Wednesday 15 February 2023

10 Ways To Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner

 Who doesn't like a sparkling clean bathroom ?  I've been cleaning bathrooms of all shapes and sizes for over 23 years with my cleaning job.  I've learnt quite a few tricks and tips along the way that save time and energy.  Yes it can take some effort to get a bathroom clean but these 10 simple steps will help it stay that way.

*  Provide a small bin for used toilet rolls, empty tubes of toothpaste,  tissues and used toiletries.  Having a bin will help corral the rubbish into one location.  I've seen plenty of discarded toilet rolls in bathrooms over the years and the solution is so easy.  Just make sure you empty the bin on a regular basis to help encourage family members and visitors to use it.  If you don't like washing out bins,  use freezer bags or recycled bread bags as bin liners.

*  Remove the clutter from around your sink.  There's no need to display everything you own.  Who has time to wipe dust off a heap of beauty products ?  Having a clear bench and sink makes it super easy to give it a quick wipe over to prevent dust and grime build up. 

*  Dry toothpaste can be a little hard to remove and requires some elbow grease.  Wipe spills from the bench and sink as quickly as you can before it dries.

*  Use a microfibre mirror cloth to clean your mirror like a pro.  Using a damp bath towel will leave streaks and fluff all over the surface resulting in you working harder to remove the residue.

*  Wipe down the shower with a squeegee after each use.  This will help prevent soap scum build up  and mould.  Using shower gel instead of soap helps prevent soap scum too.

*  Use kitchen detergent on all surfaces ( except the mirror ) with a microfibre cloth to cut through grease,  dust and grime.  Using cleaning products and / or disposable wipes can leave a  film that dust loves to stick to.

*  Keep your toilet lid closed when flushing.  Toilet water can spray up to 1.5 metres away from the toilet when flushing,  perhaps even reaching your toothbrush.  Not only does it contain bacteria ( including faeces ) but it also leaves marks on surrounding walls,  floors and shower screen.  If you like to use Blu Loo,  it's splashes will stain your walls.  Take it from someone who cleans these messes on a regular basis.

*  Flush the toilet after each use.  Leaving your deposits to save a bit of water will increase grime build up in the bowl.  If it's a very low flush toilet,  use the full flush every time to make sure you are left with clean water in the bowl.

*  Hang your bath towel up and spread it out.  Leaving it in a heap on the floor with increase bacteria in the fibres as well as encouraging mould to grow in the grouting.

*  Keep the exhaust fan on or open the window for about 30 minutes after each shower  Steam from the hot water contains oils,  dead skin cells and dust.

Do you have an trick to keeping your bathroom cleaner ?


  1. I brush my long hair with my calves against the bathtub, so any hairs fall into the bath and can be collected and disposed off quickly. No hairs on the bathroom floor, making it hard to wipe the floor.

  2. I use the old TP tubes ... I put them on top of the dryer, and shove the dryer lint into the tubes every time I clean the filter. Discard tubes when full. (No room for a trash bin in my laundry area).

    1. I heard that lint inside toilet paper tubes makes great fire starters for a fire pit

  3. Yes, remove all the men (HB and sons) from your house :-) It's just I love them too much to do it!

  4. I squeegee after showering too. I now use pure castille soap and bicarb to make a paste to clean everything. Low tox and cheap.


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