Saturday 28 April 2018

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 28th April 2018

Life has started to slow down a little at the Gower Abundant Cottage.  All the engagement party leftovers have gone except those that have been put aside for Jessica's 21st birthday next month.  .

I've started making Jessica's invitations using what I already have on hand.  A list of food is forming in my mind and will be put down on paper next week.  Jessica has decided on an afternoon tea with family and close friends.  I can't wait to get out the lace table cloth,  cake stands and vintage plates to pretty up our dining table.

Darren has started painting the timber door trims a lovely alabaster white.  I must say I'm glad to get rid of the timber and go with a fresh look just in time for the party.

Here's my frugal list for this week -

*  Washed and reused a few snap lock bags over and over again.  Although I try not to use disposable plastic,  sometimes the snap lock bags are handy space savers when out and about.

*  Jessica used one of the gift vouchers from her engagement party.  It was for a clothing and homewares clearance store local to us.  She was able to get lots of great things in the discounted section helping her gift card stretch further.

*  Refilled the hand wash pumps around the home with diluted shower gel.

*  Gratefully received a couple of glass jars.  I'm thinking of filling them with homemade hot chocolate drink mix,  decorating them and adding a pretty spoon.  They'll make great presents.

*   Watered the mango plants with water saved In the kitchen ( water bottles etc ).

*  Fed the compost with kitchen scraps.  It's almost time for Darren to empty one of the bins into a veggie garden bed.

*  Made chicken stock in the slow cooker with a carcass.  I then turned it into a delicious chunky chicken and veg soup for dinner the next night.  I then froze four single serves for future dinners.

*  Gratefully received lots of bread bags.

*  Picked a couple of bunches of white roses from the garden.  Used small juice bottles and jam jars as vases.

*  Sorted  out the sauces in the fridge and wrote a list of ones getting low.  I'll now wait until they come on sale before I restock.

*  Saved the washing machine and shower water to help reduce our water usage in the washing machine..

*  Gave the pantry a mini sort out.  Started making notes of items to stockpile over the coming months ready for Jessica and Eugene as well as our family home.  I'll wait until some of the items come on sale like tinned soup ( for casseroles ),  tinned tuna,  savoury biscuits, baking items,  foil and cling wrap and cleaning cloths.

*  Donated a bag of clothes and household goods to Savers and received a discount stamp.

In the garden

Chunky chicken and veg soup

Enjoying the cooler weather and our blankets.
Saving the washing machine water.

How did you save money is week ?


  1. Goodmorning Wendy,
    As always I love your frugal list, it always inspires me. To save money this week I-
    Packed my lunch every day for work
    Stayed home on ANZAC day and got a lot of jobs ticked off the list
    Only did full loads of washing
    Rode my bike and walked the dogs for free exercise
    Was careful with our water consumption, our water charges are unbelievable
    Made sure all leftovers were eaten in a timely manner
    Menu planned and made a shopping list from that
    Watered the garden by hand from the water tanks
    Fed, turned and watered the compost bin
    Bought extra food to make double quantity dinners to freeze for while I am away
    Listened to music for free on Spotify

    Have a lovely day,

  2. It is starting to get cook now - that soup look just the ticket. Mini sort outs of the pantry .... I'm forever doing that - the perils of a large family I suppose.

  3. Hi Wendy,you have got a lot done i see,and your flowers look pretty too.
    i defrosted both fridge and freezer this morning and cleaned them out with hot soapy water with some miracle cleaner,and today might tattle the kitchen pantry have a great weekend xo

  4. The hot chocolate mix sounds like a really good gift, Wendy. I might borrow that idea! Here, I worked most of the week for extra $ and will do the same again next week. It's busier than usual but still managed:
    * homemade meals, leftovers packed for lunches, baked snacks too.
    * used own water bottles when away from home
    * dried washing on line when sunny and on racks under verandah when showery.
    * got some cheap, ripe bananas and froze them for smoothies
    * made a big chocolate pudding from ingredients I already had here to contribute to shared dinner with friends
    * filled up car with fuel at cheapest price I could find then used gift card we had to pay for it.
    * picked lettuce leaves and used spring onion from the garden this week.
    Have a lovely weekend. Meg:)

  5. I know you have told us before but how do you refill the washing machine with your saved water. Whenever I pour a bucket of shower water �� in it seems to disappear

  6. happy belated birthday to your daughter. I had a crazy busy week because I work at a movie theatre and the new Avengers movie came out. I did find plenty of ways to save. Being busy meant I had no time to spend money. My list is here:


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