Saturday 4 July 2020

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 4th July 2020

My frugal list is not as long as it usually is this week.  I've spent time pottering around our home,  cleaning and watching Hoarders the tv show with Megan.  This show really gets me in the mood to declutter all over again.

Here's how I saved money this week -

*  Made dried seasoned bread crumbs from saved bread crusts.

*  Made a jar of mixed herbs from herbs given to me that I dried myself.

*  Saved a few glass pasta sauce jars.  These will be used for future pantry storage when needed.

*  Took a couple of bags of unwanted items to Savers and received a 20% off discount coupon.

*  Sold a greeting card.

*  I made shortbread biscuits for the first time.  I was surprised at how easy it was.  Some were given to Jessica as a treat and the rest were enjoyed by Darren and myself at morning tea times.

*  Hung lots of wet washing on the shower door rail to dry.  We have a ducted heating vent in both our bathrooms.  The vent is in the floor which is great as hot air rises.  We just close the door and the washing dries in 24 hours.

*  Picked silverbeet from our garden to put into a large lasagne I made.  My lasagne serves 12 people so any leftover portions are frozen for future meals.

*  Stocked up on Campbell's tinned soup for 97 cents a tin.   I occasionally use a tin when making tuna casserole,  chicken curry and chicken pasta bake.  Otherwise I make soup from scratch.

*  Saved a couple of gift bags to reuse in the future.

*  My local op shop had a 50% off store wide sale.  I purchased bars of soap to make laundry powder and shampoo,  conditioner and toothpaste for my stockpile.

Enough for the next 12 months

Have you enjoyed watching any tv shows lately ?

How did you save money this week ?


  1. Hi Wendy, another good show to watch is How to clean is your house. Celia

    1. I did watch this show many years ago. I don't know how people can live in filth.

  2. Great bargain on the soup a great pantry item. I too just harvested some silverbeet and put it in a frittata. Such an easy to grow and tasty veg from a pot.

    1. Yes silverbeet is great to throw in all sorts of dishes for extra nutrients.

  3. Hi Wendy, Liz from WA here. Yes I can imagine watching Hoarders would make someone want to declutter! My frugal tasks this week -
    I made 4 jars of lemon butter using home grown eggs and gifted lemons. 3 are for gifts and keeping one myself.
    Lots of frugal meals this past week, including a red curry salmon and rice. Hubby caught the salmon last month and froze some and I used broccoli from the garden. I also added home grown spinach to the Spag Bol, and used home made tomato pasta sauce from the freezer. I stretched a cooked chicken over 3 nights and 1 lunch, roast chicken one night followed by chicken toasted sandwiches for lunch the next day and then made a large chicken and veggie pie which fed us for 2 nights.
    Surviving well without a clothes dryer by hanging the washing on clothes horses by the fire. I'm not in a hurry to replace the dryer since it broke!
    Sold another 2 cartons of eggs, this time for $5 each.
    Today we will bottle the home brew beer.
    Lambing continues here on the farm, has been very successful this year!
    My biggest saving this week was ringing Telstra and disconnected our land line as not needed with the mobile tower up the road. A saving of $55 per month or $660 per year. I also reduced the cost of my mobile phone at the same time by $33 per month.
    Enjoy your week ahead!

    1. Hi Liz. You've reminded me to make lemon butter soon. I now have a craving for it.

      We'd get rid of our landline but my parents still ring our home phone due to their mobile calls costing too much.

  4. I like watching Perry Mason reruns, it’s a law drama from the 50s and 60s mostly filmed in California.
    Money saving here has been staying home and eating at home, using our garden vegetables as much as possible for meals.

    1. Hi Rhonda. I've heard of the Perry Mason show but never watched it.

      Eating at home certainly does save a lot of money.

  5. Lots going on here too with saving money Wendy.
    Gratefully received loads of glass jars, egg cartons, 20 lemons, homegrown baby spinach, 5 garden fresh carrots, 5 silver beet seedlings, daisy cuttings and dead, tall bamboo stakes To use as climbing poles for my peas.
    I was also given 10 mandarins, heaps of mushrooms and little yellow squash SIL couldn’t use. I gifted some eggs, Leek seedlings and mushrooms in return.
    The chooks are all laying now and we get 4 eggs a day. So you can see I’ve been very blessed.
    I made the best Chewy Choc Slice and Shepard’s Pie which fed us for 2 days- got to love leftovers.
    I cooked a Cauli and Potato soup from a sad 1/2 cauli and Curried Pumpkin Soup as well.
    Diluted shampoo given to me and using it for hand wash.
    Filling 2 big garden beds with chicken and cow manure from the farm and chopped up hay, to add to the soil. All free.
    So a great week has ended and I’m very happy with all my gifts for my food supply and veggie garden.
    Look forward to seeing your next post Wendy,
    Lorraine 🙋‍♀️


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