Wednesday 13 October 2021

Start Your Christmas Shopping ASAP

 There are just 10 1/2 weeks until Christmas is here.  Have you started your shopping yet ?  Do you have any presents set aside in your present cupboard ?

I live in Melbourne and retail will not be opening up until early November ( at this point ).  If that's the case,  we will be left with just over 6 weeks to get all our shopping done.  That's us and every other Melbournian crowded into shopping centres desperately trying to buy much needed clothes,  household items and presents. That's not an ideal situation and certainly something I will be avoiding as much as possible.

When you do get to the shops,  you might not be able to buy exactly what you want.  In other states shelves are being stripped bare and variety is not what it once was.

Many supply chains have been broken for various reasons.  Transport strikes,  workplace restrictions and world issues ( you know what they are ) have taken a real toll on imports.  Also delivery times and costs have blown out with so much online shopping.

So what is the solution ?  How will you be able to buy Christmas presents this year ?

Here are a few ways you can get started now -

*  Buy local,  buy from small businesses or friends and family.    This helps to support people in your own state or country.  

*  Check your local Buy,  Swap and Sell Facebook pages,  Marketplace,  Ebay or Etsy.  People are always selling something and you might just find what you are looking for.

*  Can you make some presents with supplies you have on hand ?

*  Can you grow plant cuttings to give as presents ?

*  With so little advertising for toys ( certainly in our state due to shops being closed ),  are your children asking for general toys like a doll,  Lego,  sport equipment ?  If they are not asking for a particular brand,  model or color you will find it easier to get what they'd like.  Darren and I rarely bought the latest and greatest for our girls when they were little but they never missed out on great toys.

*  Can you upcycle items you already have.  Make something over or give it a coat of paint ?

*  Are there hard rubbish ( curbside ) collections in your area ?  I've seen photos of unwanted dolls houses and play furniture on curbsides waiting for the council to collect and crush in their rubbish trucks.  This could be a great opportunity to upcycle items with a fresh coat of paint or a good clean.

*  Can you trade items with your friends and family ?

* Try shopping at op shops for giftware and kitchenware.  It's amazing what people will donate in new or near new condition.

Lastly,  there's no need to buy for every man,  woman or child you know.  Trim your present list to suit your budget.

What plans do you have for Christmas shopping this year ?


  1. Our family is grown except for our granddaughter. This year we are giving the sons and dils cash, experiences and consumable gifts. I am doing consumables for my sister and BIL. TheHub and I will exchange some small token gift, but we both have more than we need already and want for very little,

  2. I have planned to use the cash route for my children and their spouses. I will only be buying gifts for the new baby girl and my 4 year old granddaughter. The 4 year old's present is already in the house. It just needs to be organised. I am thinking that I will probably give the new baby money for her bank account as she will be about 4 months and she already has everything she needs.

    I shopped at Coles today. My Coles is generally restocked on Tuesday/Wednesday night. The shelves were very empty today. So I second look into your requirements for your Christmas and buy as soon as you can. For instance I have bought fruit and nuts for the cakes my mother loves and it has taken me a few weeks to assemble what I need.

    Perhaps this non availability of products will cause us to rethink rampant consumerism.

  3. Good morning Wendy, same thoughts as you. We give to our grandies and to my sisters brood,as we have Christmas lunch with them and I just asked for this years sizes, so I can go into Geelong city and get it all done. We are trying to be calm but sensible but I always have my husbands health issues at the back of my mind and don't want to get caught out in a very crowded shopping center. I mostly buy the littles pajamas and a book. Made a new beach scoop out of a vinegar bottle this week for when the weather warms up! Best wishes, stay safe!

  4. Louise from Long Island, NY14 October 2021 at 10:59

    Watching the news reports about the supply chain & “JIT” (just in time) supply philosophy, I decided 2 months ago to start my shopping. I’ve ordered heirloom beans, bean cookbook, canned meat, a cast iron pot for baking, & a few toys for my grandchildren. I’ve also ordered a 20pack of TP for each of my children’s families. Come Christmas time, my children will either make fun of this choice, or be VERY grateful. Either way, the TP won’t be a total mistake.🤪

  5. We have a low limit for each participant (€25), and draw names (including a wishlist). We only buy for that person, from that wishlist. It's encouraged to write generics on the wishlist. Mum (me) will provide a few gifts for everyone (chocolate letters, mandarins, tiny gingerbread (pepernoten...)) to bulk out the gift pile. We emphasise the surrounding atmosphere: special food, a walk, special music, etc.

  6. I've ordered a couple of items for the kids,and otherwise, they will get small fill ins. We don't exchange gifts for the adults, and we are going skiing as a family after, as the "experience" part of the gift. Time together is the ultimate gift at this age.

  7. My husband and I are empty-nesters, and we have everything we need. So this year we set a $10 spending limit for each other. This kind of restriction makes our gift-giving creative and fun! I actually found a special grill pan with cedar board inserts, brand-new, at the thrift store. My husband loves to grill salmon, so its a perfect gift - and within my budget, too!


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