Wednesday 6 October 2021

Look What I Made With A Vinegar Bottle.


Just the other day I emptied a small bottle of brown vinegar.  As always I try to reuse,  recycle or upcycle instead of tossing items in the bin.  Here's what I made with the plastic bottle - 

A Scoop.  It has many uses around the home and garden but I'm planning on using it to scoop out potting mix from the bag.

First I used a permanent marker to mark where I needed to cut.  Then using a pair of ordinary paper / craft scissors I cut on the line I'd made.

Here are some other ways to use this scoop -

*  For scooping out bulk foods from buckets like flour. and rice etc
*  A great scoop for playing in the sand pit.
*  Take to the beach to scoop sand or water
*  For measuring out food for pets 
*  For transplanting seedlings.  This keeps the soil around the plant roots when moving it.


  1. I love the suggestion for moving seedlings! I hope to remember that when our spring comes round again.

  2. This is a really good idea! In the US, I buy laundry bleach in a sturdy 48 ounce bottle, I think it would make a great scoop

  3. I use the flat bottom section for growing plants in. I put a few holes in there for draining.

  4. One can always use a good scoop. We cut a square gallon of molasses jug into a scoop for bailing the boat. It gets into the bottom and edges just perfectly.

  5. Isn't is wonderful to make something useful from an item most people would toss in the trash/recycling? I have several scoops I've made from empty bottles; they've been surprisingly sturdy and held up well. I've also made funnels from plastic bottles--they're especially useful for messy jobs, since I don't mind tossing one if I've used it for a hard-to-clean material.

    1. Funnels are a great idea. I'm going to make that next.


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