Wednesday 11 July 2018

Keeping Warm This Winter

Keeping warm in Winter can at times be a challenge.  Turning the heater up seems to be our first thought but it isn't very cost effective.  Here are a few super budget friendly ideas -

*  Drink a hot cup of tea,   coffee,  hot chocolate,  Bonox,  vegemite and water ( you get my drift ).  The heat of the drink seems to warm up our insides.

*  Heat up a heat pack and place it in your bed 15 minutes before climbing in.  This is a much safer option than an electric blanket or hot water bottle.  It's also cheaper and more comfy than an electric blanket.

*  Put on an extra jumper,  a scarf ,  gloves or hoodie jacket.  You might not look like the height of fashion but you'll be warm.

*  Wrap your hands around a cup of tea or coffee.  Be careful not to burn yourself.

*  Soak in a hot bath with bubbles. The bubbles seem to keep the heat in the water longer.  If your bathroom is close to the laundry,  bucket some of the water into the washing machine when you've finished taking your bath.

*  Put an extra blanket on your bed.

*  Close your curtains as soon as the Sun goes down.

*  Keep moving.  Our bodies warm up when we are doing something.

*  Wash the dishes by hand.  Ok,  this isn't my favourite  tip but the hot water really does warm me up.

How do you keep warm on the cold days ?


  1. I live in a cold Winter climate. I do everything on your list and it all helps. I do tend to use the oven more which helps heat the house a bit. We have an electric blanket that I got at a yard sale for 5.00. It’s the best money i’ve ever spent! Once in awhile, if i’m really cold, i’ll Put my pajamas in the dryer for a few minutes to warm up before I put them on. Socks in bed are an absolute must, too!

  2. Oh, it's averaging the high 90's here in the central U.S.! But, I will share anyway! I wear one of my husband's old undershirt s under my clothes. They're snug across my chest and really hold the heat in, even though they're quite thin.

  3. Wendy CFA recommended that heat packs should not be placed in beds as they don’t cool down properly and can cause fires by spontaneously combusting. They should only be used on sore body parts in the room environment ( open air). Hot water bottles are safer and can be removed from the bed if you are worried about leakage once the bed is warmed up

  4. i have an electric blanket, i didn't for years but getting an aching back all the time during winter is not very comfortable! i also bought a woollen under-blanket which i have over the top of the electric blanket; for some reason i can't seem to get warm doonas anymore, i bought a 500 one & it's as cold as! i have 2 doonas on the bed & some nights are still cold!
    rugging up is easy, i wear a singlet to bed, then in the morning i put a skivvi on with a Tshirt over it; i also have a very close weave jumper/skivvi that i put over those for extra warmth, then i top it off with a woollen jumper & thick mens track pants & handmade socks. one year i hope to have my crocheted woollen blanket complete & that will go on my bed for extra warmth.
    i wish i had a wood-stove/heater to warm the house up but not yet, i don't use any other means of heating except an electric throw which only gets turned on when i sit on the lounge to do some knitting.
    great post
    thanx for sharing

    1. Try a wool doona. Expensive but look at sales if you can. I use flanel sheets too. The doonas can be a few hundred but warm in winter without weight and cool in summer

  5. My quilts and woolen throws come in very handy at this time of the year, especially when sitting and reading. Other than that -go outside and exercise!

  6. Our new place has no dishwasher so it is back to washing up by hand for me.....definitely a excellent way to warm up.

  7. I put rice in an old cotton sock and tie it closed. Then heat in the microwave for 1 or 2 minutes (keep an eye on the sock in the microwave to make sure it doesn't smoke, man made fibers are more likely to burn). Put this by my feet in the bed for warming.

  8. These are the things I use to keep warm (from the USA): covering my ears with a knitted or crocheted headband, double thickness; socks, and if 1 pair isn't warm enough, 2 pair; warm slippers; if feet still cold, heat a rice packet(can be in a sock or sewn packet and put your feet which are still inside your socks, directly on it; do the same for your hands (put white cotton gloves on hands);
    drink all the warm stuff you can; make soups, stews and chilis this time of year. Don't forget that your pets are warmer than you are - see if you can snuggle with them.

  9. Our Winters are pretty mild but when the cold does set in, I switch light summer bedspreads for our thick Winter doonas. A doona goes out on the lounge too so those reading or watching tv can snuggle under it. We have warm bowls of porridge for breakfast- frugal and filling and warming in the morning too. Meg❄

  10. We use the slow combustion fireplace to warm up in winter as we get to negative temperatures most winters here.

    Clothes muliple layering also works in cold climates to keep your body warm such as thermal underwear, 2 pairs of wool socks, ugg boots, and dare I say it selk bags which are effectively walk around sleeping bags with arms and legs. They used to use them in the military for the soldiers and they are brilliantly warm and rated down to very low negative temperatures for warmth too.


  11. Definitely do the same as your list, I always have a nice warm shower before bed which helps a lot. We don't use electric blankets so the sheets are cool when I get in, trying to warm cold feet with cold sheets is futile and keeps me awake. Warming feet and arms first with a shower definitely works.

  12. Dear Wendy,
    It's hot here in Texas, but I'm looking forward to the cooler weather. I'd have to agree that washing dishes, though it is a task I don't normally enjoy, does warm me up. That and ironing!
    I love the tip about the heat pack in bed. My husband likes to climb into cold sheets so I usually get him to warm up my side while I am getting ready for bed lol.
    Love, Kelsey

  13. I have a wool doona and a wool blanket both are warm with heaviness. Fluffy socks a must I found thermal ones in the "reject store' $7 seems expensive but they're long enough to go up over PJs. A singlet is a must. And flanel sheets. I only put electric blanket to warm bed then off. I make a thick cauliflower soup and give to elderly neighbours struggling to get out. I love a stuffed potato with beans on it but any filling will do. I always wear a scarf and singlet in the day. I'm lucky I have a north facing unit faces sun. By 5pm I close curtains. All curtains are rubber backed and block out a lot of the cold and the light. Not expensive my mum made them.


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