Saturday 22 July 2023

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 22nd July 2023

 We've had a busy week of work,  helping my Mum with her garden,  rearranging the laundry for a couple of new purchases ( photos below ),  a trip to the football,  food shopping,  church,  hosting an afternoon tea,  general housework  a sleepover for the grandsons and running errands.

Here's how we managed to save money even when we had a crazy busy week - 

*  Dried most of the washing over the ducted heating vents.

*  I 'needed' to get another Lego mat for our grandsons to play with.  Sharing one just wasn't working.  After doing some online research,  Kmart seemed to have the cheapest price.  So I went to my local store but found they were completely out of stock.  As I was looking through the toy section,  I came across Kmart's brand of mats.  They were much cheaper at $13 for a pack of  5 compared to the Lego brand at $10 each.  The boys loved the different colors and they are compatible with the Lego bricks.

*  Darren and I went to the football last Saturday with Luka and his Dad Kurt.  We took all our snacks and water bottles and only bought lunch.  If the weather had been a bit warmer than the 12 degrees Celsius  that day,  we would have packed salad rolls for lunch.

*  I baked ANZAC biscuits and choc chip biscuits using homemade dough from the freezer.  We took some to the football,  some were for a family afternoon tea the next day and the rest were for our lunch boxes during the week.

*  I saved the shower warm up water and drink bottle water and Darren used it for the pot plants outside. 

*  I did my monthly grocery shop on Monday and used the 10% off Everyday Rewards offer to save extra money.

*  Our laying chicken got a bit excited about the sun and slightly warmer weather we've had lately.  Over the last week and a bit she's decided to lay again and we've collected 6 eggs.

*  I turned the heater down to 19 degrees Celsius most days and when the sun was shining through the windows I turned it off completely.

*  We had family over for dinner on Sunday and I cooked a 1/2 leg of lamb.  The next day I made a big pot of veggie soup and used the last of the lamb meat.  This soup gave us 14 serves and the dinner gave us 4 serves.  In total we got 18 serves / meals with the meat costing just over $12.  That's 66 cents for each meal that included meat.

*  Darren fed the compost bin every couple of days with kitchen scraps.

*  I fed bread crusts,  weeds,  leftover watermelon and veggies to the chickens.  No food is wasted in our home.  It all has a purpose.

*  Portioned out and froze any leftover gravy from the roast lamb dinner.

*  Recently we bought a new washer and dryer which we stacked on top of each other.  This means I no longer have the same spot to put the ironing.  I needed a basket to place it in,  then stack it at the very top of the dryer.  I was about to go out and buy a new one,  but remembered I had a wicker basket in my shed that I was trying to sell on Marketplace.  It was our cat's first bed when she came to us as a kitten.  Now it's been repurposed in the laundry.

*  I used a $20 Concierge Rewards voucher from The Good Guys store to get a 4.2 litre of Omo laundry detergent for $17 ( full price is $37 ).  This works out cheaper than any branded laundry liquid even on sale in the supermarkets. 

*  I dug up a few potatoes and the last carrot from our garden.

Our potato patch.

In the garden
In the garden.

Luka and Bryson watching the new washing machine


Bryson is thrilled to 'help' Nanny.

Homemade biscuits.

Luka playing with the new mats

Compatible with Lego

The colors included.

I dug up our last carrot.

Are you on the look out for any great deals / discounts ?

How have you saved time,  money and energy this week ?


  1. Dear Wendy ,
    You have had a wonderful frugal week .I love the photos of Luka and Bryson watching the washing machine,it's great that children are entertained by things us adults see as not interesting or we take for granted.
    I've had a fairly good week .
    I used $10 rewards $ at Woolworths ,I got some medication free because I'm on the safety net ( through the Australian government r a certain $ amount scheme called PBS where you pay for a certain $ amount of medication per year then once you've reached that ,I think for me it's around $220 or $260 ,then after that all PBS medication is free until first if January ,just explaining for anyone who doesn't know ).
    I also gratefully received some sandwiches and three single serve meals from my parents .
    I've been using stickers someone I know from cheapskates club kindly sent me to make cards .
    Otherwise I have had a quiet week
    Take care Wendy and Darren and family .

  2. Thanks for the tip about the Anko mats!! Love the boys watching the washing machine! Great your hen is laying Wendy! xxx

  3. Sounds like it would've been cold at the football, Wendy. We take our own food/drinks to events like that too. It saves so much money. Your grandsons are very cute watching the new washing machine:) We have had a frugal week here with very little spent, besides grocery shopping on Friday. I cleared a section of our garden and transplanted strawberries from hanging baskets into this area. They weren't doing well in the baskets. I picked lettuce, tomatoes, spring onion and herbs from our garden. I did a lot of home cooking and a sweet neighbour sent over some delicious dinner for us one night. I was able to give her a plant from my garden to say thankyou. We've been tucked up in bed early at night, enjoying library books and free shows on ABC iview. Warm under the blankets and no heater needed. I'm making progress on the washcloth I'm knitting for a gift too.
    I hope everyone has a lovely and happy week.

  4. I’d love to hear more about your tea and the yummy foods😀

  5. Hope everyone fine in your busy family this week. When we purchased our first front loader washer my husband did exactly the same as your boys ( only not so cute) We found that Kmart copy of the wooden Thomas the Tank train tracks and accessories fit the very expensive original ones, if this helps some shoppers.It has been chilly in our house this week as our central heating died, it seems to take a while to organise a replacement of these things. We have been grateful for milder than usual weather.

  6. Dear Wendy I'm sure it's not just me who is missing your practical and creative wisdom. I do hope it is happy events keeping you away from your blog but I do hope you post soon. I am not on Facebook so I may have missed the reason you are away or you may simply be taking a break.

  7. Hi Wendy, have you stopped blogging? I enjoyed reading your blogs; they inspired me to do better.

  8. Hope all is going along well with you and your family. I have just paid out a couple of thousand dollars on necessary bills such as council,water rates vehicle and house insurance, annual vet visit for the dog etc, so I have just reread your posts on frugal Christmas for inspiration and just wanted to thankyou for this ongoing help as looking in my bank account it has helped stopping me from feeling panic as the weeks are zooming by.

  9. Hope everything is ok. Miss your blog

  10. wendy have you closed your blog????

  11. Why don't you post anymore Wendy? Is everything okay?

  12. Hi Wendy
    I have followed your blogs for a few years now. However, nothing has been posted since July. Is everything alright? Missing the blogs.

  13. Hi Wendy
    Is everything okay ?
    Hoping so
    Love Michelle

  14. Where are you, Wendy?

  15. Michelle how are you ?Hope all is well

  16. hope all is well at your place, haven't heard from you for such a long time

  17. Hi Wendy, I regularly enjoy reading your posts. I notice there hasn't been any in a while. I hope you are ok, shall we look forward to another post soon? or have you finished the blog? Gill

  18. Hello Wendy
    I hope everything is ok.
    Miss your inspiring blog posts!

  19. Haven't seen any posts from you for awhile. Hope you and your family are ok. Take care. Barb


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