Wednesday, 22 September 2021

10 Ways To Use White Vinegar

 Do you have a bottle of white vinegar sitting in your pantry or laundry cupboard unused ?  Maybe you thought it was only good to sprinkle on fish and chips.  I did for many years.  Infact,  I use to buy the smallest bottle possible and poked holes in the top just for sprinkling purposes.

Now,  I've found so many uses for vinegar and buy 2 litre bottles that get used up very quickly.  The tips below I've personally used around my home with great success.

*  Spray underarms of clothes to get rid of body odour smells before washing.

*  Use as a natural fabric softener in your washing machine.  One cup or a good drizzle in the final rinse  should do the trick.

*  Keep your hard floors clean with a dash of vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing liquid in hot water.  I've been using this trick for over a decade on my own floors and in my cleaning clients homes.

*  Kill young weeds with vinegar.  Add one cup of salt to one litre of water. and drench the weed.  Be careful that the solution doesn't get sprayed on nearby plants 

*  Reduce the odour of smelly shoes by spraying vinegar inside.  Allow to dry before wearing the shoes.

*  Wash your fruit and vegetables in one part vinegar to three parts water to help remove potential bacteria..

*  Give your dishwasher a natural clean by splashing vinegar around the bottom.  Add bi carb to the tablet dispenser and run the dishwasher on a long hot cycle.

*  Clear minor drainage problems in your sinks with vinegar and bi carb.  Drop a couple of spoonful's of bi carb down the plug hole followed by one cup of vinegar.  Finish off with a kettle of boiling water.

*  For a streak free bench, make up a spray bottle of cooled,  boiled water.  Add 1/4 cup of vinegar and a small dash of dishwashing liquid.  Use either cotton cloths or microfibre cloths for a brilliant finish.

*  Rid your kitchen compost bin or general waste bins of smells by spraying with vinegar.  Leave for 5 minutes then wash as per usual.

Great for using in your washing machine



  1. Sending best wishes to you, we were put back in full lockdown again after one week out. It is much quieter as the work on the huge new housing estate nearby ground to a halt yesterday as well. I was wondering if it's possible to 'click and collect' vege seeds from a local hardware in your suburb. Wonderful reminders on vinegar, I've been using it lately in rinse water when I wash towels and it definitely freshens them up! Have a happy safe week!

  2. Oh I am so going to do the floor cleaner one.
    Thanks Wendy.
    Janine in Colac

  3. These are all good tips!

    Before using vinegar in the washing machine, please check the manual. The manual for my machine expressly states not to use vinegar, as it will eat away at the aluminium components.

  4. I've used the vinegar and water soak for produce for several years. It does make a difference in how long they keep.
    I clean with vinegar: Floors, bathrooms.


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