Saturday 3 October 2015

This Week's Frugal Tasks 3rd October 2015

I've come to the end of my week and I'm feeling good about what I've achieved.  Here's my frugal  list -

*  Picked,  blanched and froze some broccoli from our garden.  I also diced the stalks and froze it to be used in casseroles.

*  Picked silverbeet for a couple of meals.

*  Made Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffins and sold them to a cleaning client.

*  Fed the compost with all kitchen scraps.

*  Sold four dozen eggs to friends and neighbours.

*  Made lots of cards for up coming birthdays.

*  Mended two pairs of socks.

*  I thought my broccoli was almost finished.  When I went out to check on it I found enough florets for another meal.

*  Sold four of my handmade cards.

*  Bought four packs of 16 roll Kleenex Cottonelle on clearance in Big W for $5 a pack.  This was reduced from $15 and the rolls are extra long with 270 sheets each.  I don't usually buy this brand but the price was too good to refuse.

*  Bought some binder books in Big W for 20 cents each.  These will be good for the girls for school and Uni.

*  Darren emptied a compost bin onto a veg garden bed.  This lifted the soil level for free.

*  Gratefully received some teabag samples from Cath.

*  Went craft shopping with Cath and picked up some bargain card making supplies.  I bought lots of embossing folders for $3.38 each  These retail for $6 in Spotlight.  At one shop they had lots of free card making brochures.  Some had images I can cut out to use on cards.  Some even had free papers to use.

*  Only spent $5.50 this week on milk and bananas.

*  Bought some clearance bargains in Big W.  Packs of 5 cards and envelopes for 50 cents.  Packs of AA batteries 10 per pack for 50 cents,   iphone screen protectors 3 per pack for $1.  Packets of Bic pens 25 per pack for 50 cents.  Plastic sheet protectors ( for paper ) 100 per pack for 50 cents.  I was very careful to only buy what we can use.

*  Dried the washing on the line and clothes horses.  Saved lots of shower water and washing machine water for each next load.

*  Made a quadruple batch of laundry powder.

My birthday photo
Cards I made and sold
Broccoli florets
Our chicken's pretty eggs.
Pear tree in blossom
Darren's cherry tree
Cherry blossom
More flowers

What frugal tasks did you complete this week ?


  1. Wendy, your cards are beautiful! You've had a busy and productive week!

  2. Great work!

    I'd love to know where you got a pear and cherry tree from - is it a sweet cherry? Dwarf?

    The cards are really gorgeous too!

    1. Most of our trees are dwaft and bought from Bunnings including the pear and cherry ( sweet ). Fruit trees are in abundance at Bunnings in Winter. They are cheaper at that time of the year too.

  3. Happy Birthday Wendy!
    This week I sold some school uniform my kids had outgrown.
    Used a birthday code for Woolies to save $10 off a $30 home delivery order with free delivery. I just stocked up on staples we could use. TP, sugar, flour, butter, margarine, wheat biscuits, oats.
    Bought some blank cards 20 for $1 at a little local shop - no envelopes included.
    Got the oven going and made muffins for the freezer (school is back soon), a tea cake and a pear crumble in the one hit. I had your crumble mix in a jar in the pantry so it was easy.
    Went on a picnic with friends, taking the tea cake and food from home. We were out the whole day as the weather is just beautiful at present.
    Washed winter woollies and dried them in the sun.
    Fed the worm farm with peelings and used the worm pee to water the garden.
    Gratefully accepted some lemons and wood offcuts for our fire from a neighbour.
    Organised on a list the Christmas gifts to be given this year. Have started making a few little gifts.
    Stocked up on the Cadbury share packs for Christmas stockings. Thanks for the tip.
    Bought some cake decorating supplies on clearance at Coles - packs of cute icing buttons to put on cupcakes etc in packs of 12 for 20cents.
    Bought a new set of children's books at the op shop for $2.50 which will be a gift.
    Also a fabulous 50th birthday photo frame for $2 which will be a perfect birthday gift for a SIL.
    Bought some zucchini and tomato seedlings.
    I have some spare money left over from our monthly food budget this month - first time ever since starting this system this year - will probably keep it aside for specials or Christmas food purchases.

    1. Well done on having money left over. I put it into my food slush fund to buy the super duper specials. In the long run it helps to reduce our food budget.

      The crumble mix is great to have on hand.

  4. What a Great week you had Happy birthday :)

    We had a fairly good week here

    Got rid of some printers that didnt work to someone needing them for a project
    Baked 2 loaves of banana bread
    Loaded up the freezer with slow cooker and sausage cassorole
    Received another Lasagna from my sister and eggs from my mum
    sold a few things just sitting in the cupboard

    Its hot here in Adelaide, hope the weather is kinder where you are :)

    1. Thankyou Laine.

      You had a great week with your little bubbies. The freezer meals will be handy for you.

      It's hot here too. 31 degrees for the grand final. I'm back to wearing singlet tops.

  5. Hi Wendy,

    This week I planted more seeds into plastic containers that I had collected from various things ie: Mushroom containers, Strawberries etc... and put them into an old plastic doona cover as a hot house and boy, have they taken off. I repotted my "Surprise Berry" plant into a bigger pot and it's loving it (there was no berry name on it when I bought it from Aldi's last year so I cant wait for the fruit to come out to see what it will be). I also found a few things in the shed to put in the garden like an old kettle and a wire basket in the shape of a chicken which I will pot herbs in later.

    Used tank water, picked silverbeet and snow peas from the garden and used my old clothes horse as a climbing frame for the beans and berry plant. I diluted a bottle of white vinegar to make two bottles and used the leftover orange peels, put into a jar with vinegar and will leave for a few weeks to make orange scented cleaning spray as a gift for Christmas. Cut opened some tubes of toothpaste, hand crème etc.. to get more out of them.

    Did my shopping this week and nearly used all of my $300.00 monthly amount but I had to buy extras to put away so hopefully this will work out. I did my Christmas list and most things left are cooking things to put in with the gifts. Made double batches of food as the weather looks like it's heating up so have meals ready in the freezer.

    This week we were lucky enough to receive two free tickets to the Royal Show so we went on Sunday and got lots of free samples. I also went to the sale at Art Riot craft store at Highpoint shopping centre and got some bargains.

    You also got lots of great bargains this week Wendy and I bet you cant wait for those fruit trees to fruit. Lovely photo of you, xxx


    1. WOW !! Your week was very frugal Maureen. I love your ideas for the garden. We got lots of food samples at the Woolworths pavillion.

      Yes we can't wait for free fruit. We did get a few very small peaches last year and two tiny feijoas back in April. I think our mandarin tree has turned a corner and is climbing out of it's sick bed ( finally ). It's looking greener and filling out a little. Lots of blossoms forming too. Darren hopes to get more than 6 cherries this year.

  6. Oh - a pear tree - these last for generations Wendy....there are some pear trees in England fro tudor times still going strong.

  7. You look lovely there Wendy!
    Tania R

    1. Thankyou Tania. It was time to show off my new smile xoxo

  8. I love to read all these lists!
    This week i
    - got all organic meat and veg half price at woolies
    - made dinner and hired a DVD for kids instead of taking them out
    - made Wendys Lasange (1st time!) and put some in freezer
    - shopped at Rivers for some summer dresses as its 30% off till monday and bargained a top that had an imperfection down to $12
    - brought mirning tea for playdates and didnt buy any treat food when out!
    - made muesli bars
    - had friends over for dinner and played Rummikub instead of going out, it was a hoot and heaps cheaper!

    Thanks Wendy!

    1. A very frugal week Charlotte. Much better to eat in isn't it.

  9. Your cards are beautiful Wendy, well done on buying cheap embossing folders. Also it is always a bonus to get free tea bags. I buy mine on 50% special and buy enough to last.
    This Week I decluttered my bathroom drawers and gave some sample and full sized unused products to my Aunties
    I gratefully received some meals and some fruity tea muffins ( no added sugar no eggs no butter but yum) from my parents
    Gave my Parents a card each to say thank you for all they do ( My handmade cards)
    Made 12 Christmas cards
    Made banana and choc chip muffins and froze most of them
    Bought cheap strawberries from the fruit shop
    Bought ball point pens in tins for $1 from the supermarket for gifts
    Bought sets of a mechanical pencil and pen in a tin for $2.50 from the supermarket
    Bought a beautiful mug from the supermarket for $1.50 for a gift
    Bought 2 biscuit barrel type glass jars for $2.50 each for putting homemade biscuits in for gifts
    All gifts are for Christmas and came out of my gift budget.
    Bought calculators for 30 cents each from big w
    Stayed under budget for groceries
    Finally, I dried my washing on the line mostly.
    Thanjs again Wendy.

    1. You've got a great list Barb. You're doing really well with your Christmas shopping too. Bet you feel happy about that.

  10. Thank you Wendy, that means a lot to me . I am very happy with my Christmas shopping I crossed another 6 gifts off my list this week and do not have many to go as I started last year. I love finding bargains, always have liked finding quality products for less. Thanks again Wendy and Happy Birthday.

  11. Dear Wendy,
    Lovely photos especially of you!
    It is happy reading everyones frugal accomplishments.
    Mine were working on cards, gift bags and Christmas presents. Also gardening and planting extra basil.
    Gradually I have spring cleaned and washed doona, pillows, underlay, pillow protectors etc. No dry cleaning here its all washed in wool wash and dried in the sun. Pillows are re fluffed in my Mums dryer for about an hour. They are all as good as new. Lovely!
    It is quite hot here this weekend. A bit of a shock to the system. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. With love,

    1. Annabel, your Christmas presents and gift bags look lovely xoxo

  12. Such a great week for you Wendy!

    A lovely photo of you, and your cards are awesome, you do a great job with them.

    This week I have been cleaning house and spending time in the garden.I didn't go to the supermarket for the whole week, how good is that? I did go yesterday to stock up on fruit and vegetables, and I should get through most of this week shop free too.

    It is hot here, 38C today!


    1. Wow, that is warm. I bet you feel good about not going to the supermarket. i've been buying so little the last few weeks.

  13. Hi Wendy
    Love the cards you have made, they are just gorgeous

    This week I have

    Hung the clothes out in the sun each time I have washed
    Rinsed the dishes off and only had to use the dishwasher twice whilst DP is at work
    Made chow mein and had 2 left over meals frozen for DD5 and I
    Opened the house up to air each day
    Purchased some brand new Christmas stickers from the op shop for 50 cents for DD5 to make her cards
    Used up some bananas in a banana loaf and will freeze the last 3 for next time
    Collected half a dozen eggs from my friends chooks we are currently feeding
    Put away $10 into my coke bottle
    Used my Mega Dollars at the chemist to purchase DD5 antihistamine and some deodorants for DP
    Went to a very early session of the movies 8.30am to get $8 tickets (left home before 7am)
    Saved some cardboard for crafts

    Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend


    1. You are doing well on your coke bottle saving Aly. I'm sure you are looking forward to counting it up.

  14. You've had a great week and happy birthday again
    This week

    Frugal tasks

    Great fully received some clothes off Ruby's dad

    Ruby was given $5 off my neighbour for loosing a tooth hehe

    My neighbour gave me a necklace pendant very pretty

    My neighbour (same one) had cooked dinner for her and her family and had quite a bit left over so she generously gave her extras to me and the family it was a lovely vege curry and rice with some kidney beans chickpeas carrots potatoes and lentils yummy!

    Spent couple days in hospital with Elisha unfortunately but we managed to have some lovely nurses that absolutely adored Elisha
    She got a teddy bear and a dummy to help settle her

    Greatfully accepted some large pots from mum will be planting my pumpkin in there to grow it along the brick wall

    Mum gave me some bread onions potatoes and cucumbers have been a little tight with money lately

    Gave mum a pumpkin plant to grow in her garden

    Stuart made a stand for our portable air con so that the water can flow out, Made out of recycled wood.

    Celebrated a 1st birthday that I made a card for :D

    Continue on my crochet project that I'm almost finished

    Hope you have a great week next week xoxo

    1. You have a lovely neighbour Anne. How is Elisha doing now ? Is she clearing up ?

      Bet Stuart is surveying his handiwork !!!

  15. Hi Wendy
    Sorry it’s a late comment. I went away for the weekend to my folks.
    Happy birthday.
    My birthday was early last week ;-) bet you are younger though lol.
    Ok to the business end of things:
    Op shopping got me a $6 pair of leather Boston Belle sandals…
    Two tins for huge muffins $2 ea…can’t wait to use them
    A back pack handbag for $3
    We went to the markets again. We spent $12: 2x large beetroot, 5x mandarins, 2x blood oranges, 8x normal oranges, 3x capsicums, 5x lemons, 1x large cauliflower 4x bananas
    I bottled beetroot (2 jars), made marmalade (2 ½ kilo of fruit), made watermelon lollies by dehydrating watermelon bits and I planted some of the watermelon seeds and dried and saved others for next year.
    I made monkey bread to take to my mothers and picked 500 grams of silverbeet for her as well from my container garden.
    Have a good week

    1. Happy birthday to you too Linda. Sounds like you had a great time away. xoxo


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