Saturday 16 October 2021

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 16th October 2021

 I must admit this week has been a bit of a lazy one. We've been dealing with quite a stressful situation and we are not sleeping well.  I keep reminding myself that God is in control and to breathe.  I've been in the garden almost every day even if it's to pull a few weeds and to admire the beautiful flowers.  Our garden has been a wonderful escape and I praise God that we have the space to create such beauty.

Some days I've watched lots of Youtube with a cup of tea and some baking as a way to relax.  So I apologise that my frugal list is a little short this week. 

*  Darren made pork dumplings from scratch.  He likes to make them a couple of times a year as a dinner / lunch treat.  Both Jessica and Megan think they are better than anything they have bought at the shops.

*  Fed lots and lots of garden snails to the chickens.  They get excited when I throw them over the fence and gobble them up as if they were lollies.

*  Made pita chips to have as snacks with a little bit of dip.

*  Planted corn,  beans,  cucumber and zucchini seeds in our veggie garden.

*  Made up two bottles of diluted Dynamo laundry liquid.  The ratio is 1 part liquid to 5 or 6 parts water.  I use this on the odd occasion when I do a dark load of washing that is a bit smelly.

*  I picked sugar snap peas,  one mini cauliflower and silverbeet from our garden.

*  Dried all the washing on the line.  Darren watches the weather and tells me when it's going to be a sunny day without rain.  If needed I'll change my wash day to suit the weather,

*  Saved shower warm up water and washing machine rinse water.  Reused it in the washing machine.

*  Filled up the shower gel pump bottles and diluted it just a little.

*  Sold a dish cloth and some greeting cards to a friend.

I treated myself to a platter for lunch

Forget me nots in the garden

One of the eight cards I made for an order.


How have you saved time,  money or energy this week ?


  1. I've been hearing about things in oz. What's really going on there, & how do you feel this will affect the US?

    1. Our government ( especially in our state ) has been really strict with lockdowns and restrictions. We understand why this is so but it doesn't make it easy to live with.

  2. Hi Wendy I was sorry to hear you are dealing with a stressful situation at the moment and I do pray that things improve quickly for you all. You have such a very pretty garden and you are blessed to be able to enjoy it. I was wondering what youtube you like to watch if you don't mind me asking? Warmest wishes Simone

    1. Thankyou. Yes we enjoy our garden. I'll do a blog post on YouTube channels I watch. My favourite is White Cottage Company, Acre Homestead and Homestead Living.

  3. I managed to find some meat on decent mark down. It is all minced beef but that is good because my mother cannot eat many meats now.

    When we were out I found that petrol had risen to $1.84 a litre. I looked up fuel prices on the phone and managed to top up the tank at $1.37.

    My youngest and oldest had their birthdays on Sunday and I stuck to my plan. No guilt buying this year. It is hard to believe that Will is 30 and Pip 25.

    We had some cook once and eat many times meals. Not much room in the freezer to store cooked meals so we continue to eat them.

    I love the car you have made.

    1. Such wonderful frugal tasks this week Suzan. Keep it up and you should be proud.

  4. I combined a coupon with a sale and got three large fruit cups for free! I added three cans of chicken noodle soup and some cold medicine to my pantry .

  5. Dear Wendy,

    Hang in there. This is just such a terrible time, but you are right. God is in control, He has a plan and the plan is a good one. But it might be an unpleasant run in between now and the end of God's plan playing out. Know that you are not alone, and although you have not met many of the people who read this blog, we're praying. Ps 91. Sending you big hugs.


  6. Wendy,
    I am so impressed with how you are “making do”. My granny used to talk about having to do that with the war and the rationing. It left a real mark on me and I have always tried to stay prepared for anything, especially when my son was young. It’s a little easier now that it’s just my husband, my mom and I. Older folks can get through more than children, of course.
    I hope you are making progress on receiving your overdue payments and I hope you can go back to your work soon.
    I am so impressed with the quality of your homemade items. Beautiful. I so enjoy your lovely blog.
    Much love. Patti from California

    1. So true Patti. We find it much easier to be frugal now that it's just Darren and I in the home. Thankyou for your lovely words.

  7. Sorry to hear about the challenging time. It also impacts my sleep when that happens, and a lack of sleep always makes everything more difficult. Fingers crossed it gets resolved soon.

    As for us, we've done the regular things. This isn't a particularly inexpensive phase of life for us (two kids in high school), but I was able to save $100 off of my son's soccer fees by volunteering, and I earned $70 in grocery store rewards by purchasing gift cards for upcoming travel at the store. Otherwise, we're doing the standard boring stuff. We still have tomatoes in our garden, which is a really nice treat this time of year.

  8. Wow! Nice cards. You're very talented. And yes God is in control.

    Spring Peeper Farm
    NS Canada.


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