Wednesday 6 March 2019

Paint Swatch Book Marks

Over the last few years we've collected many paint swatches from our local hardware stores.  The girl's rooms needed a more modern color than the baby pink that had graced their bedroom walls for over 15 years.  We had new bathroom colors to choose,  window trims to paint and a possible feature wall in our bedroom.  

I will admit when Masters Hardware store was closing down a couple of years ago,  staff members allowed me to take handfuls of paint swatches that would otherwise have been thrown out.  

Here's a quick,  easy and free craft using paint swatches.  They'd make great little gifts to put inside a greeting card or could be a wonderful addition to the Mother's Day / Father's Day stall at school..

*  Trim off the paint name down the side of the swatch.

*  Cover up the back with thick paper to hide the brand name.

*  Trim the bottom edge with fancy scissors

*  Decorate the squares with cut outs,  stickers or thin lace.  Keep in mind that decorations need to be fairly flat so the book pages are not damaged when it's used as a bookmark..


  1. Debby in Kansas, USA6 March 2019 at 08:07

    Wendy, you just gave me a brilliant idea! Every year for Mother's Day, a group of ladies from our various town churches get together and make Mother's Day cards to sell. The proceeds all go to our food pantry and for the summer lunch program (free lunches to needy kids). We sell gobs of them at a Ladies brunch and fashion show every April. I've been brainstorming some card ideas and I think these little bookmarks would be a wonderful enclosure tucked inside a pocket inside the card. Thank you!

  2. I love these Wendy, such a great use for the paint swatches. A lot of people would just toss them in the bin instead of trying to re use them.



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