out what to sew up with it
    * hung clothes on racks to dry during wet weather (we don't own a dryer)
    * mended one of my son's t-shirts
    * baked a lemon crumble slice with lemon juice I had in freezer & pantry basics
    Today, I am planting out my Autumn veg patch so we will hopefully have lots of homegrown veg to enjoy in the cooler months to come. Have a lovely Saturday! Meg:)

    1. I'm glad you got some extra work this week Meg. What are you planting in your veg garden ?

  2. Goodmorning Wendy,
    I mentioned on my blog that my frugal list for the week was getting a bit mundane and repetitive as I don’t do anything too differently from week to week, I was reminded by some lovely readers that, in fact, I was an inspiration and not to feel that way. Wendy your thrifty lists are always so inspiring to me, you live an active varied life and are very crafty and talented. My frugal list this week is-found some material in my small stash to almost finish a quilt that has sat unfinished for a long time, packed my lunch for work every day, used up lots of bits and bobs from the fridge and freezer for dinners and snacks, used gifted avocados to make a Mexican layered dip for an easy dinner one night, used some home grown sweet potato to make sweet potato rosti’s and a pan of Mexican potatoes, par dried and then hung the washing on hangers inside to finish drying (it’s been raining on and off this week) kept to the 2 light rule at night, made sure all left overs were used up in a timely manner and only bought what groceries we needed for the next week. Thanks again for your inspiration and have a good weekend. Fi

    1. I'm hearing you Fiona about frugal list being a bit repetitive. I don't think I do anything flash but the money saved certainly adds up. Your frugal list looks great to me. Gifted avocadoes is certainly a blessing.

  3. Good morning Wendy,

    Usually I don't think I do anything out of the ordinary to save money either. I have been making my own iced tea for years, using 2 new tea bags, and 4 used (put in a bowl to dry out after use in a single serve cup), and 2 quarts of water. Now I am down to drinking 2 22-oz cups of iced tea daily, and drinking water the rest of the day.

    All meals have been homemade. Last week I got a pork loin roast for $.99 lb and have had no less than 5 main course dinners (I live alone), and 1 lunch. I still have some left that will be turned into pulled pork for sandwiches and frozen.

    This week I was able to purchase chicken leg quarters for $.99 lb. I will cook 2, and put the rest (3) in the freezer for some meals down the road. I don't believe that just because I am single and only cook for one person that I need to pay more for smaller packages of meat, so I buy the largest ones for the least amount per pound. That always saves.

    Butter here was $1.99 lb., but I don't have room for a lot, so I only bought one.

    The best buy of the day is $.79 lb for the shank portion of a ham for Easter. If I am spending the day with family, as I anticipate, I will cook the ham and take and share it. If not, I will still cook it, then debone it, make broth with the bone (if I take the ham to family, the bone will still come home with me), and make lentil or bean soup.

    Even though I wasn't anticipating buying a ham, and it put me overbudget, if you subtracted the price of the ham, I would have come in $.68 under budget. Since I just started a new household in January (I had sold my house and moved in with family for awhile), I have been re-stocking my shelves with staples, and haven't come in that close to budget yet. So I feel pretty good about this.

    Have a blessed week.

    1. Norma, it sounds like you are really wise about what you buy. I don't think I could ever buy the smaller / dearer packages of meat. It's easy enough to cook in bulk or to freeze the meat in single portions.

      I only wish butter was that cheap here. Butter has doubled in price in 18 months and has become a luxury item.

  4. Hi Wendy
    I have enjoyed reading your blog for a while now but never commented. Thanks for your ideas and your steadfastness!
    Have you and your daughter considered buying a wedding dress online? Both my daughter and daughter in law did this. They tried on many styles to see what suited them, then looked on line and bought dresses that cost around $300 instead of $2000. Most of the bridal shops here in Adelaide seem to order their dresses from China anyway so they were actually just cutting out the middle man. Their dresses were lovely and the quality was beautiful. They both then sold their dresses on eBay after their weddings. Apparently there are also websites for recycled wedding dresses. And I have seen beautiful veils at op shops! I bought one as a food cover.
    Keep up your wonderful blog
    Kind regards Barbie

    1. Welcome Barbie and we hope to hear from you often.

      Could you please give me some name of online stores ? This could be an option for Jessica if she can't find what she's looking for. She'll be wearing my veil so that will be a saving.

    2. With the dresses, make sure you check with people who have bought from the particular site you are considering in China BEFORE you order and pay!
      Maybe Barbie can steer you to sites that she has personal experience with! The reason for my caution is that I’ve known 5 separate friends who have ordered formal dresses- bridal, mother of the bride, prom from 5 different sites and received dresses that were made of acetate and ill-fitting and really bad quality! So, as with everything else in life, make sure that your bargain price doesn’t turn out to be money wasted! Get referrals from others who have used the specific company personally. Jmo

    3. Hi Wendy
      My daughter bought from JJ's house. My daughter in law can't remember. Apparently there are Facebook pages for brides of adelaide, so I'm assuming there would be one for brides of Melbourne, and girls on there give recommendations and reviews of different websites.
      My daughter also made her own wedding cake ( a tiered mud cake) saving hundreds of diallers, and bought a lot of secondhand decorations on gumtree and eBay, selling them on after the day.
      Best of luck!

    4. Thankyou for your advice ladies.

      There is a weddings buy / swap / sell Melbourne Facebook page both Jessica and I have joined.

    5. I have bought from JJ house too. 2 different dresses. Both are beautiful.

  5. No take away meals this week. Started off some pot plants from free cuttings and slip pieces. Dried out some more tomato seeds, planted broad beans and silverbeet in one of the garden beds. Popped in some sweat pea seeds and cut some rose plants back a little bit. I had a spend $50 and get $15 off deal at the supermarket so I stocked up on my coffee which was half price this week so that made 5 bottles for free. Bought half price easter eggs and made up a basket for my partner. Received a few samples in the mail this week which I was grateful for. Cashed in $70 from my survey sites. Still using up my hotel and sample supply of toothpaste. Doing free online studies and qualified for free computer lessons which I am extremely grateful for. Have a lovely week all..

    1. Wow Leanne, you have some great savings in your list. Will you be using the plant cuttings to fill your garden or to give as presents ?

      Doesn't it feel great to get groceries on a half price sale ? It makes you wonder why people pay full price.

    2. I was thrilled to get 17 bottles of Jarrah coffee for $36. And also when looking for a wedding dress check out the sites for Deb dresses. Be aware though sizes are a lot smaller when buying overseas.

  6. Made all my meals at home, took food the Fire Brigades Championships rather than buying it all. Washed the clothes and put the shower water into the machine. Dried them on the clothes line. Made relish from donated tomatoes and tried to make green tomato pickles with a recipe given to me by one of the residents of the Aged Care Home I work at with the same resident's green tomatoes. Taking my keep cup every where rather than buying coffee and tea. Had to drive an hour to get an Xray done but at least they bulk billed me. started to teach my eldest Daughter to cook for herself as she will hopefully get into University somewhere in Melbourne next year. Found some cheap greeting cards in the op shop.

    1. I kope you enjoy the relish Janine. It tastes great on chicken, ham and silverside.

      What have you taught your daughter to cook ?

  7. The catering looks wonderful. Glad your daughter was able to help you with it. I love going to Expos but have never been to a wedding one. Maybe in a few years when my kids get older. I'm sure it was a lot of fun for the Bride to be and you. That is great that you are getting lots of free food from friends. I posted my frugal week over at my new blog. Hope you can stop by.

    1. Yes the expo was fun. The stall holders kept looking at me when asking about the big day.

      I'll come on over and read your frugal list.

  8. Hi Wendy, yet again love reading your frugal tasks.
    I’m actually only just starting on my journey to becoming more frugal so my list is only small. But my list is:

    Went to vinnies to find a new handbag (my old $19 5 year old handbag was beyond repair) found a practically brand new ripcurl bag for $5

    Made up a batch of miracle spray now that my multi purpose spray is empty

    Washed any empty bottles and jars, to be used again for something else

    Made banana bread to freeze with the bananas I accidentally left for too long

    Hopefully I have more things on my list for next time.
    Keep up the good work Wendy

    1. Well done to starting your frugal journey. We all started somewhere and there is so much information and groups at our fingertips to help us along the way. I've always been a budgeter but I only wish I'd known so much more earlier in my married life.

      You'll love using Miracle Spray. Just remember you can't use it on mirrors, glass or timber.

      I have a bag of empty spray bottles, pump bottles and detergent bottles that come in handy for decanting bulk items and for portion control.

      Glass jars can be used as tea light holders, for jam and relish and many crafts.

      I hope to hear from you often. We can all learn from each other.

  9. This week I dehydrated 10 pounds of chopped celery, 10 pounds of shredded carrots and froze 10 pounds of chopped onions. I have concentrated on adding more jars of complete meals where you only add water, meat and 1 or two other ingredients and put in crockpot or stovetop and are done!
    With that in mind, I started organizing my basement pantry again ( a never-ending job!!) and decided to empty about 100 quarts of grape juice I canned in 2001! The gives me more useable space and more available quart jars!
    In my organizing I also found commercially dehydrated corn and diced potatoes in #10 cans that I forgot that I had! I will use those in some of my meals in a jar!!

    I made about 125 flannel Kleenex to add to my Facebook store and have already sold 20 of them! That’s been a great way to pare down my flannel stash and bring in some money at the same time!
    My chickens have been laying well and I’m going to let people know that I have eggs to sell again (whenever I do, several people buy them,)!
    The rest of the week has been , like many of your commenters, doing the frugal things that have just become habits! They really do add up though!
    Hope you have an amazing week!,

    1. Gosh you've had a busy week. Well done on the Kleenex sales.

  10. The food is lovely and I really like you blog with your money saving posts. They inspire me.


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