Saturday, 10 October 2015

This Week's Frugal Tasks 10th October 2015

Here are this week's frugal tasks.  A bit of a mixed bag.  I like variety and my home life certainly gives me that.

*  Dug up the wayward raspberry plants and re-potted them.  If they survive,  I'll be giving some as presents.

*  Made up a birthday present for a friend using things I had on hand.  I gave a jar of tomato relish and a couple of packs of cards I'd made.

*   Made a big pot of curried sausage casserole out of sausages given to us.  We got 12 serves from it.  Lots went into the freezer.

*  'Stocked up on teabags, choc melts,  choc share bags and tinned beetroot all at half price.  I used my food slush fund for these bargains.

*  Made a batch of Dried Seasoned Bread Crumbs.

*  Saved the shower water for the washing machine.  Also saved the washing machine water for each next load.

*  Dried all the washing on the line.

*  Planted out the tomato plants my Dad gave me.  Also planted lettuce,  dwarf beans and climbing bean seeds.  I'm using an old plastic doona cover packet as a mini hot house to get the seeds growing quickly.

*  Grated up 8 bars of laundry soap for when I need to make laundry powder.  I like to have a bucket full of grated soap ready to use.  By doing it now,  I don't need to do it during Summer in the heat.

*  Ate free freezer meals ( leftovers ) two nights this week.

*  Made pizza for one meal using pita bread and ham that was given to us a while ago and frozen.

*  Spent under $10 this week for milk,  fruit and veg.

*  Picked silverbeet for one meal.

*  Sorted out my Christmas present list for this year and made a great start on next year's birthday and Christmas list.  I've added lots of homemade goodies to save money.

*  Used frozen cooked apple to make apple crumble using the crumble topping mix.

*  Didn't vacuum and mop on Wednesday like I usually do.  This saved 20 minutes of electricity plus boiling the kettle twice to mop the floors.  I usually vac and mop twice a week so it will still get done over the weekend.

*  Used my watering can to water the veggie plants and seedlings.  This saves heaps of water as I'm only watering the plants.  If I used the hose ,  I'd be watering grass and dirt as I move the hose.

*  Ripped up school notices for my little magnetic clipboard note pad

*  Lined the bathroom bins with recycled freezer bags.  Usually I use bread bags but I was getting too many freezer bags stashed away.

* Saved dish washing liquid bottles for future workshops.

*  Darren poured worm tea on our fruit trees.

*  Started using my homemade soap this week.

 Princess loves being right near me. This is the view looking down from my chair at the dining table while on the computer.  You can see the computer cord in the photo.  She loves to play with it.

A very big pot of curried sausage casserole
From the garden
Homemade soap
My watering can

What did you do this week that saved you time,  money or energy ?


  1. wonderful tips, your ideas are very helpful. Its also interesting to note that to stockpile might mean an outlay at first but then just topping up later is useful. thanks for all your great ideas.

    1. Julie, a stockpile costs a little more money in the beginning if you don't have much to start with. Once you are buying most items at half price, the cost goes down enormously.

  2. Good morning Wendy, you have had another great week. I love your beautiful purple flower from the garden and your soap looks great. Your lovely cat Princess looks very happy with the computer cord , perhaps she was looking for the mouse!.
    My frugal tasks this week included :
    Dried the washing on the line most days
    Had 2 freezer meals and stretched one meal to feed me for 3 meals
    Sorted through my Christmas cards and gifts and lists to see what else I need to buy ( not much)
    I am in the process of planning my menu plan for next fortnight and working on my shopping list too
    Realised I will not need dove soap bars for 3 months or more as I have a lot ( bought at $1 a bar or less)
    Gratefully received 2 loaves of bread, some bananas and celery from a friend
    Gratefully received a couple of meals from my parents including homemade pumpkin soup made from cheap pumpkin.
    And finally: I am planning to bake muffins today to use some of the bananas ( I have frozen the rest for smoothies and muffins) .

    1. You're very funny Barb. Princess would love a mouse.

      I think I have enough Dove soap for the four of us for the next two years..

    2. I thought you might like the mouse joke Wendy, I couldn't resist !. I keep buying dove when it is on a super special Wendy but I almost have a drawer full now so I will stop for awhile now. I use it as gifts as well as for myself. I might wrap it now like Annabel does now. I forgot to mention earlier how yummy your sausage casserole looks . It really looks delicious Wendy.

  3. Wendy I love these little peeks into your home life. You're always inspiring! Everything looks wonderful, from the chickens, to the flowers and the curry. It's a feast for the eyes! Well done on a productive week. Mimi xxx

    1. Thankyou Mimi. I try to keep it interesting for the readers. I know when I check out other's blogs I love to see photos that grab the eye.

  4. Hi Wendy
    I also stocked up on some sales items this week
    As we don’t have to buy meat for a while I have been stocking up on other items. This week I got coffee and vegemite that was on special. I spent the money I usually spend on meat.
    I have had a slow week this week. I wandered into a local op shop and found a cardigan for $3.50 and a near new tee shirt for $2.
    I have spent the week making most things for Hubby’s morning tea…each person gets a few times a year to supply morning tea for his/her workmates. I made monkey bread, cheese scrolls, gluten free cake and chocolate/coffee muffins. Other items we had purchased ahead of time when on special.
    I also made my bread.
    Gardening has been my main goal this week. That is getting the final mulching done, tidying the yard, weeding and planting our seedlings.
    I have continues to use sunlight soap for washing up and haven’t had to buy detergent for some time now. Well I actually use the Coles brand laundry soap version which is cheaper. I grate a tiny bit into the water, use a sponge and lather up the bubbles… works a treat.
    Clothes have been easier to dry this week with the warmer weather and cheap with the homemade detergent.
    I have been turning the hot water system off to save electricity.
    Knitted another beanie using scraps of wool.
    Have a good week Wendy

    1. Linda, I use the Coles brand laundry soap for the laundry powder. Why pay for a name when it does the same job ?

    2. I also use laundry soap for washing up. I place the cake of soap in a cutlery drainer (the type which has small holes) and place under the running tap when I fill the sink. This gives plenty of suds without having to grate the soap. I keep the drainer in a small bowl under the sink and use the drained liquid next wash up so none is wasted.

  5. Hi Wendy,

    Wow, you've given me heaps of tips this week from your list, thanks. I used a doona cover to start my seeds off only two weeks ago, and they are fully grown, ready for planting. I didn't think they woukd take off that quick and didn't have the garden bed ready. I think the early heat made them ckme on quicker. Good luck.

    This week i made bickies, cupcakes, lasagne for 3 meals, beef stew for 2 meals, napoli sauce for 2 meals and fruit ice cream using up old bananas.
    I used the tank water as much as possible and my DH hooked up a hose connection to the tank so i don't have to bucket the water from the tank to the washing machine. Saved water where i could for the garden and washing machine.
    Picked silverbeet, snowpeas, lettuce and capsicums from the garden. I have been growing Cauliflowers and broccoli this year for the first time and didn't think i was going to get any fruit fro them as they had plenty of leaves but no fruit, then this week i thought i may pull them out to make room for my seedlings, when WOW!!!!!! There they were, hiding all this time, yehhhhh!

    We didn't use the air conditioning during the heat this week, added to the compost, walked to school everyday for walk to school month in October and received a free ticket to the circus which we used i school holidays.

    I had a try at making wax lunch wrap paper wrapping paper using flowers from the garden, turned out beautiful. Received the gas bill and used the credits from the solar so i had very little to pay.

    I boughh some fondant cutters from Aldi as i had priced these at the Royal show and found them a bit expensive. This week we had a Lincraft clearence store open up near us so i popped in for a look. They had some great bargains for card making and material so i'll be checking in often.

    Have a great week, xxx

    1. Maureen, you did well to not use the air conditioner. I used our evap cooling when it was really hot but also kept the curtains closed.

      Have fun at Lincraft.

  6. Such a great week you had Wendy!

    The watering can is a fantastic idea to save water. You are so organised with your gifts and gift ideas. I have not started thinking about Christmas etc yet, I had better get a wriggle on.

    I had a busy week with two nieces and their children visiting from Adelaide during the school holidays.

    I had quite a few no spend days.

    I paid extra on the mortgage.

    I started a new savings account for medical expenses.

    I continued working on the garden beds. It was 38C here yesterday and I am already over the heat for this year! The veggies I have in are doing well. It has been over a week since I watered them, so the wicking barrels work great!

    Picked some lettuce and baby spinach to use in salads and on sandwiches.

    Lined dried the clothes this week. No problems getting them dry :)

    Left the air conditioner off as long as possible. It was not put on before 3pm. I only used it when the heat became unbearable. We used fans instead because they are cheaper to run.

    Saved the run off water from the air conditioner in a bucket to water plants.

    Made a slice using leftover cereal crumbs. Yum!


    1. You had a very frugal week Tania. Well done. Paying extra on the mortgage will give you a great reward in the end.

      I've got half of next year's presents sorted, some for 2017 and 2018 as I see things on sale.

  7. this week we did need to use the heater for about 30 minutes for a couple of mornings as it was 10 inside.
    we didn't need to use the airconditioner though as the curtains were closed all day
    all washing was dried outside
    all meals made from scratch
    saved water was used for watering plants
    this morning I bought a single tomato seedling for $1 at a market. Bunnings sell that size for about $4
    used some homegrown chives and parsley on salad sandwiches
    the major money saver though was going to a fashion parade(lunch provided) and seeing what the latest styles are. Then a similar top and pants in the op shop for $5 each, the top is silk and the pants are linen/cotton blend. The fashion parade ones were polyester and upwards of $50.

  8. Dear Wendy,
    A good week! I just enjoy reading it and imagine you happily working away on things.
    Pretty good week here. I worked out some ways to get more recycled water onto the garden. Baked Christmas cakes, lots of small ones for gifts. In fact today I made 17 baby ones! As they keep well this is great as they are done.
    I worked on wrapping soaps plus face washers (for Christmas gifts).
    Added some specials to the pantry.
    Extra cleaning and washing generally. Still spring cleaning!
    Found some really good bargains, some went into the freezer for easy meals. Some were gifty things and the divided plates I mentioned to freeze meals like roasts.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend! with love,

    1. Annabel, we must have crossed paths commenting on each other's blog at the same time. You've had a productive week. I'm sure you are almost ready for Christmas. Loved your gift post this week. I'm still drooing over it. xoxo

  9. Wow you have done so much this week wendy
    I haven't done too much because my schedule has been all over the place!

    This week
    Frugal tasks

    Sold 3 sunflower seedlings for $2each

    Scored some fencing that was lying on the side of the road so I didn't have to buy any from the shop and now I can grow my pumpkins along it

    Gave cath some mini fish bowl jars some succulents and some tea light candles and wax melts
    The jars and succulents are for Hannah to make mini terrariums

    Received some lovely material from cath to make a costume for Elisha for Halloween :D

    Gave away some clothes and received some clothes for Elisha

    Weeded the garden bed

    Sprouted and transplanted some tomato seedlings

    Transplanted pumpkin seedlings to get them ready for climbing

    Bought 2 hot houses at Kmart on clearance

    Have a lovely week next week wendy! :D

    1. A great list Anne. I know you love growing things and selling sunflowers is a wonderful way to make a little money xoxo

  10. Wendy, what a productive week! Here in the U.S. fall is upon us and I shelled out okra seeds from dry pods to save for next year's plantings. I also gathered all my seeds together and packaged them up to be stored until spring when we'll start gardening again. I've still got garlic and a few herbs to plant and then we'll plant a cover crop in our garden spots to grow over the winter which will put nutrients back into the soil. Gardening will be done for this year for us after that.

    1. Patsy, you sound so organised with your garden. Do you growing things in a hot house over Winter ?

  11. Hi Wendy, please could u tell me where u got the rose moulds to make the soap. I'm about to make soaps for christmas presents. Thanks. Christine

    1. I bought the rose mould from the op shop. Unfortunately it doesn't have a brand name on it. I've picked up other moulds in the op shop so it's realy worth keeping you eye out.

      I did buy a mould from Big W the other day that has rectangles shapes in it. This will be great for making bars of soap It was a little pricy at $12.99 but I'll be selling some of my soap and giving them as presents so I'll get the money back many times over.

    2. Thanks Wendy, I will keep my eyes open in the op shops.


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