Saturday 31 October 2015

This Week's Frugal Tasks 31st October 2015

Here's this week's frugal list.  I hope you can add your frugal tips too.

*  Stocked up on TRESemme shampoo and conditioner at half price.  I think we have enough stockpiled for one year.

*  Darren and I went to the movies for free by using a gift card from last Christmas.  Darren bought the tickets online through Telstra for $11 each.  We also bought our snacks and bottles of water from home.

*  Watered the fruit trees with the shower warm up water.

*  Picked silverbeet for two meals.

*  Ate freezer meals twice this week.  Because we freeze all leftovers,  they pile up quickly.  The more we eat out of the freezer,  the more we seem to put in  !!

*  Only spent $2 on milk this week ( other than the shamp / cond ). We didn't need any fruit and veg.

*  Sold some eggs

*   Made a batch of vanilla yoghurt using a starter I'd frozen a while ago.

*  Gratefully received three avocados from a friend.  Darren and Jessica are in avocado heaven as we rarely buy them.

*  .Made another batch of homemade soap using a different recipe from Phil at the House of Simple blog.

*  Picked some roses that were growing in the chicken coop.

*   Saved water as per usual.

*  Filled up my car for $1.08 per litre using a fuel docket.

*  Stayed away from the shops except to buy the milk,  shamp / cond.

*  Watered five small bushes using water we collected in a bucket under the hot water system  overflow pipe.

*  Fed the chickens some bread rolls that were given to us.

*  Made lots of muffins to raise funds at church for our Christmas hamper program.  I used supplies I had on hand.

*  Darren repotted some raspberry cuttings from last season.  If they take off we'll have lots of raspberries for muffins, icecream and jam.

Muffins to sell
Homemade decorations using silicon moulds

Tuna pasta bake with shredded silverbeet
So easy to bring the washing in if the weather changes
Raspberry cuttings.
A feijoa flower
Roses in the chicken coop.


  1. Those cupcakes are just beautiful, Wendy.

    Frugal things for me:

    A medical rep brought lunch in for everyone today, I knew I wouldn't eat it but took a huge fresh bagel anyway. Wrapped it well and it went straight in the freezer once I got home from work. That will be breakfast for DH one morning. I continue to save baggies, saran wrap and foil - only if they're not really dirty of course. Save all bags from the stores, they're great for picking up doggy-doo. Am working on getting my fridge and freezer empty (then I can clean it up well), and also socking away a few dollars so I can do a huge stock-up at Aldi (will probably spend $230 there and come away with food for weeks). Stocking up on my favorite brand of TP and paper towels when they're on sale, and using coupons and store rewards to bring down the total cost. I even reuse paper towels when they've only been used to cover something in the microwave or the kids take them and don't even use them. Every little saving will add up over time. Keeping all the lights turned off when they're not in use. Tomorrow is Halloween in the US. I'll go through the kid's bags afterwards and take out the mini bags of fruit snacks and pretzels - they'll be used for their lunch bags.
    Not much else to report. Keep the great posts coming, I love reading them.

    1. Thankyou for your comment Shannon. Reusing paper and plastic products can save a lot of money. It resuces landfill too.

      I've reduced my cling wrap usage by using containers to store leftovers in the fridge. My girls use containers for school too

  2. Those cupcakes look gorgeous!

    Can you tell me how much you sell eggs for? I'm thinking of building up our flock to have plenty to sell, and am trying to figure out how much per dozen to sell for.

    1. I sell eggs for $5 a dozen. I came to this price after looking at supermarket prices which generally range from $5 to $10.

    2. $5 is a very reasonable price. I also pay this for lovely eggs from my friend's chickens. They are true free range from happy chickens, and taste superb!

  3. Wendy your muffins are so pretty, almost too pretty to eat.

    I agree with the multiplying freezer meals - I did a two month freezer challenge and it ended up fuller than when I started. But I consider freezer meals free meals, the food has already been paid for, so I take $5 from the next month's grocery money every night we have freezer meals and move it to the slush fund - I'm not buying groceries for that meal and I budget $5 per meal - does that make sense? It works for me, boosts the slush fund and keeps the grocery budget on an even keel.

    1. Cath, it makes complete sense to me. It really is a free meal and gives me a night off from cooking.

  4. Wendy, your home made decorations on the muffins look so lovely. Will you post a tutorial about how to make them sometime? It must be a huge saving making your own!

    1. I use silicon moulds. If I can find some online suppliers I'll write a post.

  5. Hi Wendy,
    I like how you stock up on toiletries...I did a stock up last year. I spent $50 and we have about two or more years of toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo. The bathroom cupboards are full lol.

    Not much to report this week, certainly nothing like your list just small things...
    • We went shopping…
    $9 and we got potatoes 10 kg, sweet potato and three lettuces.
    At the markets I got a brand new bread maker for $20, it has a large tin for cooking a large loaf…I spent more than I intended with the purchase of the bread maker but my arthritic hands are in need of a bread maker that works properly.
    We also got a couple of tomato seedlings for $4 and a roasting rack for 50 cents
    • Picked peas from garden 700 grams (not much but it was the first batch )
    • Picked spinach for tea
    • Picked celery for tea
    • Used herbs from garden
    • Home cooking all the time as usual this week
    Made yoghurt
    Made banana cake x 2 with some bananas that got a bit ripe (sliced and frozen for lunches)
    Made bread
    Made 68 biscuits for Hubbys lunches… Three mysteriously vanished… can’t possibly say where because that may incriminate me…
    Cooked all meals or used previously frozen home cooked meals.
    • Washing in cold water, using Moo detergent and the sun and wind to dry the clothes
    For years I have struggled to get the arm pits of Hubbys shirts clean. I have used everything and no success. The other day I used laundry soap, scrubbed and then scrubbed with white vinegar. His shirts are as new and I thought I’d have to dispose of them…

    Today is our wedding anniversary. Six years ago today we got married. It was a lovely Saturday morning at 11am. The happiest day of my life…
    Since this day we have become debt free, moved twice, travelled all over, so much in fact I am no longer afraid of flying and now want to learn to fly lol…. We have accumulated eight grandchildren and expect more in the future.
    Tonight we are going to the theatre to see Dr Hook… our treat to ourselves.

    Have a great week Wendy.


    1. Missing biscuits - Mmmm they go missing in my house too.

      Congratulations of your anniversary. Enjoy your night out.

      Vinegar is great for getting rid of BO smells from clothing armpits. I just spray then wash.

  6. Hi Wendy,

    Your muffins look yummy and pretty. I bought fondant cutters from Aldi's a little while ago, I'll have to have a go at making some. You've had a very frugal week Wendy, well done.

    This week I also made Cup cakes , Pita chips, choc chip bickies and all meals from scratch including your rissole casserole which I only had 320ms of beef mince and it still made 24 meatballs which I added things to stretch them and still had leftovers for one meal.

    I did heaps of gardening this week, planting my seedlings grown from seeds like Silverbeet, Lettuce and beans. Turned over another garden bed to get ready for more planting. Picked silverbeet, broccoli and Cauilflower from the garden. Saved all the water I could as tanks were dry but with this rain, I think they will be full now.
    Chopped up a bunch of celery I bought for $1.00 on froze. Bought a new mattress and DH got the saleslady to throw in a mattress protector and two latex pillows and free delivery as she wouldn't move on the price as she said it was already marked down. So we got extras instead and took your advice and purchased our first pillow top mattress.

    Can I ask you a question about the soap making? Do you use cold water as the recipe just says water . Can I use the spoon and bowl again in cooking as I know the caustic soda is poisonous.

    Have a great week. xxx

    1. Congratulations on the new bed.

      I try to use cooled boiled water that's sitting in the kettle. Otherwise you can use tap water. I use a 4 litre icecream container to mix the soap. I also use an old wooden spoon. that I don't use in the ktchen any more. I've seen tuitorials of people using a stick to stir. My stick blender is used for soap and kitchen use but is washed well. One day I hope to have two.

  7. You do so well each week. I think what I enjoy the most in these post are those items in which you start "Gratefully received...." Indeed I think too few of us remember to be grateful especially for extra little items that we might not have had otherwise.

    1. Terri, it's important to remember the blessings too. xoxo

  8. Dear Wendy, Thank you for showing the roses in the chicken coop, that is beautiful. I would be one happy chicken!
    Your muffins are the prettiest I've ever seen! They are gorgeous. I'm sure they were a bit hit.
    Your week had lots of productive things as always.
    I had a good week too. It wasn't too hot and that helps. My tomatoes are growing like crazy too. Today I am going through my Christmas stash to see what I have. A year of making things sure adds up! So far I have many surprises and things I'd forgotten about! I can see I will have more than I need. This means I can give a lot of things for January birthdays. That gets me ahead. I love that!
    Have a wonderful weekend! With love,

    1. Annabel I'm sure it's an exciting day for you. Please post some photos on your blog xoxo

  9. Hi Wendy,

    Your muffins are beautiful . I would really love the recipe and instructions sometime. I have never made those decorated muffins, but always wanted to learn.

    Cooked all meals from scratch and baked lots of banana cakes over the last few weeks(had plenty
    of ripe bananas). Made a creamy cheesecake with caramel sauce which didn't last long.

    I went to my favourite op shops and purchased a pair of 3/4 length pants and a pair of black pants. I also bought some nice party dresses for my daughters for the upcoming X-mas season.

    We only give X-mas presents to close family and friends and as usual I will bake biscuits and muffins for the adults and this year I will make my own smiggle stationary packs for the children ( pens, pencils, rulers etc. with some lollies and hair accessories for the girls ).

    Petrol was cheap this week, filled up the car for $1.08 per litre.


    1. Hi Tricia, sorry for the late reply. The muffin recipe is in the recipe section. I use silicon moulds and icing ( in the box ) to make the decorations.

  10. Hi Wendy

    Thanks for another lovely post. It's been a while between comments for me, sometimes life speeds by. I've been slowly but surely developing some more frugal habits. Over the last few weeks I've:

    - Started a vegie garden! My first. We planted beetroots, cucumbers, strawberries (although I don't think they're doing too well!), tomatoes, red capsicum, spinach and parsley and mint. We'll see how they all go.

    - Cooked all meals from scratch or ate from the freezer apart from twice when home renos meant the kitchen was unavailable. Our grocery budget is still above where I want it to be so my next step is to reduce the amount of meat we eat to bring it down

    - Participated in Buy Nothing New month during October. This is a movement started by a woman in Melbourne. I bought gifts from op shops instead of buying new and bought nothing new for myself apart from food/essentials.

    - Started taking my own coffee to work. This was a hard habit to break for me but in doing our budget I realised how much my husband and I were spending on take away coffee in a year and it was unacceptable to me.

    - Made my own cleaning products

    - Gratefully accepted a slide and see saw for my 1 year old daughter from my neighbour whose daughters had outgrown them.

    Thanks again Wendy - your posts keep me inspired and motivated.


    1. I could imagine the coffee habit would be hard to break. Good on you. Think of all the money you are saving.

  11. Made Hooting Cranny biscuits (hootycreek without nuts) for my DD2's school parents club produce stall. 8 packs of 6 biscuits. We also made cake pops for our Fire Brigade trivia night. Dried the clothes on the line. Saved warm up water for the plants. It is so dry here. My vegie patch is going well. Picked lettuce and silverbeet for my lunches. Bought a large bag of wheat from a farmer's road side stall for $10 for my chooks. My 2 chookie girls are giving me 2 eggs a day in return. Made most of our meals from scratch
    Hubby is walking to work each day and the girls are either walking or bussing to school saving lots of fuel in our vehicles . Bought a spice rack and a black t shirt from the op shop for $4.
    Enjoyed our thunder and rain for my garden.
    Turned off lights and heater to save electricity.

    1. A very frugal and thoughtful lifestyle Janine.

  12. Hi Wendy

    Well I had a laugh at your photo with the clothes horses as this looks like my house every few days. I think it is more to do with the fact that I have more room on my 2 than I do on the back line and I only tend to hang things like sheets and blankets on them. Also I have to agree it is easier to bring them in if the weather changes (very unlikely here)

    Your cakes look fantastic and DD5 just came in as I was looking at them and asked when will we make those Mummy.

    This week I

    *line dried all the washing
    *greatfully received half a dozen eggs
    *did my shop on line so I did not have to enter the supermarket and could not buy extras
    *hand washed dishes 3 nights
    *used some freezer meals
    *saved another $12 in $2 coins

    but then I had the expense of our car breaking down on our way home yesterday. Thankfully our roadside assistance covered us for 50km and we only had to pay $26 for the extra 4kms. A friend of ours has a small business at his house and is doing the work on it and managed to get the much needed part for $20 and there maybe one other part he needs which could be $100 new or he can search for a second hand one but with his labour included it will not be more than $200 so this is good news for us as we are ok to be able to pay since I have been following tips from you and Annabel. I also intend to join Cath's website in the next week

    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead

    1. Sorry, I didn't catch your name. I've given up fighting the clothesline and the weather. If I know it's going to be a good day then I hang the washing out. Same with the sheets, towels and blankets. During heatwaves I hang the washing on the clotheshorses while I'm inside then just pop them under the pergola. So easy.

  13. Hay wendy sorry late post though I think my best frugal task last week was I gor 3 trays of 8 lots of punets of strawberries :D
    Had to throw a few in the compost because they were spoiled but that's ok Moore food for the worms!
    Have a lovely week wendy!

  14. I love the roses in the chicken coop! That's fabulous!

    My "accomplishment" is that I took beans made with my new homemade bean-zing (bean seasoning) to a church supper last night and received rave reviews. That always feels good! One of the ladies was chatting with me about bean recipes and I told her about a jar mix I want to try with lentils. She said she wants that recipe, too, so perhaps I'll make up several for gifts.

    I'm working on my Christmas shopping as well as making things. I purchased a gift for my son on sale plus a percent-off discount coupon and ended up with additional cash back rewards and another percent-off discount to use for another gift. And since I was shopping online I went through Ebates to get cash back from them, too. Sometimes I have to shop in waves to make best use of the available savings.

    Have a lovely, productive week!

    1. That's a great gift idea. Sounds like it will be a winner.

  15. Hi Wendy I love reading ur blog it's always an inspiration to me
    Just a question since I also live only a short distance from ur area - we r struggling to get a veggie garden started. We have spent so much energy, time, water and money trying to grow seedling both started from seed as well as ready to go seedlings and no matter what we do the seedlings once put into the garden are getting eaten by snails or bugs within days We have dogs and cats and I don't want to use chemicals etc How do u get ur veggies to survive and produce??? We are so discouraged at the moment lol

    1. We use a product called Multiguard made by Multicrop. It's a pet and plant friendly snail bait. You'll find it on the shelf next to the yucky bad snail bait in Bunnings etc. It's about the same price too.

      Also I check our garden often and pull the snails out the kill them. If we don't have snail bait out then the snails get given to the chooks. They love them.


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