Wednesday 24 October 2018

5 More Ways To Reuse Glass Jars

I find it hard to throw out a glass jar.  There are so many way to reuse them and reduce what goes into landfill.

*  Use the glass jars to serve drinks in.  The first time my parents visited the USA back in the early 1990's,  glass jars or jam jars were the latest fashion as drinking glasses.

*  Glass jars are perfect  for making your own salad dressing.  Add your ingredients,  screw the lid on tight and shake.

*  Large pasta sauce / tomato paste jars are great for storing your healthy salad lunch.  Layer your favourite ingredients and store in the fridge until ready to eat.  Mix the ingredients when you eat.

*  Make a pin cushion on the lid then use the glass jar to store your much used sewing bits and pieces.  They could make great presents.

*  Decorate a couple of jars with scraps of wrapping paper,  ribbon or twine and store your pens and pencils in style.


  1. I also use glass jars for starting cuttings and sprouting big seeds on the kitchen window ledge. Use for sour dough starter with a little hole drilled in the lid. Use big coffee jars for sprouting bean sprouts. Use small jars for melting down left over candles and adding wick to make your own recycled candles. Good for holding small items like cloves, nuts instead of their plastic packets. Glass jar lids are great fro drying out tomato seeds. Great in the workshop of shed for holding washers or nuts and bolts or small workshop items - I nail the lids to the underside of the wooden shelves in the shed and then screw the jar up from underneath and in that way it does not take up shelf space. Good for holding dripping or other oils and fats that you have recycled.

  2. I wish you lived near me - I have many empty oui yogurt jars and have been trying to find someone who could make use of them. I've contacted a church that has a huge craft event every December and also does crafts with people at the nursing home. No luck so far. Ranee (MN) USA

    1. Ranee, do you have any local schools holding fetes / garage sales this year or next ? They could use the jars to fill up with goodies to sell. For example, hair ties and clips, ribbons, lollies etc. They are priced according to the size of the jar.

    2. I've not heard of this but will do some checking. Thanks for the suggestion. Ranee

  3. My youngest son, age 31, uses canning jars for drinks. It made me laugh the first time I saw it but it makes sense. Turns out, he’s pretty frugal for a young man! (No debt but for his house payment.)

  4. Debby in Kansas, USA25 October 2018 at 02:00

    My name is Debby and i'm a jar hoarder lol. I have a shelf in the basement that is full. All sizes and shapes. My husband is afraid to throw them into recycling without asking me if it needs to go to my *collection.*

    I think I hoard them because they're going away. Once upon a time, everything was in glass jars with nice, metal screw lids. Then plastic lids. Then plastic everything. (I HATE those plastic jars with the giant bump in the middle that makes it impossible to scrape out the last bit.) When we moved 1500 miles from California, I toted along every glass baby food jar I had....just in case. Now, those wonderful little jars are all painted with turquoise caps and are storage on my crafting table.

    The plastic mayo jars are one of the worse BUMP culprits. When I get to the bottom of that, I decide to make Ranch dressing in there. The added milk loosens the last of the mayo so I use of the last. And Ranch dressing in the last inch of salsa makes a delicious recipe for taco salad or other dish.

    1. I like your dressing ideas Debbie.

      I find it hard to throw away jars in case it is the perfect size for something. I like the smaller ones for jam making because I give so many as presents.

  5. I have boxes of jars. All shapes and sizes. With all of my canning and cooking they really come in handy. I have been making lots of jellies as gift and having the jars saves me money. Hubby just made 2 batches of hot sauce and I pulled out jars for him to put them in. I have a jar on my counter right now. I am making ACV with apple peels. I have used them as vases and I also put shells in them with a votive on top. So many uses for jars.

  6. I'm a jar hoarder too. Jams, chutneys, honey, muesli etc
    ACV is apple cider vinegar, sounds like a lab chemical as an acronym!


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