Wednesday 29 September 2021

Another 6 Ways To Use White Vinegar.

 Vinegar is SO cheap to buy and has SO many uses.  Here are another 6 for you to try - 

*  When your washing machine starts to smell,  clean all the filters and surfaces.  Give the inside a good spray of vinegar,  let it sit for 10 minutes then wipe down again.  If in doubt about using vinegar in your washing machine please read in the instruction manual.

*  Vinegar can be used to help remove rust from tools.  Soak the tools in white vinegar for a couple of hours,  rinse off and wipe dry.

*  Keep your cut flowers fresh for longer by adding 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and 1 teaspoon of sugar to the water in the vase.  Change the water every few days.

*  Vinegar can be used to help relive itchiness from insects bites.  Dab a little on the bite with a cotton ball / tissue every few hours.

*  Fill up your dishwasher rinse aid compartment with white vinegar.  This makes a very cheap and healthy alternative to the store bought varieties.

*  Spray your smelly kitchen bins with vinegar and leave for 10 minutes.  Wash as per usual and the smell should be gone.  This is really handy for plastic bins that can absorb bad odours.


How do you use vinegar around your home ?


  1. In the Netherlands we have cleaning vinegar and vinegar for consumption. When you say white vinegar which one will that be? I use cleaning vinegar with baking soda for cleaning the difficult places near the toilet. I use it to remove calc from the inside of the electric waterkettle. Furthermore the other things you mention. Just did not know about the flowers :-)

    1. I've only ever used normal vinegar ( for consumption ). This seems to do the job for all my cleaning needs and is far cheaper.

  2. If you have an upbuild of lime somewhere (around the tap, in the toilet) you can put a bit of toilet paper on that spot, wet it with vinegar and leave it for a while (the wet paper needs to touch the lime). Remove and repeat until lime is gone.

  3. Thank you for the tip about vinegar removing rust. I hadn't heard that one before and I am sure it will come in useful. I use vinegar in many of the ways that you do, but as I was reading your list I suddenly remembered that when my children were small and had fevers my mother advised sponging them with a mixture of vinegar and water in order to cool them down. It seemed to work much better than water alone and was something that she had been taught to do by her mother and grandmother.


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