Saturday 10 November 2018

The Ups And Downs Of Life

Our week has been crazy busy.  Infact,  the last few weeks have flown by with barely a chance to rest.  Due to this I am unable to post this week's frugal tasks list.  I've been writing my frugal doings down as I go but haven't had the time to write it in a post.

Yesterday my Dad had major eye surgery.  The hospital is in the city about 45 minutes away.  My Mum hasn't been well all year and due to this illness hasn't been able to drive.  She's only just got back on the road but unable to drive long distances.  The family are all pitching in to take Mum each day to see Dad.  We are hoping to have him home mid next week.

Unfortunately Jessica's wedding has been cancelled.  Circumstances beyond ours and Jessica's control changed and it just couldn't happen any more.  We've gone through some tough days together with lots of hugs and God keeping us strong..  Jessica is ok and has kept herself busy with Uni exams.

I would like to ask that no comments about the wedding be posted on Facebook.  

Darren has been super busy finishing up his Bible College studies for the year.  He has an exam coming up shortly.  He's also been organising the community day our church holds on the last Saturday of November.  Yesterday Darren and I were at the church packing 200 hampers with a team of helpers.

Due to all of this  I've plunged myself into Christmas preparations.  I've put out a few Christmas decorations to cheer us all up.  I know it's early but we needed something to brighten our home. The Christmas tree will go up either today or tomorrow.

I finished the Christmas shopping this week except for a few last minute stocking stuffers ( chips and lollies ).  Last night I was up late wrapping and labelling all the presents.  I've made about 15 Christmas cards and will finish making and writing this next week.

Next week's frugal task list should be twice as long ( I hope ).

If you have been busy saving money this week I'd love to hear all about it.


  1. It sounds like a very difficult time for your family, Wendy. I wish you and those you love well. MegXx

  2. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers Wendy.
    Kind regards,

  3. So good that god is keeping you strong

  4. I am sorry you are having a hard time. I hope your dad is better soon. I try to save money all the time. It is getting colder now but try to keep the heating down by wearing more clothes.

  5. Hi Wendy
    I'm so sorry to hear Jessica's wedding has been cancelled, your family certainly are going through a hard time. What we often forget that the people who have blogs or are seen on tv are human as well and are also going through trying times. Life isn't perfect and we just do the best we can with what we have. Christmas last year for me was a non event with my daughter suffering a traumatic brain injury, however this year I celebrate that she is alive and getting her life back on track. So this Christmas and every day I will celebrate the incredible meaning of life and how tenuous it can be. Hugs to all your family. Maureen

  6. Hello Wendy and prayers to your family at this busy and emotional time. Praying for your father's quick recovery and hugs to Jessica. Christmas cheer and decorations in the home will be lovely :).

    It has been a week of non stop purchases :o, which were all planned for but I don't think I have spent so much money in such a small period of time leading up to our house settlement. Sales abounded so I took advantage of them on the items we needed to buy :).

    Our Vicky challenge added up to $494.31 in savings last week.

    Home organising -
    - We have now packed 3/4's of our belongings into boxes ready for the move :) and our removalist gave us some free boxes to use as we had almost run out of the ones we saved.

    In the kitchen -
    - Made a cheesecake from homemade condensed milk saving $69.78 over purchasing the equivalent quality in the shops. We used Woolworths home brand one and surprisingly the cheesecake turned out not as sweet, which we liked better, as when we use the Philadephia one (I think Philly has a lot of sugar in it).
    - Made a chicken, mushroom and corn pie including pastry from leftover roasted chicken. One 2 + kg chicken lasted us 5 meals for the 2 of us.
    - We were able to give some service to some dear friends. The wife had fallen over on concrete and has concussion and horrid bruising and she cares for her husband who has the beginnings of Alzheimers. We rang them and asked them if we could cook them a huge roast chicken and garden picked pumpkin and sweet potato for them and they accepted. This will most likely feed them for 4 to 5 days without the wife cooking anything and we also took over some fresh silver beet from our gardens and gave her some arnica cream for her bruising out of our medical supplies. Seeing the smile on their faces was truly worth it and it helped us use up some meat in the freezer prior to us moving :).

    Finances -
    - Listed 22 items on eBay using a free listing promotion saving $36.30.
    - Spent a lot of money on items we needed for our forever home, medical kit and cat needs :o .

    Fuel -
    - Filled up 2 machinery jerry cans of fuel using a 5% off Racq e- gift card and combined that with 4c off per litre using our supermarket rewards card saving $7.08 on usual prices.
    - Filled up another 3 jerry cans of fuel for our cars at an independant service station saving $6.80 on prices at other service stations in the area. We have now increased our fuel storage by 2 more jerry cans in preparation for us moving out of town.

    Purchases eek -
    - Purchased 2 brushcutter safety helmets with visor and neck protection flap using a $10 off eBay voucher.
    - Ordered 1 years supply of Arnica cream, iron tablets and peroxide from our online pharmacy using a 5% off promotion saving $9.47 on their usual prices. In our local chemist the arnica cream here is $6 per tube dearer so just there we saved $78.57 :).
    - Purchased a years supply of flea and tick prevention for the cat using a 5% off promotion on eBay saving $31.71 over purchasing it from our local veterinary clinic.

    Starting to get rather sore muscles from packing and running but we will both oh so use the arnica cream tonight after showers :). One month and one day until settlement and moving into our new home.

    Have a wonderful week ahead everyone :).

    Sewingcreations15 (Lorna).

  7. So sorry to hear your news. Not an easy thing to deal with. Hope your dads eye surgery went well and you mum continues to improve.

  8. Dearest Wendy, sending love and early Christmas wishes to you all.
    I have saved money this week by, :
    Making cards for gifts and for myself to give for upcoming birthdaysand Christmas I have bought an online order and got free postage and a free gift for myself or to put away for next year. I have finished my Christmas shopping UK g except for one gift and some treats and a gift for my parents to say thanks for all they do for me each year.
    I have saved on groceries by buying the specials and only buying what I need and what's on my list. I came in $20under my budget for groceries and have not done any other grocery shopping since Wednesday. This has saved me time money and sanity. I have not needed to go to the supermarket since Tuesday.
    I did, an online order ( split my shopping) on Wednesday and earn $15worth of flybys points, want $10 worth on Tuesday so I now have nearly $30worth of points to convert.
    I am aiming to save the points until I need something or until we go on holidays.
    I am saving money today by not going shopping when I usually do.
    I do not need a thing.
    I have a slush fund for my tea bags, just waiting for them to come up at, a good price. Maybe this week. I also have a Christmas fund and it's still got some money in it for treats. My Christmas is all paid for by cash as is yours Wendy.
    I am ready except for the things I mentioned.
    I saved myself $$ last night or my fridge freezer saved me $$, a beeping noise alerted me to my ffeezer defrosting itself so I reset the temperature and saved a freezer full of food.
    Thank toy Wendy fun r being a lovely role model of frugality
    I hope your Dad will be OK and that your mum will be too.
    Hugs to You all
    Thanks for helping the community again, You and Darren do so much.
    Take care. Love Barb W.

  9. Thoughts are with u all Wendy, some tough situations for this time of the year. I think its lovely putting your tree up this weekend. Our family will also be decorating today and tomorrow. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

  10. Wendy, you have been faced by some real challenges this year and have come through stronger each time, surrounded by love and kindness. Best wishes to you and your parents. Be kind to yourself until life settles down again. Deborah

  11. I hope your Dad is feeling better soon and is able to come home soon. Hope your mom is better also. That stinks that they both aren't doing well. Depending on others is tough. Glad you are able to help them out. I'm glad Jessica is able to stay busy and focused. Sending you lots of prayers and hugs. Take care of yourself.

  12. Wendy I am wishing you and your family all the best and hoping that life settles down quickly for you all. Good luck to Jess for her Uni exams. Our daughter is in the middle of hers but finishes at the end of next week. Hope the Semester finishes on a positive note for your young lady.
    My DIL always get the little girls a chocolate Advent Calender. Miss Tilly does not do well with chocolate. It's like a great big naughty pill for her. I decided to make a quilted wall hanging Advent Calendar. I used scraps and what I already had to make it. The ornaments were cheap little things that I purchased. The biggest cost for this will be the postage.
    Bluey and I digging up an untidy area out the front. The turves of grass are being placed in holes along the driveway. We are using left over pavers to pave the area. I will then put my potted plants and palms along this area, in front of of the veranda fencing, and we will have lovely privacy. The plants used to be there but the grass and weeds growing up through them was so untidy.
    Bluey picked up a cabinet from a garage sale that we believe to be built around the 40's. It is covered in layer upon layer of paint. This will be another project to keep him busy.
    Have a wonderful and settled week. God bless to Dad and here's hoping he is home soon.

  13. Dear Wendy, You have obviously had a very tough week. I really feel for Jessica. My daughter Chloe (who just got married) was engaged around Jessica's age. In that case there was a reason Chloe had to break the engagement off. I remember what we all went through! It was very hard. But it was right. I hope your Dad and Jessica both are doing ok. And you! With love

  14. Dear Wendy, sending you all hugs and positive thoughts. You are all in our prayers. Much love to Jessica. So kind of you and Darren to keep going with your charity work during this difficult time. Take care. Rachel :)

  15. Sending you and your family love, and grace.
    Patricia Fl/USA

  16. I pray that your father heals quickly and is soon home. Time can certainly disappear very quickly.

    I have continued to try and be as frugal as possible. This week I was able to repay our vacuum cleaner. I was crazily pleased with myself over that.

    God bless.

  17. Hi Wendy,

    Since returning from overseas, I was eager to get back into the swing of things. These are the things I've achieved in the past three weeks.

    Used milk powder to make up half and half of the normal milk to make it go further and used milk powder in cooking.
    Used up samples of things eg:Coffee, sugar, salt etc
    Cleaned out tubs of margarine and Jam with the scraper.
    Washed out bags to use again.
    Used Tank water for garden and washing machine
    Got the compost up and running again and fed it scraps
    Used the themos and turned the Micro off at the wall
    Saved the shower water
    Ate lots of leftovers as a second meal and double batched cooking
    Picked Lettuce and Silverbeet from the garden for meals
    No heater or A/C used in the last 3 weeks
    Charged my Mobile in the car and charged the power bank on weekends(cheaper) to charge things during the week.
    Sold things on Buy/Swap/sell
    Received cheque for comparing electric companies $50.00 and refund from an old electricity company for $7.00
    Cut roses to bring inside
    Baked lots of goodies and froze some things
    Used $20.00 of Flybuys for Christmas supplies to make my Rocky road, white Christmas and truffles.
    Received free tickets to 'School of Rock', a free packet of tea bags for Everyday rewards and some Hot cross buns. Also a free coffee at Muffin break
    Bought a dress at Savers 1/2 price sale costing me only $6.50 and as I donated a bag of goods, I received a stamp
    Bought cheaper petrol over here at $1.38
    Darned a sock, saved a stamp and made breadcrumbs from old crusts.

    Whew, that's it!!!!

    Wow, what a year you have had Wendy. Will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers, xxx

    Have a wonderful week

  18. Dear Wendy,
    Thinking of you all at this challenging season of life. May God bless and keep you all.
    Love Lisa xo

  19. Thinking of you and all your family - upsets and the rollercoaster of life are better when faced with your family beside you. Particular hugs to Jessica - I have daughters too and their pain is our pain. May the passing of time and family connections bring comfort to you all.

  20. Sending prayers to you and your family Wendy. I'm sorry to hear of all the happenings. That's OK that you have posted a frugal list as I'm still working on your what to do in November list for Christmas! I have it next to the bed. xxx

  21. We've also had a tough few weeks, crowned by our daughter and son-in-law's mom finally succumbing to cancer, after nearly a week in hospice.
    Somehow, it's a comfort hearing you all mention dishes made and socks darned. Never think that this 'little' stuff doesn't eventually add up to something big! Thank you for your encouragement -- that life does indeed go on.

  22. Hi Wendy! Your post immediately brought to mind the song 'We Need a Little Christmas.' If you're not familiar with it, google it to read the lyrics (they have helped me in many a low time).

    Sending warm wishes and good thoughts your way.
    xoxo, Jennifer

  23. Hi Wendy,sorry to hear that of you having some hard times. i did just that over last weekend,to cheer us up and i have already put the Christmas tree up i got lots of decorations from Arther daily's including some Christmas lights for $12.a box and they work so well and did brighten up the home,i have some of last years to the opp shop
    take care mel.

  24. Thankyou everyone for your comments, prayer and best wishes. Dad is doing well and will have more surgery on Wednesday or Thursday then come home.

  25. Wendy, We too, are in need of a little Christmas cheer at our house this year and am putting up our Christmas tree earlier than we ever have. Prayers and blessings for your sweet family during this season of challenges.

  26. Hi Wendy sorry to hear of all the goings on,, sending warm wishes and hugs your way
    xo Mel k

  27. Sometimes one door closes and then a whole new world opens up. Strength & courage and joy are there and waiting. Best wishes for your parent's health as well

    1. A beautiful comment Heather.
      Sending love to your whole family Wendy xxxx

  28. First of all Wendy, thank you for your blog. I so look forward to every single post. As a parent we have many ups and downs with our children and it pains us to see them hurt. God is very good to us. He gives us the strength to carry on. I wish Jessica every success in her studies and onwards with her future.
    I am like yourself trying to add a little bit of Christmas cheer to our home too. A little bit at a time. I found some lovely old decorations this week on my hunts around the charity shops.
    Look forward to your next post.
    God bless Effieq


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