Saturday 30 September 2017

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 30th September 2017

There's never a dull moment at the Gower Abundant Cottage.  We've started to get the gardens back into shape after a cold Winter.  Darren moved the strawberry patches to make room for our new grape vines ( to be planted shortly ).  I'm starting to see dirt in the veggie patch after much weed pulling.  Lots of cards and crafts were made and sold.  We de-cluttered a little and completed the usual housework tasks. There's no time to tv watching during the day.

Here's our frugal list for the week -

*  Made up a bottle of diluted shower gel to be used for refilling foaming hand wash pumps.

*  Blanched and froze lots of broccoli.

*  Sold two dozen eggs,  a jar of jam,  a bottle of Miracle Spray and a few Christmas coffee cup cards to a cleaning client.

*  Diluted a bottle of Windex.  I'd already diluted it by 50% but it needed a little more diluting.

*  Darren took a couple of bags to Savers and received a couple of discount stamps on our cards.

*  Sold a few new styles of cards and face washers to a friend and blog reader.

*  Used the $20 voucher from the Good Guys to buy a stick blender at a bargain price.  It comes with a bowl and lid so I can process nuts,  veggies and lots of other things.

*  Picked silverbeet to add to the spag bol sauce. I used the new stick blender to process it until it was fine.  This is a wonderful way to prevent family members from picking it out.  I also added linseed meal to the meat.  No one noticed they were eating extra fibre.

*  Dried some washing on the line,  some on clothes horses and only the sheets went in the dryer.

*  Froze two serves of spag bol, 

*  Avoided the shops for the whole week.  For some reason we still had enough milk,  fruit and veg to keep us going.

*  Sold 1 dozen eggs to a friend. 

*  Darren booked a car space in the city by going online.  This is a much cheaper way to park the car and guarantees you get a car space.

*  Gratefully received lots of bread bags which I promptly de - crumbed and lined the bathroom bins with.

*  Fed grass and weeds to the chickens ( as well as their usual feed ).

*  Chopped up lots of broccoli stalks and froze them into portions to use in casseroles. 

The heart of my home.

Pear blossoms on our tree

One of the cards I sold

Now selling in my blog shop.

Cherry blossoms. The hope of fruit to come.

What does your frugal list look like this week ?


  1. Oh grape vines! Table grapes? What type did you plant?

    1. Hi Phil. Yes they are table grapes ( we don't drink ). I'm not sure of the variety but they are red grapes. My Dad took cuttings from his 2 year old vine and they've just started growing again.

  2. I always enjoy your list Wendy. A great use for windex is to clean upholstered dining chairs and couches. I spray with windex and give them a really good rub with a damp microfibre cloth. The come up great and the windex leaves a very slight film which protects them a little from further stains

  3. Hi Wendy,

    The last couple of weeks this is what I have been doing.

    Card Making, getting my seeds organized for the garden and getting the garden in order for spring planting. Cleaned out the compost onto the garden and forked it in.
    Only had the heater on twice last week and we've been using the tank water for the washing machine. I got petrol cheap last week before it went up, got a free ticket to the Royal Melbourne show and borrowed DVD's from the library to watch during the school holidays.

    I did a menu plan for the month and one night when I just couldn't be bothered to cook, we had breakfast for dinner(Bacon, eggs, Toms and Mushrooms). We have also been eating heaps of leftovers as DS's are often out at dinner time.
    Blessed to receive Lemons, bread, cakes and Fruit.

    I Mooed Washing powder, Furniture polish, Miracle spray, Air freshener and carpet powder.

    Love your beautiful cards, have a great week.



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