Saturday, 6 August 2022

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 6th August 2022

 I'm now counting down the days until Spring planting season arrives.  I've already started thinking about what I want to plant,  where to plant and how much to plant.  The goal will be to grow as much as possible and to make sure no square inch of soil is wasted.  

Do you have veggie planting plans ?

Here's what we got up to this week -

*  Fed weeds,  bread crusts,  a few meal leftovers and young blades of grass to the chickens.

*  Dug up about 4 kilos of potatoes in our veggie garden about 1 month earlier than planned.  The plants were hit by frosts 2 weeks ago and wilted terribly.  Although the potatoes were small we are very grateful.

*  Made sausage rolls,  lemon slice and chocolate brownie for a paid catering job.

*  Collected 3 eggs this week from our aging chicken.

*  Gratefully received a few cupcakes and some fruit left over from the catering job I went to.

*  Darren picked a bunch of roses from the garden when he was pruning the rose bushes.  Much better to have them in our home to enjoy than throwing the branches in the bin with the roses still attached.

*  Cleaned the kettle with citric acid.

*  Saved the shower warm up water and washing machine rinse water.  All this water was poured back into the washing machine for each load.

*  I found a 3 tiered metal  shelf at the local op shop that I can use to cure my handmade soaps.  I've been looking in all the department stores and nothing suited the need I had.  Would you believe the soap fits perfectly on the shelves.  I'll post a photo next week when I 've got it all set up.

*  I made a flan of sorts using leftover roast potatoes,  pumpkin and one slice of silverside from dinner the night before.  I added a few steamed veg,  3 whisked eggs ( with milk and flour added ),  poured it over everything in the baking dish and added a little grated cheese to the top.  Once it was cooked,  Megan and I enjoyed it for dinner and Darren took the rest to work for his dinner the following night.  A simple yet very thrifty and tasty meal.  

*  Gratefully received a box of new glass bottles from my Mum.  They will be perfect for making 50 / 50 cordial later in the year to give as presents.


Lemon Slice
Chocolate Brownies
Chicken Flan        I used silverside and roast veggies as mentioned above.
Sausage Rolls
50 / 50 Fruit Cordial

From the garden

Leftovers from a catering job

Darren picked these for me.

' Leftovers ' flan.

How did you save time,  money or energy this week ?


  1. Definitely looking foward to seed planting, and spring.

  2. Getting ready to begin a fall garden here

  3. Homegrown potatoes are the best! I've just ordered some seed potatoes to plant in our grow bags. I got two different varieties to try growing this year. Your roses are gorgeous, Wendy. I picked grevillea from our garden. This week:
    * homemade meals - pizza, roast veg frittata, pea and bacon soup, chicken sausage rolls & pasta bake (from freezer)
    * home baking - pumpkin scones, weetbix and oat slice, pear muffins.
    * picked silverbeet, spring onion, celery, sweet potato, perpetual spinach and a little handful of native raspberries from our garden
    * sewed button back on a hanging hand towel
    * watched a tv show on abc iview which is free
    * trimmed all four of our lemongrass clumps which gave me a whole wheelbarrow of leaves that I can use as a mulch in our garden
    * received some lovely fabric offcuts from a friend:)
    * gave my sweet neighbour two cuttings from our garden
    * charged my phone in the car when driving
    * turned off appliances like microwave, toaster, wash machine, tv at the wall
    when not in use
    Have a really good week!

  4. Love the “leftovers flan” Wendy. Looks delicious!
    Just need to jazz it up a bit with a fancy name.
    Savoury Delight. Or Suprise Quiche.

  5. Thank you for sharing Wendy. Always inspiring. I’m going to review our budget and groceries. With these crazy increases at the super market, I’m going to concentrate on shopping at Aldi. With regards to baking, I’ve seen a huge increase in butter and margarine. Even cooking from scratch is getting expensive. Are you increasing your grocery budget or going without some items to afford others? Have a great week. Take care :) Rachel

  6. Wowww! The flan looks so tasty!


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