Monday 25 July 2016

Hand Made Card Ideas July 2016

Here are the latest cards I've made mostly using items I already had on hand.

 Pamela from our card making group had the feet shape cutter. We all made sure we cut out lots of feet to make more cards in the future.

 A very simple but effective card using a butterfly shape punch.

 An old school atlas was used for the background.  Then black patterned paper was scrunched up and glued onto the map.  The corners were rolled up using a pencil.  Another map was stamped then the edges roughed up then glued on.  This makes a great men's card for any occasion.

This shabby chic card was made using a cream card and a page from an old book.  A couple of shapes of contrasting colors and a clock stamp was used in the middle. A button and a couple of pieces of feathers wool added to the corner.

This ladies shabby chic card was made using grey patterned card stock,  a small paper doily,  material or paper flowers and a little gift tag.  Layering is the key.

I just love this chicken card.  The chickens were made from different shapes.  The body is made from half a circle.  The comb is a little flower shape,  the wings are a heart and the tail is part of a flower shape.  The legs were drawn on and the ground is a roughed up piece of cardboard from a box.

This is a single easel card.  A4 card stock is cut in half lengthways then folded in half then that half folded again. Patterned card stock is glued to one of the folded portions.  If the patterned card stock is not very thick,  then mount it onto another piece to give it strength.  Add something to the bottom to keep the card upright.  I added kitchen twine then decorated as per the theme.

A side view

A simple Valentine's Day card using patterned paper,  ribbon,  a little bling and a heart. The writing was found on the internet and printed off.

This card uses scraps of paper, a doily and a butterfly cut out.  I glue the butterfly's body only so the wings can be folded out.  A couple of blings were added to the body.

This card uses a few layers, patterned paper ( from the internet ) and an old button in the corner.

A very simple yet stylish men's card using an embossing folder for the background,  similar colored strips of paper, kitchen twine and an old button.


  1. Wow! You've done a marvelous job!

  2. Thanks so much. You do a fabulous job.

  3. Hi Wendy,
    You have such beautiful cards. Hope you've inspired others to give card making a go.

  4. All your cards are so clever. I love the chooky card. I'm pinching the idea to do some applique chickies on some tea towels.

  5. So many lovely ideas! Thanks for sharing them. I'm already mentally going through my supplies on hand and have pinned this for a bad-weather day when I want to stay in and make cards. Thank you!
    Blessings, Leigh

  6. Oh Wendy, they are truly beautiful cards. I know you have mentioned collecting items for card making but I had no idea how lovely they were. So very clever.

    1. Thankyou Fiona. It's amazing how many household items can be used o make cards. Lace, ribbon, old books, envelopes and doilies can all be used.


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