Wednesday 23 May 2018

Pre - Winter Fridge Clean out

For most of Australia,  the warmer weather has disappeared and Winter is just around the corner.  It's time to give your fridge a clean out to use up or throw out any Summer related foods and sauces.

Last week I looked at the shelves on my fridge door and declared we have too many bottles and sauces.  Now that Summer has gone,  I'm not inclined to make potato salad or coleslaw every week.  With this is mind,  any bottles with just a little in the bottom were tossed out.  I've asked Darren to use up a couple of smoky bbq sauces that were opened at the same time.

Next I wiped out the shelves and the wall of the door where saucy finger marks and drips appear from time to time.  It doesn't matter how careful I am with the soy sauce bottle,  there always seems to be a ring left on the shelf.

While I was in the organising mood,  I took stock of the sauces used more frequently in Winter.  Although mint sauce,  soy sauce,  Worcestershire sauce,  Dijon mustard and wholegrain mustard are used  during Summer,  by the time Winter comes around,  they are on the low side and are used more frequently.  These sauces were added to my shopping list for the next couple of months.  I'll be stocking up again as soon as they come on sale.

Is your fridge due for a pre - Winter clean out ?

What will you be using up or throwing out ?


  1. Goodmorning Wendy,
    Giving the fridge the once over was on my to do list yesterday, but it just didn’t happen. I want to do exactly what you’ve done and also to find out if there is anything hiding in there that needs using up. Great minds, think alike😉.
    Have a lovely day,

  2. Using up jars and bottles in the fridge door is a constant mission! I don't keep my soy sauce in the fridge and have never had a problem with it going yucky, so that's one extra space I have!

  3. What a good prompt! I was only thinking the other day that the fridge looked overcrowded with half used jars. Time for a stock take!

  4. Hi wendy, I did a clean out. I went to clean and found baby cockroaches everywhere in the fridge. How is the best way other than potent and expensive spray to get rid of them? I'm inspired by show on ch 9 about saving money for food. Now you might think $3 for a lean cuisine is expensive but its more expensive if you make food and throw away. I'm mindful of more specials and the bargains to be had (there's a tiny shelf down the back at harris farm where i don't ever usually go. I got a lovely New York steak for $5 reduced from $25!. ). I also buy their "ugly" veg as they call it.
    I made a chorizo, tomato, chickpea soup which was so easy and delicious.
    I picked up a whole chicken for under $4 a kg. Is it ok to freeze things like that ?
    Made lots of veg to have on toast for lunch tomorrow.
    Stocked up on Heinz soups reduced to $1 .50 at Coles. Bought $2 rexona deodorant from reject shop. Noticed they had toothpaste for $2 as well.
    With your salmon patties can you replace with tuna?
    Regards, sonia

  5. Hi Wendy -
    Do you have any advice on cleaning products to use when cleaning the fridge?
    This is on my list to do this week.
    Your advice is much anticipated.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. I usually use a microfibre cloth and water. If anything is a little sticky, I'll use kitchen detergent or Miracle Spray.


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