Wednesday 28 November 2018

Easy Christmas Cards To Make

Making your own Christmas cards can be quite easy and cheap to make.  No need  for expensive card making supplies or card making kits.  A hand made card is generally well received and can show lots of love.

Here's a simple list of supplies needed and a few ideas to get you started -

*  Blank cards.  Kmart sells 25 blank cards and envelopes in packs for $3.  Alternatively your local discount store will sell colored cards - 8 in a pack for about $2 - $3.50
*  Scissors.
*  Glue Stick
*  Grey led pencil
*  Ruler
*  Stickers or stars or other Christmas themes
*  Colored pens
*  Twine,  ribbon,  embroidery threads or colored string.
*  Round glass to trace around
*  Merry Christmas stamp or stickers
*  Bling ( embellishments )
*  Christmas wrapping paper
*  Paper doilies

The Christmas trees on this card were cut out with a shape punch.  Alternatively you could cut out triangles to get the same effect.  The ' Merry Christmas ' at the bottom is a sticker I bought on Boxing Day at 50% off.

The Christmas tree is made from a paper doily folded on different angles.  The embossed background could be substituted by wrapping paper

These simple cards were made with strips of patterned paper. and a stamped message.  Alternatively you could use scraps of wrapping paper and a small gift tag ( always bought on clearance after Christmas )

This card features baubles cut from Christmas wrapping paper.  Thin silver ribbon was glued to the back of the baubles then attached to the back of the red background.  Little bows were attached with a hot glue gun

Do you make your own Christmas cards ?

What is your favourite design to use ?


  1. Dear Wendy, I haven't ever made my own Christmas cards but the ones you showed here today don't look too hard. I do have some card stock, so I think I will have a go.
    Thank you for your very encouraging blog. Best wishes Lyn

    1. I hope you get a chance to craft Lyn. Google is great for inspiration too.

  2. Wendy these are beautiful. I am naughty and have to confess to having purchased my cards. I did however purchase them just after Christmas last year. I paid 50c for a pack of ten. I have three packets of them as that is all that were left.

    1. Jane, I still have lots of store bought cards I'm gradually using up.

  3. Was in private hospital for last 3/weeks cracked a bone in foot . doctors took insurance and Medicare no more. A blessing. Saved on food. Been buying specials on fruit and veg. Going to a Christmas lunch buffet as family all apart this year for various reasons. Grandmother paid for me and auntie going who has some mental illness. I don't like leftovers and I don't eat certain foods like pork or ham. So will eat mainly seafood. I don't buy a tree I don't see the point. I will likely be giving to a charity through my work.

    1. I hope your foot mends quickly Sonia.

      Christmas is certainly NOT about the Christmas tree but it can bring some prettiness or glamour into the home. I see it as something new to look at when my home looks the same all year round.

      Enjoy your buffet lunch. I'm sure the food will be good.

  4. Debby in Kansas, USA29 November 2018 at 02:29

    Those are beautiful! I especially love the doily tree and that just might be next year's card! Thanks for sharing.

    I did Thanksgiving cards this year as an experiment so those went out some 2ish wks. ago. Admittedly, I was feeling pretty proud for that feat and it was a huge load off my mind. I am sending a couple of special Christmas cards to people I send cards to on every holiday like my Mother in law, my best friend, & a fellow card swapper.

    I also make cards for charity. A group of us at church make them and one lady takes them to shut ins at care homes, or home home, etc. We stamp them so all they have to do is sign and address. They're always so appreciative because they can't go out to get them. Some of them go to a free/low cost health clinic and they're in a basket in the waiting room. That's for people that can't afford them and would like to send a greeting.
    Lastly, we do some fancy Mother's Day cards for the local food pantry once a year. It's a $5 minimum and with the donation, you get a card, envelope, & a note that says a donation was made in your name. The card day is fun, but it really raises several thousand dollars, which is GREAT!

    1. Debby, did people enjoy receiving the Thanksgiving cards ? What them do you go with for these cards? We don't have Thanksgiving in Australia but it sure is a better holiday to celebrate that Halloween.

      It's wonderful that you make cards for charity. They can be used in so many ways and used to raise money. My card making group supports a few charities, a couple of nursing homes and a school.


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