Saturday, 28 May 2016

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 28th May 2016

My frugal tasks list for the week doesn't have any big cook ups or major money busting jobs.  Instead I've spent a fair bit of the week looking at kitchens,  sinks,  door handles and bench tops.  Here's what I managed to get done in my free time -

*  Repaired a pair of Winter boots.  The soles were coming away from the upper.  So I used shoe glue to fix them.  I think they will last this year and next.

*  I went to the Cheapskates card making day and made 5 cards using what I had on hand.  I also gratefully received from the swap table - two mini stainless steel bowls I can use for cat food,  card embellishments,  card stock,  ribbons and Easter bags.  I also received a card making magazine with free stamps and a card making brochure.

*  Gratefully accepted some stickers someone left for me at church.  Thankyou.  They will be put to good use on my cards.

*  Lined both bathroom bins with bread bags.

*  Filled up my car with petrol at $1.08 per litre at a United petrol station.  At the moment they are about 7 cents a litre cheaper than the bigger petrol stations.

*  Dried the clothes on clothes horses over the ducted heating vents.  Only the bed sheets were put into the dryer.

*  Used a thermos to store boiling water in during the day.

*  Tried to keep to the two light rule whenever possible.

*  Fed the compost bin with kitchen scraps and fed the chooks some slightly old watermelon.

*  Gratefully received more silverbeet from my Dad.

*  Made a batch of dried seasoned bread crumbs.

*  Cut up school notices and other used photo copy paper to use as note paper on my mini magnetic clip board.

*  Gratefully received a fuel docket in the mail.  Thankyou Tania.

*  Found two more standby lights to turn off.  They were in the girl's bedrooms and I don't think they've noticed.

*  Gratefully received an envelope of card making stickers from my Cheapskate friend Chelsea.  Thankyou.

Lettuce ready to pick.
Daisies in the garden
Lots of rosemary
Making seasoned bread crumbs

What's on your frugal task list for this week ?


  1. Hi Wendy,

    How exciting for you to be picking things for your kitchen.

    This week i Mooed choc chip bickies, bread, muesli slice and all meals from scratch. I used the themos also this week and cooked a roast chicken and thus was used for 4 meals. We were blessed to be given bananas, bread, milk and icecream , leftovers from my sons camp. Didn't use any cling wrap, turned the heater on on Wednesday for the first time and we have only been using it at night. We also tried to only use the two light rule and i filled up on petrol at 105.9.

    I attended the card making day and was given lots of wonderful goodies. I attended the Savers half price sale on Monday and purchased two top for half price and donated a bag to get my 10% stamp. I used two gift cards this week which only had small amounts left on it to purchase a present for a family member, so i only had to pay $3.00 for the Itunes card.

    I cleaned out my pantry and fridge this week, 3 hours later, it looked wonderful. I then made my menu plan and updated my shopping list and did my monthly shop staying under the $300.00 per month. DH did higher duties again last fortnight so i paid the extra into my car fund. I also fixed a shoe of DS1 with the shoe glue. I think some of my list looks like yours Wendy.

    Have a great week, xxx

    1. Great minds think alike. SNAP !!! You always have a great list Maureen. I'm sure you look back on your week with happiness at all you've achieved.

  2. I like your two light rule. I'm going to enforce that with hubby!

  3. Nice work Wendy! The seasoned breadcrumbs sound yum, and you've inspired me to give that idea a try. Thankyou. Mimi xxx

    1. They are very yummy on chicken drumsticks.

  4. Dear Wendy, I am thrilled you are getting your new kitchen and hope you find everything you need and love. Renovating is such a mess but worth it in the end!
    I am thinking it is going to involve some apple green!?
    Have a great new week. We haven't had a heater on yet but I am starting to think that is coming. It has been a really wet and cold past week. I love the months where we don't use air conditioner or the heater!
    The card making day sounds lovely, with love

    1. If I can find the right apple green subway tiles for the splashback. If not then I'll be pulling out my apple green bits and pieces including the tea towels you sent me.

    2. Hi Wendy,

      I'm not quite sure about the price difference between a tiled and glass splash backs. If it is affordable and you like it, an apple green splash back might give your new kitchen a great look. When we renewed our home we replaced the tiles splash back with a red glass splash back and it was one of the best decisions we made. Very beautiful and easy to clean. Unless it was splashed with frying oil, I always used a damp micro fiber cloth, so no extra money spent on cleaning products. No streaks, all shiny, easy job. Just saying this in case you didn't consider it.

      Looking forward to see photos of your new kitchen. Good luck with it. We were without a kitchen for six weeks but I loved that experience. Lol


    3. Hi Wendy, sorry I forgot to ask you. From where do you buy shoe glue? I've never used it. Once I used super glue to fix a shoe sole but would like to use shoe glue in the future for winter shoes and other simple footwear.

      Thank you in advance.

    4. Hi Millie, I have considered glass splashbacks. Darren would love one but I'm not a fan. I've cleaned many over the years in my cleaning jobs and found them hard to clean without streaking. I guess in my kitchen everything needs to be highly functional, hard wearing and easy to clean because some days my kitchen is in use from sun up until sun down.

      I think I bought shoe glue from Bunnings.

  5. Hi Wendy,
    You've had a great week! I bet you'd be so excited to finally be looking for kitchen related things woohoo!

    Based on the last three or so weeks I have

    Baked miahs birthday cakes

    Tried to keep the 2 light rule inforced.

    Did some bargain shopping for the kids birthday presents all clearance items or sale items

    Crochet around 8 squares for a baby blanket to be made for our playgroup teacher who's now on maternity leave

    Received lots of bread from mum

    Made 3 batches of soup either using fresh or left over foods lamb and barley soup using leftover roast lamb pumpkin soup using fresh pumpkin and left over roast pumpkin and chicken and corn soup

    Collected heaps of eggs from the chickens fed them plenty of scraps let them run around for a little bit and got some silver beat from dad uprooted 2 for transplanting (that was an accident) and some added to soup and dinner meals I'll also give some away.

    Went to Shepparton for a day trip and went to the spc factory only bought what I thought was actual bargains because I haven't got my price book but mostly know the prices in my head.

    Got out into the garden and did some planting

    Found a mega stack of 2 different sizes pots on the side of the road I had to stop and get those because you always need pots and they are better being recycled then buying brand new!
    Found a succulent plant on the side of the road, I didn't want the whole thing so I broke a bit off and stuck that in the ground

    Sorted out my freezer and took advantage of the chicken breast special at Tasman

    Baked some cookies

    Filled up petrol for 109 plus 5%discount

    Celebrated miahs birthday again yesterday with my dad step mum and daughter (Nayomey) because they missed out last week

    That's about all I can remember because one of the kids ripped up my paper I was writing my tasks on LoL...

    Oh yes and Elisha is finally walking! Yay

    Have a lovely week Wendy xxxxx


    1. YAY for Elisha. Our card making days will never be the same.

      Pots are always handy to have.

  6. Love your blog Wendy. We renovated our kitchen two years ago. Can highly recommend Rochet Kitchens (next to Tasman butchers in Berwick). Their prices were reasonable and service was fantastic, right through sales, installation and after.
    Best of luck with your choices.

  7. used the warm up and hot water bottle water for watering the indoor and undercover plants
    DH kept his hands in his pockets when in Aldi, so we only bought what was on the list
    continued knitting with op shopped patterns and yarn bought on sale
    diluted dishwashing liquid and vinegar
    cooked all meals from scratch, and baked 2 loaves of bread
    picked 3 lemons from a community tree
    finished painting a basket, now sitting on the kitchen bench full of eggs
    stocked up on nail brushes from the $2 shop, I intend changing them over every 3 months, that way I know how old they are

    1. You'll have to make sure your husband has pockets whenever he goes shopping with you.

  8. Wendy can you please explain the 2 light rule I don't understand it. Do both your girls share a room if different family members are in different rooms cant they put on the lights? Do they sit in the dark?
    Don't get me wrong I have just found your blog and started reading it but I cant get the light thing
    You do a wonderful job thankyou please don't take this as being rude I just am trying to understand how it works
    Thankyou Jenny from Tassie

    1. Hi Jenny and welcome to my blog.

      We don't have downlights but the normal energy saving globes in each room. If our girls are in their bedrooms, then Darren and I don't have a light on in the loungeroom when we are watching tv. We can't always stick to the two light rule but we try our best. It's about being mindful of turning lights off if you are not in that particular room.

      Our girls don't share a bedroom.

  9. Thankyou Wendy that makes sense thanks for answering me

  10. I hope your kitchen comes together smoothly and that you really enjoy it! Your daisies are lovely.
    Blessings, Leigh


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