Saturday, 27 November 2021

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 27th November 2021

Life is getting busier and our calendar for December is filling up fast.  Even when we are busy,  we always live a thrifty life.  I guess being thrifty is just second nature for us.  

Here's what we did this week to save money - 

*  Gratefully received a pineapple and butternut pumpkin from Jessica.  Her and her flatmate buy a fruit and veggie box from the Prahran Market every couple of weeks and couldn't use it all.  It was a good swap considering I gave them some potatoes from our garden a few weeks before.

*  Picked more mandarins from Megan's tree.  We can't eat them quick enough and she still has truckloads on the tree.

*  Picked silverbeet from our garden.

*  Polished four boxes of silverware as a job for a friend.

*  I'm attempting to grow a pineapple top from the pineapple Jessica gave us.  

*  Filled up our cars with petrol just before the price went up to $1.91 per litre.

*  Saved the shower warm up water,  washing machine water and drink bottle water.  We reused the water around our home and garden where needed.

*  Ate leftovers from the freezer a couple of nights this week.  I try to organise leftovers on days that Darren and I have had big cleaning jobs.

*  Written out next year's gift / present budget.  I've revised and reduced the budget to a dollar amount that Darren and I are comfortable with.  

*  Fed the compost bins and worm farm with kitchen scraps.  The chickens were given garden snails every few days as well as grass clippings to scratch around in.

*  Planted more corn seeds ( kernels ) and bean seeds now that the weather is slightly warmer.

From the garden

Luka and Bryson having fun at our place

Teaching Luka to hang washing on a clothes horse.

How have you saved money this week ?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet ?



  1. I have almost finished my xmas shopping, Wendy, although I still have a few more gifts to finish making. This weekend, I am sewing some drawstring gift bags from floral fabric I was given by a friend. I overspent on my groceries this week but otherwise these were frugal things I did:
    * homemade meals - wombok salad, pizza, macaroni cheese with frozen veg, leftovers
    * homemade snacks - choc chip bars, sweet potato brownies, pikelets, banana muffins
    * picked lots of cucumbers from the garden
    * received 3x cans chick peas from a friend
    * dried washing on racks as too wet to hang outside (so much rain!!)
    * saved money on my son's highschool bookpack list by checking what exercise books/pencils etc he has from this year that can be used next year
    * potted up two salvia cuttings to give to my neighbour
    * made up a basket of non-perishable foods from my pantry to donate to community organisation supporting people without secure housing

    Have a lovely week!

  2. I have bought two hams as they are favourites here. We finished the first one on Thursday. I shared the meat with my children and my daughter has taken the bone to her house to squish in her freezer. Like you I have been keeping a close on petrol prices and I have told my mother that even if it is a quarter of a tank I will be filling the car every time I see a lower price. This week I have kept the grocery bill a little lower as I shopped without my mother. I have some of my Christmas gifts. I am giving cash to my children so I guess it is under control.

    Have a fantastic weekend and stay safe.


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