Saturday 26 August 2017

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 26th August 2017

My week never seems to be boring when I keep busy.  With a home to manage,  garden to tend to,  family to take to work,  my own cleaning jobs,  crafts to make and blog posts to write.  No wonder the tv rarely goes on during the day.  Here's what I've been up to this week -

*  Picked the last of the lemons off our tree.

*  Darren gratefully received another 3 avocados.  They have been a double blessing.  We don't usually buy them because of their price.  Darren has been using them instead of butter on toast.  With butter prices skyrocketing,  you can understand why we see them as a double blessing.

* Fed the worms with kitchen scraps.

*  Line dried the washing two days this week.  We are thankful for the Sun revealing it's beautiful rays to help us.

*  Sold lots of cards and crafts in my blog shop.  It's been quite a busy week with sales and replenishing new stock.  I try to have new stock each week to keep things fresh.  Please come on over and take a look.

*  Decluttered a couple of bags of items and donated them to Savers.  I received a discount stamp for the donation.

*  Sold one dozen eggs.

*  Fed the compost bins with grass and kitchen scraps.

*  Made chicken stock with a carcass Jessica gave me. I then went on to make chunky chicken and veg soup.

*  Made a batch of scones for a morning tea.  I had a visit from a couple of Etsy Crafty Mum ladies on Tuesday.  We spent a lovely day making cards and crafts with some time eating and drinking tea.  The rest of the scones went into the freezer.

*  Refilled the kitchen detergent ump bottle and dilute the liquid.

*  Gratefully received a few sheets of glitter card stock.

Our feathered girls

First signs of Spring

Under the pergola

Latest cards for sale in my blog shop.


What was on your frugal list this week ?


  1. I canned up 10 pints of black turtle beans, 8 pints of kidney beans and 4 pints of Great Northern white beans! This takes the dry beans I've been storing in buckets in the basement for years and changes them into delicious ready-to-use beans!!!
    A friend told me about an apparent overbuy at a local grocery of fresh raspberries! They were selling them for 2 baskets/$1 which is an incredible price here! I bought 42 baskets and made raspberry jam! Made 42 jars of jam and used up some jars that were sitting empty in my storage! Made me happy and will be enough for us and also for gift giving,
    Our grocer gave me another 40 pounds of "discard" greens/vegs for our chickens! This has been great for our hens plus every so often, there are veggies that I can't see anything wrong with (like bell peppers that weren't wrinkled or soft!) that I add to our pantry!
    We are just finishing a tv stand for a client and just got an order for a monogrammed wedding tray and 8 sets of Halloween pumpkins out of pallet wood! Like yours, we have been blessed with a steady stream of orders for our side business of building furniture/decor items!
    Our garden is still producing nicely and we are enjoying all that fresh goodness!
    I was given a bag full of vintage quilt blocks from the 1930's- 1940's so I sorted them out and took the 30 Bow tie blocks, squared them up and stitched them into a baby quilt. I quilted it with a Baptist Fan pattern and may put it on our Facebook business site to sell it. If it goes well, I will take some of the other blocks and stitch up more quilts from them.
    A/c units in the house are off because our hot weather has cooled off!
    So, it's been a great frugal week here at our "urban oasis"! 😄

    1. How exciting to get raspberries so cheap. I'm sure you'll enjoy the jam. Raspberry jam is our favourite.

      I'm glad you are getting orders for your business. If I lived closer I'd order from you Pat.

  2. Hi Wendy, avocadoes are a wonderful blessing. I love receiving avocadoes! We don't buy them often either, but when we do we make sure they get eaten! Very good for you too! I wonder what is causing butter prices to go up? Here's what we got up to:
    - We save gift bags from birthdays/christmas' etc, this week we pulled one out and used it to give a birthday gift
    - used up what we had in our fridge and pantry, our monthly shop is just about due
    - cooked all dinners from scratch
    - left over chicken chicken was used to make homemade chicken pizzas
    - incorporated two vegetarian meals this week to keep grocery costs down
    - made more washing powder
    - Hubby used a petrol voucher that we received, free petrol is a blessing
    - took the little one to a park rather than spending money on indoor play centres.
    I'm looking forward to spring and the warmer weather, I saw some bees out and about last weekend which is a great sign! I hope you have a great week!

    1. I'm hearing there is demand overseas for butter so we are paying extra because of this demand. Just like the increased beef prices.

    2. Butter is $3-$4 lb. in the US, and as far as I know, it isn't being imported from other countries. We're also wondering why it is so expensive!

    3. I just bought 10 lbs. of butter for 30.00. That was a sale here. Made in the USA which is where I am. Milk has dropped in price and butter has gone up. No rhyme or reason.

  3. I just popped over and had a look at your blog shop, your cards look great, love the coffee mug card!

    1. Thankyou so much Cheryl I'll be making Christmas coffee cup cards shortly to sell. I already have an order placed.

  4. Great post ideas. I think groceries are more expensive where you live. I am canning peaches today!

    1. I love peaches fresh, canned, in cobblers or as jam.

  5. Hi, Wendy. Your cards look fantastic, you are very clever! I am slowly getting over the flu here but, as I start to feel better, doing more again. This week I was very grateful for meals in the freezer, salad veg from the garden and a batch of pikelets from my mother in law for my son's school morning teas. I made a big batch of veg lasagna too and we had it for a couple of dinners and a lunch serve too. Have a lovely week. Meg:)

    1. Gosh, I hope you recover quickly Meg. Make sure you take it slowly. Meals in the freezer are a blessing.

  6. Hi Wendy,
    I made a container of your fruit crumble topping and made an apple crumble, for dessert tonight. I stewed some apples that the kids didn't eat at school. So nice to make it from scratch. Even though the apples had been in their lunch boxes, I refused to throw out 6 apples!!!! Will see if everyone will eat them in the crumble!! LOL ��
    Have a great week.
    Rachel :)

    1. I've made cobblers or crumbles from wrinkled apples. The family didn't know. I'm glad you liked the crumble topping mix. It just makes life easier.

  7. Dear Wendy, your cards are so pretty, as is your Geranium. I'm thrilled to hear that the Etsy shop is going well. Every little bit helps! Have a lovely week. Mimi xxx

    1. Thankyou Mimi. I opened a shop here on my blog. That's the shop I've been getting orders through. I still have cards for sale on Etsy but found I wasn't getting much traffic there.

  8. Wendy your cards are just lovely. It has been so warm here of late. If this is winter then I wonder what summer is going to be like? Whilst it isn't hot I decided to get in and get my Spring cleaning started. I have done the bedroom, sewing room, bathroom, lounge room and caravan. The kitchen, family and laundry can wait as we have visitors with a one year old arriving today and staying the week.
    With the cleaning I have only used vinegar, bi carb, eucalyptus oil and Miracle Cleaner.
    Our neighbour has been gifting us avocadoes. We too have been having it spread on toast with tomatoes from the garden. Delicious.
    Have a great week.


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