Wednesday, 30 September 2020

3 Oils Every Home Should Have

If you've read the title of this post you're probably thinking of oils every kitchen should have.  True,  oils are needed for cooking but I'm going to talk about other types of oils.  

While I'm not into aromatherapy as such,  I do think there ire is a need for some essential oils in our lives.  All three of these oils also come in a water soluble version which increases their uses around the home. Here are the three we use all the time and couldn't live without  

Eucalyptus oil uses -

*  Clearing blocked noses when you have a cold.  I little on a tissue and placed under your nose can help with breathing.

*  For relieving bad sinus headaches.  I occasionally suffer from sinus headaches and found eucalyptus oil can work better than medication.  This might not work for all but it sure is worth trying.

*  Removing sticky residue / stickers from surfaces.  A little oil on a piece of paper towel goes a long way.

*  A key ingredient when making Miracle Spray.  The eucalyptus oil cuts through grime and soap scum and it sure beats using commercial cleaning products.

*  It can be used as a natural antibacterial cleaner.  Use on door knobs,  remotes and other surfaces.

* Great for getting rid of smells.  

Tea Tree Oil uses -

*  Reducing the severity of cold sores.  Dab a little on the spot as soon as it starts to tingle.  Continue to do this 2 or 3 times a day for the first few days.  Then apply something like paw paw ointment until the cold sore clears.  This is a cheaper way to treat cold sores than buying the little tubes of ointment.

*  Treating minor cuts and abrasions.  We no longer buy Dettol and use tea tree oil instead.

*  Treating pimples and acne.

Lavender Oil  uses-

*  Make your own room spray by adding water soluble lavender oil and water to a spray bottle.

*  Spray on your pillow at bedtime for a calming,  soothing effect.

*  As a natural perfume.


How do you use these three oils ?


  1. I use all three mainly the same ways as you do but lavender oil on the temples soothes headaches. When I was suffering with terrible gut pain, massaging my abdomen with lavender oil was the only thing that gave any relief.

  2. I use lavender oil and tea tree oil in much the same ways as you. I have never used eucalyptus oil, but having read your post I think I will buy some as my husband suffers with sinus pain whenever he has a cold and it sounds like this would be a big help. thank you for the tip!

  3. At present I have been running a cold mist diffuser with eucalyptus oil and a blend called ie: hay fever. It has lemon, peppermint, lavender and cypress. My sinuses have been horrible all winter and my ENT is not keen on surgery. I wish he would so my sinuses could be cleared.

    My eucalyptus oil doesn't have a dropper in it and I poured way too much into the diffuser the other day. This diffuser hold about two litres of water so I lasted quite a while. Lesson learned.

    Sadly my lavender plant died this winter and I must source a new one. I had it near the front door and the prevailing breeze would bring the smell into the lounge.

    I love the smell mandarin. One day I will treat myself to some!

  4. Those are 3 of my top oils, too. I use all of them in just about the same ways you do. The lavender oil is kept in a roll on bottle with coconut oil and used for itches. We haven't bought itch cream since starting to use this. I also make an alcohol based disinfecting spray with all of these plus lemon (here on my blog

  5. I use EO quite often and use TTO for cleaning as for health. Eucalyptus for sinuses. Lavender for calming. So many uses for all 3. However, may I gently caution everyone when using EO to dilute with a carrier oil and Never ingest.


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