Saturday 23 April 2022

This Week's Frugal Tasks Saturday 23rd April 2022

 We had a lovely yet busy Easter at the Gower Abundant Cottage.  The girls ( plus a couple of friends ) and grandbabies came to church with us.  Luka and Bryson enjoyed an Easter egg hunt after church on Sunday.  Bryson wasn't sure what to do but Luka knew all about Easter eggs.

Darren worked most days at the hospital but enjoyed Good Friday morning and Easter Sunday off.  On Saturday I had a lovely craft day with Cath and Hannah from The Cheapskates Club.  We made lots of greeting cards,  talked lots and enjoyed lots of good food and cups of tea. 

Here's what else we've been up to -

*  Baked pumpkin scones using cooked pumpkin from the freezer.  These scones were eating for morning / afternoon teas,  taken to the card making day and some were given to Jessica as a homemade treat.

*  Fed the compost bin every second day with kitchen scraps.

*  Luka ( our 3 year old grandson ) and I planted more sprouting potatoes into our veggie garden.

*  Made up a bottle of shower cleaner and bench spray using diluted dishwashing liquid.

*  Picked beans,  pears and raspberries from our garden.

*  Baked choc chip biscuits using dough I'd made a month ago and frozen.

*  Made lots of Christmas cards using recycled old Christmas cards.

*   Gratefully received apples and bay leaves from a cleaning client.  I have the leaves hanging up side down to dry.  I don't think I'll need to buy any for years to come.

*  Picked a bunch of Chrysanthemums from the garden to brighten up the kitchen table at my parent's place.  I also picked a bunch for our kitchen bench.  They look so cherry and sunny.

*  Darren and I made 2 dozen hot cross buns from scratch.  We used the pears I grew and dried as one of the dried fruits in the recipe.  Next year I hope to added apples I've dried myself.  Some of the buns were eaten fresh,  a few given to my parents and the rest went into the freezer.

*  Picked spinach from the garden and added it to the spag bol sauce.  By doing this it gave us 3 serves instead of 2.  Bonus lunch for me.  

*  Darren cleaned out the chicken coop and put the old straw into the compost bin.

Chrysanthemums from our garden 

Homemade hot cross buns.

If anyone is interested,  I'm selling hand knitted dishcloths / face washers.  Below are two of the many colors I have available.  Please check out my Facebook pages for more details.

Did you enjoy your Easter break ?

How have you saved money recently ?

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  1. Your hot cross buns look delicious, Wendy. I bet they smelt amazing as they were baking too! We've had a very slow couple of weeks with covid stopping us in our tracks but doing more now as energy returns. This week:
    * made large pot of pea and bacon soup and froze leftovers
    * made a cake with tinned pears and an ANZAC slice and froze extra pieces
    * made large pasta salad for lunches during week, had this with avocado
    * bought bulk ladyfinger bananas, bag of small red delicious apples, two punnets of
    small, sweet strawberries and two pineapples from greengrocer. All good
    prices compared to supermarket and ladyfinger bananas were cheaper than cavendish
    in bulk bucket.
    * planted silverbeet, celery, lettuce, perpetual spinach and spring onion in our
    veg patch
    * rejuvenated pot of petunias by adding some compost and two x $2 potted colour
    petunias from Bunnings
    * swapped salvia cuttings with a dear neighbour
    * borrowed neighbour's hedge trimmer to make light work of pruning jobs
    * bought two fabrics from Spotlight - one green linen/cotton blend and one blue poplin with a tiny flower print - on 40% off sale
    * gifted two fabrics from my stash to a friend learning to sew
    * found a brand new top, with tags on, in gorgeous deep pink for $3.50 at op-shop
    This will be part of Mothers' Day gift for my Mum.
    * combined errands to save on fuel
    * washed in cold water and dried all washing on line in the sun
    * refilled handwash bottles with diluted shower gel - a tip I learnt from you!

    We are having another quiet weekend here at home. I hope to sew up a top with the new blue fabric I bought and spread some mulch in the garden. Have a lovely weekend! Meg:)


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