Saturday 19 September 2020

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 19th September 2020

 Lots of  time was spent in the garden this week.  Spring planting has started in our veggie beds as well as picking some produce.  We are pretty much on top of the weeds in the back garden and have started tidying up the front yard. Here's what else we've been up to -

*  Picked Bok Choy,  Silverbeet and Sugar Snap Peas from the garden.

*  Darren planted out potatoes in the veggie garden.  These potatoes are ones we got from the fruit and veg shop.  We also have seed potatoes growing so it will be interesting to see which ones give us the best yield.

*  Made a big jar of brown sugar from scratch.

*  Made white chocolate and macadamia nut biscuits.  Some were baked and the rest of the dough was frozen into log sizes for future baking.  With just the two of us here we don't need too many biscuits in the pantry.  Freezing the dough really does reduce food wastage.

*  Made up two bottles of surface spray.  One bottle is kept in the laundry for cleaning toilets and showers.  The other in is kept under the kitchen sink for cleaning bench tops,  the stove and cupboard doors.

*  Knitted another 2 dishcloths for the kitchen.    While I have all this extra time at home I thought it would be a good to get a few made and stored away for when needed.

*  Cleaned the kettle with citric acid.  I then poured the water down the bathroom sink to clear the drain.  It seems to have worked.  No more gurgling water noises.

*  Fed the compost bin and worm farm with kitchen scraps every second day.

*  Took lots of plant cuttings to fill in gaps in our garden.

*  Planted out 70 bean seedlings into the veggie garden beds.  I also planted another 40 bean seeds in seed raising mix to plant out in a few weeks' time.

*  Made 2 batches of butter as needed using the free frozen cream.

*  Made a jar of gravy powder mix.  I use gravy powder,  flour,  beef stock powder,  onion powder and  dried parsley.

*  Fixed the curtain in our family room.  The stitching had come apart where it hooks onto the rail.  I'll admit it wasn't easy hand sewing through all the layers but it was far cheaper then getting a new curtain made ( a bit drastic but I'm sure there are people who would do this ).

Knitted dishcloths

Flowers planted in guttering on the fence.

Darren's little garden on the outdoor table.

Chicken flans for dinner

The planted Darren made for our grape vine.

We hope some of the cutting take.

How did you spend your week ?

Have you planted anything in your veggie garden ?



  1. Some spring onion ends have made it into a pot and they seem to be taking off. Keep meaning to put some more plants in but never seem to get there. I have some tomatoes that I am going to roast off and store in oil. I love sun-dried tomatoes and managed to buy some of fantastic special.

  2. Hi Wendy. I love the flowers you are growing in the guttering on your fence. The planter box is great too. I've planted cucumbers and Zinnias this week. Also:
    * made all our meals at home and had a spaghetti bolognese from freezer one night
    * picked spring onion, broccoli and silverbeet from garden
    * made mini pizzas for lunch; bases were wholemeal breakfast muffins I got half-price, split and froze
    * made a batch of no yeast cinnamon, apple and walnut scrolls, choc chip cookies and a pear cake
    * checked half-price specials before shopping and added a few extra items to pantry
    * mended our picnic cooler bag; no need for a new one.
    * saved $ on set of car seat covers which was less expensive than buying front/rear seat covers separately
    * topped up fuel in car, at $1.20 per L, ready for a holiday drive next week
    * washed car and cleaned inside myself rather than pay for car wash service
    * added some rolled oats and cacao to my pantry that were a generous gift; I'll use these ingredients in baking.
    * planted some tiny succulent pups into a terracotta pot that I already had.

    Wishing you another lovely week in your home.

  3. Wendy where do you buy bulk citric acid from please

    1. I buy it from Hindustan Imports on Greens Rd Dandenong. Bulk herb and spice shops might sell it too


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