Saturday 14 April 2018

This Week's Frugal Tasks Will Return

Hi everyone.

Due to an extremely busy week with work and engagement party preparations ( today is the day ),  I'm unable to post my frugal tasks.  To be honest,  I haven't had time to do much frugally except cook from scratch and find a few things at the op shop.

I'll post my list next Saturday as per usual.  I hope you'll understand and still post your own lists for others to read and be inspired.

Here are a few photos of our frugal lifestyle.

homemade party food

Raspberry jam using our berries

The girls 

Abundance from the garden

Pretties from our garden

A treat of salmon.

For the cookie jar

Store bags redecorated.

Did you have a frugal week ?

What was on your frugal list ?


  1. Sometimes life just get very busy, doesn't it! That's a great lemon harvest too! We've had a very frugal fortnight because we've spent school holidays at home. We haven't even really been out anywhere except the local library. Today though, we are going on a picnic. Other frugal things:
    * made honey & ginger Anzacs for morning tea with friend.
    * cut out pattern pieces for a skirt with pockets. I got light denim fabric for this skirt on sale from Spotlight ages ago. I will make the drawstring for skirt from leftover fabric I already have - no need to buy special cord.
    * sorted magazines and now have ones I'm keeping stored in set of wire drawers I already had.
    * squeezed and froze lots of lime juice.
    * read lots of books from library over the holidays
    * made pumpkin soup from last of pumpkin I had in fridge, zucchini slice muffins and froze for quick school breakfasts
    * got $10 off grocery shopping from Coles
    * have been remembering to turn tv off at wall when not in use
    * using water from little water tank to spot water new seedlings
    * mended two T-shirts and one pair of shorts for my son
    That's my frugal list this week. See you next week, Wendy! Meg:)

  2. Best Wishes for a wonderful family celebration!

  3. I have been using up 7.5 kg of gifted tomatoes and being creative with them. I have significant lemon envy too- nice one.

  4. Used the shower water on my plants. Made meals at home. Took my lunch and dinners to work from frozen leftovers. Limited driving about by planning all my trips as fuel is 1.499 a litre and I need to travel 44 kms to work 3 days a week (88 kms round trip) so I need to save my fuel for that.
    Hope the engagement party went well

  5. I hope everything went well for the party. We finally had some nice weather for 3 days. I hung laundry outside, worked on the yard and garden and now it is cold and rainy again. My frugal list is here:


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