Wednesday, 29 August 2018

5 Quick Ways To Save Money

Saving money doesn't have to be painful or time consuming.  Keep the cash in your purse and still live a great life.

*  Take a well prepared shopping list with you when you do the grocery shopping.  Stick to the list.

*  Borrow CDs,  DVDs and magazines from your local library.  They are free to borrow and could save you a small fortune.  Having more variety and less clutter are added bonuses.

*  Cut your own hair.  If your hair needs a basic trim,  ask a family member to do it for you.  Jessica has just started going to a hairdresser but if she needs a trim,  I use my $10 Kmart scissors ( bought about 20 years ago ).  Megan has been to a hairdresser twice and didn't like the result.  She won't let anyone but me touch her hair now.

*  Carry a bottle of water wherever you go.  Keeping hydrated is important and will save a trip to the doctor.  If you are out longer than first planned,  a bottle of water will keep you going instead of ducking into a café.

*  Add extra veggies to a casserole to stretch the meal.  Freeze the leftovers.


  1. These are really good tips, Wendy. My husband cuts my hair and does a great job. We watched a you-tube video about how to easily cut long hair. Meg☺

    1. That saves a lot of money Meg. Well done to your husband.

  2. Hi Wendy and these are great money saving tips :).

    We have a perpetual shopping list here that is on the fridge that is printed out from our computer and we put it in a display folder plastic page inserts. As we use something in the home it gets written on there with permanent marker and then I transfer what is on there on to my shopping list. When we get home and pack all the groceries away we wipe the marker pen marks off the list with methylated spirits and start again. It saves so much time on doing pantry stocktakes each time we need to go shopping.

    With hair cuts DH cuts mine and I cut his or at least do the neck trimming as he likes his short and we cut it with clippers. Last time I had my hair cut here in our small country town it was $60 and I think a men's cut is around $30 nowadays so each time we cut each others hair it saves us $90.

    I love your tip with adding extra vegetables to leftovers to make them stretch and another good filler is cooked pasta and rice too. Typically we only eat a small amount of meat each meal (100 g per adult) and a lot of vegetables each meal here and as we grow a lot of beans and blanch and freeze them we add those or tinned or cooked dried chickpeas if we have a meal that is short on meat to add the extra protein to replace some of the meat portion.

    With water as we live in a rural area we carry a 10 lt container half filled with water along with some plastic cups. That way we can have a drink of fresh water whenever we like whether firewood cutting in a remote area or in town too.

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

    1. Great savings tips Lorna. We average about 80g of meat per person. The sausage casserole I cook uses 6 sausages and can feed 6 - 8 people.

  3. I need to save money quickly. I look forward to everyone's input.

    1. Please feel free to look in the thrifty living section for more savings tips.

  4. I know it's a strange comment, but that money is so pretty!

    On a normal comment, I'm a champion food stretcher! I add corn to taco meat. It tastes good with the sweet/spicy combo. I also throw in a bit of brown rice from time to time!

    I second the water recommendation. Sometimes, just a single sip on a hot day will ward off the temptation to stop for a drink.

    1. Yes our money is pretty isn't it. You've got some great tips to stretch a meal Debby.

    2. LOL Debby, that's exactly what I thought when I saw that picture! If our money was that pretty, I'd never want to spend any...

      Thank you for the excellent tips, Wendy.

  5. Hi Wendy

    Great advice as always, thank you.

    I cut my husbands hair saves him money and a trip into town in busy weekend traffic.

    I learn a great deal from you blog and look forward to every post.

    We have our first wedding this year too! Our first born son is getting married in October so wedding fever has started to develop. No matter how well organised we seem to think we are there is still a wee bit of stress :) How are things going with your plans?

    God bless

  6. I try to always bring water with me... saves so money!

  7. We do a lot of these things. Though we do not frequent our library very often due to it needing to be a trip all on its own due to where we live. I would like to make it a habit with our kids though.

    I often cook lots of casserole kinds of things due to the ability to be able to bulk them out. With veggies etc. I’d really like to embrace some more vegetarian dishes but my husband is a so keen? But I think I should just bit the bullet and experiment. He’s pretty cruisy really! LOL

  8. All good ways to save. How about leave the hubby home when you grocery shop?

  9. Love meal stretching, especially mince. I add grated carrot and zucchini to our bolognaise sauce. I add a can of baked beans and corn to taco/nacho mince. Grated carrot and breadcrumbs to rissoles.

    My DH couldn't cut my hair so I got to the hairdresser. She's fantastic and affordable. My cut is only $30.

  10. Great tips Wendy. If I have a big day I take a thermos and coffee sachets. Stops me buying a coffee or two.i also put an apple in my bag. Crispy and sweet and keeps me going till I get home.


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