Saturday 22 April 2023

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 22nd April 2023

 This week I've spent time in the garden planting cooler weather crops and pruning bushes before it gets too cold.  I've also been cleaning the windows and installing new sheer curtains.  This is a long overdue task interrupted by lockdowns and lack of stock at Spotlight.  The windows look brighter and fresher with the new sheers.

Here's what else we've been up to -

*  Planted more potatoes,  carrot seeds and silverbeet seeds in our garden.

*  Picked feijoas,  tomatoes,  pears,  lemons and a few raspberries from our garden.

*  Used the solar lanterns every night after dinner.  One night I used them to eat dinner and wash the dishes by hand.

*  Saved the shower warm up water and washing machine rinse water and poured it into the washing machine for the next load.

*  Washed Darren's sneakers in the washing machine and dried them over a ducted heating vent.

*  Gratefully received icecream,  custard tart and passionfruit from a couple of people.

*  Kept the heating off as much as possible by keeping busy when I was home.

*  Fed bread crusts and a few dinner plate scrapings to the chickens.  We haven't had eggs for over a week so now we are rationing the eggs we do have.

*  Sold an item on FB Marketplace.

*  Made and sold 2 lemon slices to a friend for a party they were hosting.

*  Darren was notified that his mobile phone plan is increasing in price by quite a bit.  He's now in the process of switching to Aldi mobile and we are going on the family plan which allows for 2 mobiles and shares the data allowance.

*  Gratefully received a bottle of de-alcoholised wine from a friend in my card making group.  Darren and I don't drink alcohol or buy soft drink of any type so this will be perfect for a special occasion.

*  Made a new budget friendly slice to take to my card making group.  Darren and Megan have also tried it and love it.  I'll be sharing the recipe here in a few week's time.

*  Made up a bottle of surface spray using dishwashing liquid and cooled boiled water.

*  Dried the washing on clothes horses mostly outside when the sun was shining.  

Dahlias my Mum is growing

Chrysanthemums in Mum's garden 

Making lemon slice.

Do you have any flowers growing in your garden at the moment ?

Do you pick them to bring indoors ? 

How have you saved money this week ?


  1. Wendy, not sure if the Aldi plan is monthly or annual, but we found the annual ones better. Ron has $99 for unlimited talk and texts with 10 gig of data and I paid a bit more $149 for extra data last year because I used to hot spot my laptop on the train or if we were away

    1. I use the $149 Aldi plan for similar reasons. It is an excellent choice for me.I love that I pay once a year.

    2. I was able to pick some limes. Have to preserve them as the tree rarely produces. Otherwise it has been an ordinary week.

  2. Hi Wendy, thank you for another inspiring post. Recently I have also replaced some very dated curtains in our lounge room. I priced sheers at spotlight and it was definitely the cheapest option .... until I popped into our local Thrift store and found several new sets of beautiful sheer curtains - the total cost to me was $18! I needed to hem and alter the sheers to fit my windows, and the result is terrific. I'm so happy I saved so much money. My next challenge is repurposing thrifted curtains into roman blinds ... Gill (Ulverstone).

  3. The dahlia colours are so pretty! I have planted Silverberg, runner beans, carrots and parsley. We have a big slug and white caterpillar problem. I have given up on sprays as they are costly and I find largely ineffective. Neem oil is better but I think proper netting etc may be the way to go. Because of this I find vege gardening costly which is why I have reduced the growing area. That slice looks yummy. I love lemon flavoured things.

    1. Hello ,I have heard of a tip for scaring off white caterpillars ,moths etc ,cut out the shapes of butterflies from white plastic ( maybe an ice cream container lid or similar plastic but must be white ) and put butterfly cut outs on sticks / stakes in your garden .I have heard this works with certain plants including cauliflower,broccoli etc .

  4. Your Mum's Dahlias are gorgeous colours! We do not buy alcohol or softdrinks either, Wendy. This saves a lot of money, I'm sure! We had a fairly frugal week:
    * made large pan of lasagne, potato bake and pot of butter chicken
    All portioned up and in the freezer.
    * got 2x600ml cartons of pouring cream at markdown price
    ($3.15 from $5.70)used one in the potato bake and the other is in freezer
    * used halfprice app to check specials at Coles and Woolies. Got boxes of
    muesli bars and 4x jars of our preferred pasta sauce for half- price
    * made 2x weetbix and oat slices + double batch of pear and choc-chip muffins
    Pears I used were the Woolworths Oddbunch selection
    * took picnic dinner in to the city while we waiting for our son to finish an event
    he had on there. This saved considerable $ on a restaurant meal.
    * gave a friend a plant I had grown from a cutting.
    Hope everyone is having a lovely week.

  5. Your lemon slice looks lovely it's makes me want to make some🙂

  6. I'm reading this on Monday, 24th. Dh has been down since Thursday night with IBS, so we've saved money but not going out over the weekend for his bday (today.) I'm using up all the fresh produce by making salads and roasting veg for my meals. Fixing him easy to eat & digest meals from my stockpile. Saved $$ by doing a grocery pickup and not wandering the aisles when hungry. Found I can get reimbursed for a recent wellness visit by my supplemental insurance. :D Purchased an audio book for "free" with credits. Saved 20% & free shipping on some stock up items. I won't have to get these again for a while.
    Using odds and ends of fruit for dh's smoothie for lunch today.
    No flowers blooming in my garden right now. It's been a cold spring.


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