Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Abundant Cottage Adventures Monday 30th March 2020

Here's how we spent Monday at home -

*  Cut up tomatoes from our garden and onions into portions to make relish in the future.  I've frozen two portions.  At the moment some ingredients might be a bit hard to get so I thought I'd wait until Spring to make a fresh batch of relish.

*  Darren did some tidying up down the side of the house and rearranged a few things in his shed to make room for some folding chairs we were given.

*  Removed any cobwebs from inside our home.

*  I spent a few hours watching old episodes of A Country Practice on Seven Plus ( tv ).  Talk about walking down memory lane.  This was a very popular tv show when I was a teenager in the 1980's.

*  Megan cooked roast chicken Maryland pieces with roast potatoes and steamed veg for dinner.

*  Darren picked the last of our tomatoes and they are ripening in trays under our pergola.

Roses Megan bought 8 days ago.

Ready to freeze to make relish.

How did you spend your Monday ?

Are you finding plenty to do around your home ?


  1. Monday, yesterday, I exercised staying a safe distance from everyone at the park (who were, Im pleased to say, doing the right thing). Went to the fruit and veg shop as they are considerably cheaper than supermarkets and bought some things. Then went to Woolies and they are getting more stock back in. Worked on my jigsaw puzzle. All the best, Tania in Hawthorn

    1. I've noticed more stock on the shelves too Tania

  2. Yesterday seems so. long ago. I had a very busy day with my granddaughter today. Yesterday I kept on plodding at cleaning up the house. Making meals and organising what we have in stock in the cupboards. Later in the day I pulled out my crochet and did a few rows on my dahlia blanket from Attic 24.

    God bless everyone.

  3. Went for a walk around our neighbourhood needed the excersise and to get out of the house for 5 mins ... cooked dinner from scratch did a little shopping at our local ALDI they had plenty of stock except for flour .

  4. Went for a 4 km walk around the nearby racecourse. Had homemade spaghetti pies for lunch. Did some work out in the garden and made 5 big jars of pickled beetroot today with beets from the veggie patch.


  5. Except for a top-up grocery shop, and mailing a package, Monday was not very productive for me. I think it was because I've come to the end of my list, and need to write another...both to remind me of things that need doing (that has been my focus) and also to give me the pleasure of checking them off. I have a better plan for my time today.

  6. -Pruned trees in our yard for exercise
    -Walked with the kids, and took the elderly neighbor's dog for a walk as well
    -Made meals out of leftovers
    -Froze up a few things we wouldn't use in time
    -Listed/sold items on eBay
    -Organized & wiped down our cupboard where we store cleaning supplies. This also means I can see what we need, and won't need to buy more for awhile.

  7. Hi Wendy and fellow Readers,
    I'm very grateful to still be working. I am mostly by myself, my boss is in the office for an hour or two then out again. I am hoping we won't have to work from home. I like the home / work separation.
    I've been cleaning a lot and cooking from scratch. Tonight I made a chicken pasta bake with broccoli, corn and cauliflower. I used two cans of chicken and corn condensed soup with a good dash of cream (that needed to be used up) for the sauce. Topped with cheese and in the oven. The family went back for seconds and thirds. It made quite a large amount. The soup was from my stockpile purchased on special last winter.
    I'd like to try your tuna pasta bake. I picked up a can of mushroom soup by mistake and I'm not sure what to do with it.
    This weekend I hope to do a lot of baking.
    Take care everyone.
    Rachel :)


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