Wednesday 26 September 2018

Budget Party Food For Kids ( Or Adults )

About 4 years ago,  Jessica was turning 17 and deciding how to celebrate her birthday without blowing the family budget.  Money was super tight back then with Darren only working one day a week and myself cleaning homes two days a week.  We've always celebrated each birthday with a party or dinner out no matter how much money we've had.  Birthdays are important and worthy of a celebration.

After much deliberation Jessica decided to have four or five of her friends over to watch a movie.  Homemade sausage rolls and mini quiches were on the list.  For sweets she decided on a few slices and MOO ( make our own ) sundaes.  MOO sundaes have been a big hit with the teens. We've just  put out a tub of no name vanilla icecream, choc topping, nuts and a few bowls of small lollies and let the teens design their own desserts.

Other party food I've made in previous years for my girls have been -

Honey joys
Fruit platters
Mini pizzas
Mini muffins
Jelly and custard cups
Spag bol
Homemade hamburgers
Bbq ( generally sausages in bread with toppings )
Dip and biscuit platters
Scones, jam and cream
Choc brownies
Lemon slice

As well as the sausage rolls and mini quiches. I've found homemade food is a bigger hit than a bowl of chips. Over the years I've also cut down on the food too as ' less is more ' seems to work better. It reduces food waste and reduces the cost.

Whatever food I make is made on a budget and most of the ingredients I already have.  The money comes out of my food slush fund so that I don't break the budget. Generally for a larger party I make three savoury dishes and three sweet.

Mini quiches

Apple rose pastries



Sausage rolls

How do you cater for kids / teenager birthday gatherings ?

What is your family's favourite party food ?


  1. All your suggestions sound great Wendy. Home made food is so much nicer than purchased and doesn't cost the earth.
    Kind regards

  2. Hi Wendy,
    We too make sure everyone has a special day. This year we have worked with a tight budget, but each child still got their dinner and dessert of choice on the day, a family outing of choice, and we do cake with the cousins and grandparents. Homemade cake and snacks are always on the menu. Hopefully we are creating some wonderful memories and traditions our children will continue

  3. Baked spuds and a bonfire make a great winter party and affordable and simple way to fead a hoard of people. When friends and their kids come we often make food togeather. Home made pizza and Vietnamese cold rolls are always a hit here. Both can be cheap to make depending on the fillings.

    Your birthday date looks delish!


  4. We always celebrated our kids birthdays by letting the birthday child choose the (home made) evening meal just like my siblings and I did when we lived at home. Mom always wrapped a dime in wax paper and inserted it in the cake she baked. Amazing how thrilled the dime finder always was. Inexpensive and fun celebrations ! Anne


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