Wednesday 27 June 2018

Paper Doily Bunting

Recently I hosted an afternoon tea for Jessica's 21st birthday.  She wanted all things girly,  pretty and pink.  Balloons and streamers together wouldn't give us the look we were after so I dug into my card making stash.  I have lots of paper doilies in all sorts of sizes.  Suddenly an idea was forming.  Why not make  doily bunting ?

The bunting is very simple to make.  Here's what you need -

Paper doilies of your choice and color
String or twine
Sticky tape on a dispenser

Cut the doilies in half.  I cut 6 - 8 at a time

Roll out the string on a flat surface.

Work out the pattern you'd like to make.  I used one large,  one small,  one large,  one medium as a pattern.

Fold the flat edge of the doily over approximately 4 - 5 mm.

Place the string in the doily fold and use sticky tape to secure the edge.  Larger doilies required 3 pieces of sticky tape.

Make sure you use sticky tape on the same side of each doily.

Hang the bunting and enjoy.

When taking the bunting down,  be extra careful so you can use it again.

COST -  $2 - $3 for approximately 10 metres.



  1. Hi Wendy, such lovely, simple but very pretty bunting, it would have looked lovely for your daughters party. Clever girl❤️ Have a lovely day,

  2. Very pretty, thanks for sharing this idea Wendy.
    Lisa xo

  3. Such a great idea! So simple and easy.

  4. Hi Wendy, you do have some great ideas, you are a lateral thinker. I meant to respond the other day when you mentioned you had migraines. I was talking to a lady a couple of years ago who suffered from the same condition. In fact so did two of her closest friends. One of them asked her friend if she wanted some Botox done for beauty reasons, she said no. But her friend noticed that since she had Botox she had no headaches. Since then they all have Botox treatments and NO Migraines. You may have heard about this treatment but I thought I would mention it. Kind regards,


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