Saturday 18 July 2020

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 18th July 2020

We've had a quiet week at the Gower Abundant Cottage.  I haven't had any cleaning work this week and it was lovely to stay home and clean my own home.  Megan and I did spend some time in the supermarket stocking up on essentials just in case we go into hard lockdown ( which is a real possibility ).  I've also taken some time to make greeting cards and watch some tv every afternoon.

When I look back on my week I can't really think of any terribly exciting frugal tasks I've completed.  Everything has already been diluted,  portioned,  saved or reused.  The pantry,  fridge and freezers are full to the brim and everything else around our home is as organised as it can be with two babies in the house. 

Here is my VERY small frugal list for the week -

*  Darren picked lettuce from the garden for a lunch he was preparing.

*  Megan and I wrote a menu plan for the next ten days.  We'll be eating chop suey,  silverside,  carbonara,  tacos,  fried rice,  beef curry,  tuna casserole,  chicken pie and spag bol.

*  Froze any leftovers from our dinners.

*  We kept the curtains mostly closed or the colder,  overcast days.

*  Cleaned the dishwasher with bi carb,  vinegar and miracle spray.

*  I recycled one of Megan's dresses she was going to donate to the op shop.  I've cut it up and used it as the topper for some hanging tea towels I'm making.

*  I received 10% off a grocery shop I did at Woolworths.  I think it's because we have an insurance with them.

*  Bought 2 x 5 kg bags of washed potatoes.  Lately the price has been around 8 - 9 for a bag of brushed potatoes.

Lots of goodies in the pantry

Pretty tea cups I love to use.

Are you taking time out for yourself each day ?

What was on your frugal list this week ?


  1. Hi Wendy
    If there is a hard lockdown like in NZ people could still go out to buy food. Do you think it's preferable to stock up before that?

    1. If you stock up now, you might only need to go out for milk, fruit and veg. This would be a much quicker shop with less time around other people.

  2. We are just putzing along. I did the weekly shop yesterday without help and I think I actually managed to get all we needed. Best of my Coles was selling out Macleans Sensitive Toothpaste at 30 cents a tube. We should be right up to the use by date which is December next year.

  3. Hi Wendy
    I've been busily trying to save as much money as I can this week and finally found some markdowns at my local woolworths. I only buy markdowns if I know for certain that we'll eat them, I have purchased things in the past and end up throwing them out. I bought 6 gourmet hamburger paddies for $3.50, 500gms of veal mince for $2.83 (for baked meatballs) and gourmet pork and fennel sausages for $3. As it is mainly DH and I most mealtimes (DD eats with her partner most nights at his house) this will do us for a few meals. I was also wanting some Bok Choy for a recipe but that can be up between $4-5 sometimes, I got some marked down for $1.

    I also made a huge tray of brownies (Hillbilly Housewife recipe - brownies and her Snickerdoodles are to die for). When I make brownies I normally cut them into slice sizes, this time I cut them into bite sizes which is what we both prefer. Even DD who buys the snacks they advertise and are normally $5 for a box of 6, eats these saving her so much money. She's 22 and about to purchase her first investment property.

    I cooked up a quantity of Basmati rice for lunches - DD likes tuna and rice. The little pots of rice at the supermarket are around $1 a pot but If you make them yourself they work out at around 15 cents each and you can freeze them if needed, no additives either.

    I fed my sourdough starter hoping to make some tomorrow fingers crossed it works, my other attempts at making bread have been a bit hit and miss.

    I've kept my outings to a bare minimum and have enjoyed watching some old favourite movies again. We have so many DVD's.

    I cancelled my gym membership. I was actually going a few times a week before COVID hit but decided to cancel and workout at home. I'm managing 3-5 days per week. Still a work in progress.

    Enjoy your week.


  4. There is nothing so delicious as sitting back with a cup of tea in a bone china or porcelain cup. I don't know why but it just tastes better. It lifts the soul.
    I agree about stocking up. Since the first round of lockdown I have built up a 2-3month stash. I use and replace as I too only want to go out for essentials if the worse happens whether Covid19, cyclone or financial disaster. I also am growing fresh greens as they don't store long-term like potatoes or pumpkins. Take care and stay safe.

  5. Hi Wendy, Liz here in WA, I just typed out a rather long comment and lost it, so apologies if I did go through twice. I feel for you all in Victoria, life has returned to relatively normal in Wa, hoping we can stay that way. My week has flown past as I've been catering for an army of workers restoring 2 old train carriages on our farm. A tiny house for weekend guests which is very close to being finished.
    I did my 5 week click and collect shopping which came to just under $50 a week. I wrote a post on a forum about my tips to feed my family on $50 a week and the media saw it and wrote an article about me on I was pleasantly shocked.
    We put a home grown sheep in the freezer and still harvesting snow peas, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, kale and spinach from the winter veggie garden. Collecting 6 eggs a day but with so many people to feed I havent sold any.
    Hubby sold a few shed items making $520 this week. Bonus!
    We collected a huge load of firewood off the farm, not without drama though when the trailor slipped down the dam embankment and we had to unload the wood to pull it out and reload for a second time. Boy were we exhusted.
    I cant remember what else i have achieved, just been a bit chaotic.
    Anyway praying for you all in Victoria and hoping things improve soon. Regards Liz.


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