Wednesday 1 May 2024

Cost Of Living Crisis Series - Cleaning Your Home For Under $1 A Year

 Are you spending too much money on cleaning products ?  Do you have a cupboard full of assorted cleaning sprays and potions ?  Do cleaning products give you a headache ?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then please keep reading.  Keeping your home clean doesn't need to cost a fortune.  It also doesn't need to smell of chemicals either.  Most of you know that I'm a cleaner and have been cleaning other people's homes for over 25 years.  I've used almost every product released during that time including some of the well known,  expensive eco friendly ones.   My experience tells me these cleaning products are not needed and there is a much cheaper way to keep a clean home.

Over 12 months from July 2022 to June 2023,  I thought I'd try cleaning my home only using dishwashing liquid and keep track of how much it cost.  From the windows to the floors and everything in between I used less than $1 of dishwashing liquid to clean everything.  Infact,  that $1 included cleaning my client's homes as well.

Here's a list of a few simple items I used to clean my home that I already had on hand.  You probably have these items in your cupboards too. -

*  1 x bottle of the cheapest Aldi dishwashing liquid.  Originally I paid $1 per bottle ( but used about 1/2 for my home ).  Now the dishwashing liquid costs $1.49.

*  2 x recycled spray bottles saved from when I once used cleaning products.  I never throw out a spray bottle.  I've even used bottles from hairspray ( the pump ones ),  conditioning sprays and body sprays.

*  Discarded toothbrushes.

*  Old face washers,  handtowels,  cloth nappies,  knitted dish cloths,

*  Old non scratch kitchen scourers. 

*  1 x microfibre mirror / glass cloth,  generic branded Chux cloths and 2 x microfibre cloths for general cleaning.  If used correctly,  all these cloths can last for years.

FOR THE WINDOWS -  I wipe down the windows with a wet cloth first and use a spray bottle that contains a dash of dishwashing liquid.  Then I use a clean damp cloth to wipe again and buff the window with a dry rag / towel.

FOR THE SHOWERS -  I clean our shower once or twice a week to avoid soap scum building up.  I use dishwashing liquid and water in a small squirty bottle ( Morning Fresh bottle ) at a ratio of 50 : 50.  A small squirt on a non scratch kitchen scourer ( of any sort ) gets rid of soap scum quite easily.  The old toothbrushes come in handy for grouting,  door seals / joints and the drain.

FOR MIRRORS AND TVs -  I just dampen a  glass / mirror microfibre cloth with water.   No chemicals are needed.  Infact,  chemicals leave a residue that makes glass look slightly cloudy.

FOR THE TOILETS - I spray the toilet inside and out with a spray bottle of dishwashing liquid and water.  The Chux cloths are used to wipe over all surfaces including the bowl on the inside.  They are then soaked in a bucket before being washed with other cleaning cloths.

FOR SINKS - I used a microfibre cloth either dampened with water or use the spray bottle of dishwashing liquid and water.  Toothbrushes are used for around the taps and plughole.

FOR THE KITCHEN -  I use a spray bottle of water and dishwashing liquid with a microfibre cloth on all surfaces including the sink,  cupboards,  benches and a greasy stove .  I also use old knitted dish cloths and face washers to wipe out the oven on a regular basis.

FOR THE WALLS -  I use water and a microfibre cloth.    

FOR DUSTING -  I use a damp microfibre cloth on everything.

FOR CARPET STAINS -  I use a damp microfibre cloth and a little dishwashing liquid.

FOR HARD FLOORS -  I use a small squirt of dishwashing liquid in hot water in the mop bucket.  This works better than any floor cleaning product I've ever used.  It cuts through dirt without leaving a residue.

Aldi dishwashing liquid and a squirty bottle.

Assorted cleaning cloths and a non scratch scrourer.

How do you keep your home clean on the cheap ?

Could you try cleaning your home for $1


  1. Thanks so much for your great tips. I always look forward to reading from your page.

  2. Brilliant Wendy! Cuts through the nonsense and celebrates common sense. NZ Ingrid

  3. Thanks for these tips ... some new ones for me, and I'll try them :)

  4. Im looking forward to trying your tips. I don't enjoy cleaning but the list looks really doable.


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